Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Raya Hecticness

Over the weekend-I had a taste of what most people have been going through ,  ie , going to open houses! 

It's been a quiet Raya so far because the other half was working but on Sunday things got hectic again. Ok lah morning it was still family time-  we went to the Bakery for breakfast at 8 - finally got the kids to wake up and get ready before 11 am- usually they would lounge around in their jammies until its past 2 or I scream blue murder whichever comes first. But lately I told them bedtime is at 11 no arguments and that means lights out and computers OFF. And up and ready by 6.00. (now, really) - baru lah segar right..!

Anyway yeah back to the Bakery- we haven't been for a long time to this little breakfast cafe in Jln KolamAir AmpangJaya and boy has it changed! It's gone really proper cafe like with nice tables and chairs inside, new decor, new menu etc..it used to feel like your friendly neighbourhood kedai matsalleh jual roti . We arrived 5 minutes before the rest of the world. Of course the kids made a lot of noise lah kan...and even though sumer orang dah kenyang giler they still eyed the tiramisu lah, lemon meringue lah etc. And all the time people were walking in wanting our spots! he he !

Anyway then we went to the hospital. Konon2 to get my mom roses for her birthday but actually to see some patients ha ha - 2 very short visits to patients of course became 1 hour but finally we managed to leave , with my bouquet of 12 roses for my mom , (thanks Poetry of Flowers) . Mom was in the midst of entertaining orang . After a short visit we went to get me a new baju kurung (come on, you have seen all of my ltd collection) - Tetapi! Oh! Tersekat!! All of us had fun trying on clothes - its a small boutique that was having a sale, (next to Maybank Melawati) and kitorang borong..and I tried to justify to other half that his 4 girls and wife were buying for Aidil Adha as well...heheheh...only thing was Daya was still as fussy as ever , not wanting the kiddy designs that we showed her but rather went for the beaded dresses. Sophia pulak kept choosing batman type caftan yang SO OLD FOR HER but she liked them so much (daddy said NO) . 

Then we went to visit Auntie Rozila and Uncle Sofian (actually they are younger than us , but Nadine and Sara and Sophia went to Auntie Rozila's kindy dulu)- unfortunately they were not home but the open house was in full swing so we terjah je lar..ada kambing he he..i malu sikit nak makan (there was a queue) but the other half happiness as they had a fridge full of icecream potong (square icecream) - Me and the girls all put on our brand new clothes (macam advert tau masa jalan cause semua wearing from the same shop) 

And then off we went to my auntie hasnah's house all the way to Seremban. At this point the kids begged off, citing exams. Nadine has SPM, Sara was having her trials and Daya UPSR and teacher was allready at home by the time we reached home (she is having some majorly last minute teaching by Sophia's old teacher) =so we went just my husband and I. Mak datuk traffic .....! Anyway we reached jugak and it was very nice to see all (almost all) of my cousins there- i thought only Mak Ngah and Pak Ngah ada situ but the entire KL residing family members were there yay! I also met an uncle with his 3rd wife and actually he has a house betul betul in my neighbourhood so when we saw him we started going "Eh duduk dekat but jumpa kat sini pulak" or some such statement to say how funny it was that we met here in Seremban and not in our neighbourhood , when he pushed (pushed!) us both outside and whispered that THIS wife is not the one living in our neighbourhood and does not know where the other 2 wives are staying so can we NOT mention it? 

O-kaaayyyyy..... tu lah sapa surruh carik nahas hah??? 

Anyway then we rushed back to Auntie Nita's and Pak Teh's house-my dad's brother so it's considered a CAPITAL offence if I don't go, so we made it 10 minutes before Maghrib (thank you traffic on Highway- looked jam but somehow made it!) and then we went to Las Vacas for dinner for Mom's birthday..that was very nice too, all my brothers appeared with the entire family and I think mom and dad had a good time. Ate a lot of Wagyu beef (halal) and lambshoulder etc etc  and today i had a headache which I am sure had something to do with the amount of meat I had...anyway when it came to pay it was all "Thank you kaklongnnnnggg !!mwah mwah mwah !! " by my 3 brothers so kaklong ni pun terpadamlah hasrat nak mintak share the bill he he he (nasib baik lah laki aku understanding ! :) )  Itulah bahananya jadi kaklong ..heheheheh

PHEW!! I am recovering still! And apparently this is NOTHING, some i hear goes to 5 open houses etc etc ! 

Anyway..selamat hari raya and berhati hati di jalan raya (pesanan poyo) he he

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