Faux pas

committed a corporate faux pas at wedding yesterday. Sat next to a big wig .Didn't know how big. I asked  him...Uncle buat apa sekarang..he said I'm retired...how do you find retirement uncle...he said oh I still do some things...What do you do to keep you bz , uncle ....(persistent, me) and he said:

i sit on the board of khazanah, maxis, etc etc as a non exec director


i said to him- I should call you by your title (still have no clue who he is ok) and not uncle, so sorry

he said- no, I like it. Uncle is fine. 



DocYana said…
Don't fret - I bet he thought you were refreshing compared to all those people who kow-tow to him just because he is a big wig. You were being friendly because it is in your nature!
Awww thank you my dear...i was brooding all night...waahahhhhha...the room was full of tan sri and dato and whatnots, could not keep up

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