Let's read the paper

Read a horrific story about a girl throwing her new born baby from 3 floors up.Paper siap printed  the horrific picture..URGHH! Adek...benda tu bukan toy ok, nak buang buang...orang. ! Hidup, alive! got nyawa ! You throw throw , meh I throw you around sikit..I know , she was stressed but really?? dont lah  throw the baby...

And then read in the UK couple on trial for killing their daughter. Pakistani couple who was so horrified that the daughter was so westernised that they killed her. She was so pretty and 17 and had her whole life ahead of her. Sigh..you cannot expect to put her in a UK school adn into the UK system and then come out not touched by things western!! And killing the daughter??  Not in the quran, mate. Or any parenting book

Egggghhh lets not read the paper lah ye....

gossip world--- anything??


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