Monday, September 10, 2012

So the BB just died....

I am very clever. Clever sampai memandai-mandai..

the other day my phone died. Tengah pakai one minute, the next thing mati. diam sediamnya.. i charged the phone dah baik baik so it was fully charged..but it still refused to do anything

What did I do:

1. First , I went to the office and moaned to all 
2. Then a spare phone was given to me- thanks boss
3. then i transferred the sim card 
4. then i spent the  next 2 days wondering who the heck called and asking loads of annoying questions like"who is this?" accompanied by grovelling messages like this :"So sorry to ask I lost all data" 
5. In the meantime I asked the office staff to send the BB to be repaired
6. then they came back to tell me, nope, cannot repair one
7. before that one colleague had tried to download software (as if i know what that meant) and still cannot
8. then on friday i discovered i left the spare phone at home

9. then I thought HECK it! I will go and get a new phone
10. then I spent long minutes browzing online -thru both Ma#xis and Slowcom to check who can give me a cheap phone (you will find out why I called it Slocom)
11. Also i found out i can join any other data packages as I have no more contract with slocom. 

12. I decided to get the RM399 merdeka bb package by Slocom. Hubby called and said he will chauffeur his princess wife around come with me . 

13. I went to slocom, need to line up JUST to get a number before can go to the counter
14. Anyway no point , as they DO NOT HAVE STOCK of any new BB (or Ipad, or Iphone or anything resembling a communication device at all )
15. And no, they can't repair my BBeither, I have to go to the centre 2 km away. 
16 Dengan penuh geramnya, feeling frustrated, I said to hubby- JOM kita pergi MAXI#S!

17. So we went....but first have to pay the bill lah kan....and after that we have to stop the car (we paid through the drivethru walhal I was IN THE CENTRE- i had to queue just to get a number to PAY so i malas and left )- and once we paid we could not just go thru, we had to pay parking pulak..for that we had to stop the car and GO TO the AUTOPAY machine to pay,which is normal except this one autopay machine SEBELAH the barrier and dalam sikit, so kena go through the parking lot, and park, and then walk up to the machine, and pay. The autopay machine is disorok(hidden) in what used to be the booth to collect payment for the ticket (manually) - since the parking lot where we had to stop is SO SMALL, we had to wait behind cars and so many left their cars running and run to pay the ticket . LAIN KALi can or not put the autopay machine sedikit jauh daripada the actual BARRIER. 

18. then we went to Maxis- Simple- I said I want a new BB package= the person said alaa we only have X model (not my model) - but its RM199 upfront - Maxxxxis ni everyone was super efficient and smiling. 

19. So cheap! But then one person came and said ambik Iphone lah Kak...

20 I don't exactly remember what happened then, because it's a blur. I believe I was still pondering on "converting" from BB to Iphone and while I was pondering my other half must have nodded or what because very swiftly we were WHISKED AWAY and gotten all the registration down..SLOCOM----take note of this! 

21. before we knew it , we had to pay the price of a holiday to Perth , for the phone

22. Oh yeah. Another thing. If i wanted to change carrier, and retain the old number , it would take another 2 days.. so in my haste and hatred of waiting - i said OK LAH take NEW number.. sigh...

23 Then the guy took us to a secret place to do secret things to the brand new phone

24. Then we were instructed that we cannot click "UPDATE" at all, ever. EVER

25.  In the meantime other half and I had roticanai, and copious coffee and said wah its a nice date eh? (RMxxxx the poorer sobs) 

26. Then I had fun trying to talk to the Siri - but the SIRI failed to understand what I said..hihihih...the sales guy said into the phone "Good night!" and in his chinese slang..and the SIRI repeated "Good nine" kekekekekkekehhh so funny. I discovered SIRI is actually SIRIusly annoying

Then on the way back tothe car we discovered every other tom dick and harry has this phone..mamat lepak pun big deal...hehehe

But , everytime I bring it home, I don't see it. It will get kidnapped. And the next thinng I know, there's 3 or 4 new downloads on it. or Apps. 

I should have just bought a new BB...senang...


Ezza Muffinbiru said...

my phone bukan lah BB or Iphone ker..but one thing..dia ada kaki!..selalu hilang waktu malam dan time cuti.. dan sorang pun tak mau mengaku yang dia dah pakai...
May be ada hantu yang pakai phone ni..kan shila...

shila..your word verification ni kasi buang je laa...menyakit kan hati kekanda ni jer..hhahaa

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheheh sumer phone akan jalan kaki nye...

eh ye ke kak e, nanti saya reset ok!

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