Friday, September 07, 2012

Wedding in my neighbourhood!

My neighbour's son is getting married

Yesterday I saw a big lorry parked outside and with various men carting things in and setting this huge (huge for my house  biasa je for this neighbour's house) - tent. 

So I skipped over and said HI I AM HERE TO MENYEBOK there anything I can do??

And she said no she has handled everything....and we started chatting - how upset she was that the kadhi is having to rush off to another nikah right after her son and therefore this means her son's ceremony will have to be brought forward...sighhh i sympathise with her..when you are a person who fixes appointment and your words are as good as gold, you get frustrated when people do this to you or not honour their promise, and leave you to kelam kabut accommodate them- oh well! Cest la vie attitude must be there I guess when you are planning huge event ? Otherwise go mad? 

The daughter in law to be is so lucky-- she is a chinese revert so the nikah is at the boy's house and boy her momin law to be has sorted ehverythingout allready. And it's gonna be so grand. I made her laugh (natural instinct is for me to break into comedy) when I told her to make sure she smile and not grin when she is on the dais and certainly not wave to her friends and silently mouth "Thanks for coming!" or "wait later I talk to you!" while you are on the dais being fanned by the best man and the brides maid ! (yeah, that was me) .. 

Hmm nothing for me help apparently- bunga? dah. Bunga telor? dah. No longer macam dulu dulu I guess, potong bawang ramai ramai...But then....I takkan nak datang macam guest tak - macam tak sedap  but if I were to go and try to help macam bzbody pulak?

TAKPA!! I'm going to just redah saja later and show my face and say Hi is there anything I can do?? hehehehe 

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