Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whats new

Hubs and I are now taking arabic classes. every sunday 8-10 am

wish us luck!

rupanye just the 2 of us

husband of course much the terrorer than me..his handwriting was better...nicer..faster...he asked a lot of technical questions....whereas I terhegeh hegeh - lama tak tulis arabic woit

Best gak belajar balik ni..

In the meantime, baby brother has left for the UK for his masters. With his wife. nak itot....

satu gerabak hantar dia haritu...i was the anxious sister, anxious to push him into the departure thing...because I remember how long the security thing took, and sometimes tak sempat nak sampai kat gate, and you rush and rush hehehe

anyway yah. mom is now not well.

missinigg him kot...

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