Friday, September 14, 2012

Will n Kate and other stuff

Sooo Will and Kate were here.

Did you know ke? No? Yes? Couldn't care less? 

I saw the pics of Najib showing them durians- the article said Wills looked "curious" - I think he was probably thinking- phoaaaaaaaaaaawarrrr these people KEEP pushing this thing to me!

You know, I used to think that the perception that Mat sallehs don't like durians is false...and then I met Bob, in BNI, who told me durian smells like DIRTY SOCKS! I can't imagine! And I told him, how is it that you can eat rotten cheese quite happily, and yet cannot even SMELL durian?? Strange! When I love it so much I can eat awhole basketful! 

Speaking of eating, I had an impromptu get together last night. Sis in law (hub's sister) flew to Hong Kong this morning (for 3 years! Uhuhuhu- without her baby! and her husband! (although i dont think he minds so much heheheh).  As she would be driving from Kelantan down to Sepang, we asked her to stop at our place first for dinner . Mom and dad in law were allready here, so after dinner my sister in law can take them over to Sepang as well. (hub's brother is there) . Hubs also called his other sister and his auntie and his cousin on his dad's side - all of whom live close by. It was very impromptu . Like 2 hours notice. (this is important to mention ---so that other aunties do not get offended at not being invited! Sorry! ). Then my parents called me, so  I invited them also. Then my dad said what about my 2 brothers and their wives  living with my parents.ok lah come as well. Then I cannot NOT invite my other brother right..Hubs wanted me to cook rice with several dishes but seing that my stove is very lemah lembut...the flame is sooo soft and slow and fickle..i terus call KAK SENAH!! My trusted caterer!!!! So I told her 40 people would be coming and can I have (1) nasi tomato (2) char k teow and (3) laksa penang - like 3 hours from now 

What's the occasion you ask- well, it was to say byebye to sis in law and also have a do for my own baby brother , and his wife. They're off to the UK for a year for his Masters. 

I got all 3 yay!! And of course as usual I over ordered-- there was so much food because 

1. Mom in law cooked also. White rice, beef curry , prawn etc etc..
2. My sis in law never showed up! At 8 we heard she had JUST left Kota bharu, to drive down to KL ! And her flight was at 9 am! Aishhhh...She had to go straight to my other brother in law's house in Sepang...
3. my other brother (not living with parents) called off as well..can't blame them-  too short a notice...

Anyway so the end result was....there was a lot of food left...but no in law went to Sepang as well and I think she carried enough food for my sister in law, my brother in law and their even if they couldn't come to dinner, dinner went to them he he he

I'm just amazed I could host 20 plus people on a moment's notice!

Anyway to's wishing you all the best....3 years without hubs and baby- wow you are one very strong hearted lady...I would be jello. But for the sake of your future, it's the best thing for you now. 

To Shah and Syieda- well! Go 2 of you..come back....4?? heheheheh 

Ta for now guys...have a good weekend ......

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