Friday, October 26, 2012

Perth Day 1

We are in Perth..

alhamdulillah, dapat my husband this is  a pengorbanan...korban time, korban masa he he me it is a realllyy needed break for  him...dah lama dah tak resst...and you can tell that he needs it, he is so tired--

ah who am i kidding right? I yang terkinja nak jalan he he

dapat lak tiket murah woott

staying at my cousin's place- her mom called and asked me to do so, so ok lahkan. I asked her SURE auntie tak mind kan??

Oh my gawd my cousin's place is a LUXURY apartment ok. Jenis orang buat showhome tu. The flooring is timber, there are flat screen tv in the bedroom and a huge one outside. ada huge fridge, dining table dia black wood with white leather chairs, bedroom dia macam hotel. I dah freak out dah tengok. bilik air ada RAIN SHOWER ok. Rasa nak patah balik duduk hotel as it is too heavy a responsibility to have to keep THIS PLACE SPOTLESS

but tu semalam lah. Hari ni , semua menggelempar tidor. Semuanya kat living room tidur on the huge l shaped sofa- four girls slep t on it comfortably can you just imagine it. And my son with his sleeping bag (we came prepared) on the carpet. Dad is still sleeping in the KINGSIZED Bed

tak yah lah jalan cam ni ..hehehe

anyway yes the flight was smooth , although here is what I have learnt- BOOK YOUR MEALS ONLINE. Ada ke dah  habis..yang tinggal hanya nasi and ayam rendang tu pun dah sikit. Oh yeah episode kelakar berlaku..Johan kan camping the day before, so he used the same bag and he didnt check it in, when he was at security, orang tu kata ada PISAU. siap dua lak tu. and sudu garpu. Kesian dia...dah lah such a LURUS BENDOL person. Anyway yes another scary episode was at the immigration line in Perth. This indian guy stopped us and asked us what we brought . We said lah, cili  goreng. And  he asked nothing off the plane? And we said no, and he said ok then go,. And then just as we were about to go , Daya asked mummy! What about the nuttella sandwich we made at home/? Will they ask?? oh noo ..daddy dia kata jalan je lah, but mummy dia kata..karang ada anjing, we all terpaksa makan polok polok all the sandwich sebelum keluar

Perth is warm and lovely. Aussie sky so very blue .Our creator has painted Aussie so beautifully. Colours are so vibrant here.

Pity about the Australians ha ha..depa quite rude and abrupt! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Daughter no 1 is very stressed. Her SPM is just around the corner. She has this seminar that seminar..the teachers and the friends have gone to the trouble of finding the relevant exam related seminars..the maths clinic.and today the arabic seminar..she got up late and the bus honked for her. The good thing about living so close to the school is that if you are late, the bus actually comes to your house. But of course not to be repeated selalu lah

My dad tells me not to pressure her. I did tell you right what he said to her teachers at her report card day ? Which I didnt know about and had i known about it I could not have gone pun, since I was in HK. Her dad couldn't either so atok lah jadi mangsa. Good thing atok and opah also dekat. (clever, me) Yes. well the atok told her not to worry about performing..and just concentrate on finding a rich your mother! 

Ishhh ada ke?? malu je. 

Thank god she does  not seem to be taking what he said seriously. (not that her mother married rich)She is always in her room nowadays..."studying" which in my case long ago  would mean "day dreaming" . We are taking her away for a short holiday this Raya Haji ..she is going to miss her seminar on what what I dont know subject..because we are taking Thursday and Monday off as well but I hope she doesn't mind

I think SPM is important..if you fail all other exams in your entire life before SPM, takpa long as you redeem yourself with SPM...but how not to pressure her.

I hope she will be ok !

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ho hum

Ok despite my enthusiasm in the last post, I am playing truant.

GAH! I just sent my 2nd daughter Sara to go to Japanese, telling her to tell teacher that I had to go to work. And I do. SO SO MUCH TO DO! DRAFT THIS< DRAFT THAT-- what do you think I am, clients, a lawyer??

So here I am , sitting in my jammies, despite it being 11 am, typing away. (This is a slight distraction and will not take long, I promise (Boss!) . Sigh..this is exactly what I wanted to avoid ...laziness and sloth. Kids are outside with their laptop. Youngest and only son is watching tv. No 1 is probably sleeping. Husband is of course at the hospital.

Son is asking me- are we doing anything today mom?

Entah..are we??

When the "Blah"ness hits- hit The List!

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." - goes the first line of "Pride and Prejudice"- by Jane Austen.
No, this is not a piece about Jane Austen, or how to get a rich single man ! I just picked up the book, I'm embarrassed to say.  Embarrassed as this is a classic that any cultured person would have read by now, right? Although come to think of it there are many other Asian/malay classics that I have not read either. Yes, Sejarah Rakyat, for one (Thanks, google)

I don't know where this sudden urge to read classics came from. Oh yes I do, it's from being over 40, approaching 44 and realising that time is passing you at a rather alarming speed, and that you don't have much time to do what you want to do! Quick! What do you want to do??  I'm sure reading classics  is on the list somewhere. That and lose weight. Actually loads of stuff! - read more (intelligent stuff, I mean), travel more, learn to cook a malay dish without ruining the santan- heck,  learn to cook- full stop; write a book ! A notion I've entertained ever since I wrote a few lame manuscripts years ago,  about a young dashing regent of Perak, falling in love with a young 17 year old commoner while she was at the same university as his dad (hmm, wonder who it was! heh! ) and had a few friends who read it tell me (over their laughter) that they liked it. And now that I'm over 40- I've inserted "go to Haj" in the list. (and secretly, "learn Add Maths"- always felt dumb because of it. damn youuuuu maths!) 

At age  43..i woke up and realised- am I doing anything on that list? Not really, be quite honest, I have just revived this list. For years I've been rather happy NOT having a list. Not having anything TO DO. Rather , just living. I have reached the stage when all the things I wanted to "DO" , have been done!  I'm married, to a doctor (life goal, that - she says half in jest!)  and have five kids, who are not monsters and are actually rather fun, my in laws love me, I have a nice house, and my husband thinks I'm gorgeous (I will ignore  his severe myopia). And to satisfy my dad, I am also a lawyer. (I was actually quite happy being a married, mom of five, with a husband who thinks I'm gorgeous but that would be wasting my degree, he said he he) .Even work is fun, with a partner with whom I get along swimmingly well, who have allowed me to work from home in my jammies - what more do I want?? 

What more indeed? I've gotten rather complacent! And feeling- blaaah!

Apparently I am not alone!  I spoke to another friend the other day and she was going through this blarhhhh feeling as well! The feeling of life passing you by and you not having done all that you want to do, and then the realisation that you have been so busy just living , that you have forgotten what the "all" that you wanted to do, originally were! You start losing a sense of "self", or control over your destiny etc etc..and then you die. URKS! Where's that panic button!! 

Hmmm- Is this what a midlife crisis is then?? I thought only men have it?? Or is this the self indulgent whining of an ungrateful woman? Probably eh- who knows??

What I do know though is i need to get that list again! And DO things! Hence the Japanese lessons and Arabic lessons which I recently have taken up! And the gym that I have signed up! (Free trial, in case you wonder how much more money am I going to be wasting after signing up for that slimming centre thing - ah but this is to get fit and not lose weight only.- why am I justifying this  :) ??) . And the trip abroad that I plan! And the registration for Haj that I finally am going to do! (package probably, because following my turn would mean I'd be going at 94 or such age, and that would be slightly difficult I imagine) 

And the writing? I will try to get that going! I'm going to join those who labour  under the  misapprehension that they can write ! I'm going to have a shot at writing something readable and I will send it somewhere regardless of them shooting IT down or not- nothing ventured nothing gained,  they say! I am going to try, and if I don't succeed , at least I have tried!  (oh my god I just realised I sound like the Malaysian football team- "the important thing is trying and not winning!" )

 - Okay cancel that- I will not only try I will complete it darn it!!  God willing of course , for I may well fall dead next week. (there's the way to think positive!)   

I WILL read the English/Asian/Arabic/Malaysian classics! I WILL be fluent in Japanese and Arabic by next year! I WILL have that svelte figure which would be a first ever, as I have never actually been anything other than chubby (I do that really well)  and I WILL get fit and I WILL get a book out by hook and by crook! All this, of course, while being  a fantastic wife and a really non-harrassed fun mom! 

And that friend of mine?? She's coming along to that gym! And I've asked her to come along for the Arabic class- and we shall shoo away the blaaaah ness together. We shall find meaning in life again and no longer live the hohum way! 

Jane Austen would have been proud!

Oh! certainly,” cried his faithful assistant, “no one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with.  A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, all the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half deserved.”
“All this she must possess,” added Darcy, “and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.”

- passage on Accomplished Woman from Pride and Prejudice! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Okay i finally took that first step towards writing (other than here. or at work.)

I fb messaged a friend of mine who is an editor of a paper. 

And asked him if he wants a columnist or does he know who might want one

And he said no he doesn't at the moment but....can i send him something ???

Aiyoo..please help me. 

What do i write now for him?? Shall i enthrall him of my exploits as the non cooking mommy of five who pretends to be a lawyer on the side ?

or what can i send him?? anything I have written that is decent for him? 

Scratching head. And tiba tiba rasa MALUUUUUU

warghh moment

I am feeling like I have bitten off a little bit more than I can chew:

I have translation to finish- about 100 more pages

I have advice to give on a unit trust thing

I have to finish drafting the loan agreements for new client for 40 mil, another new client for 1 m, and follow up various other clients warghhhhhhhh

i have to look at a lease agreement 

I have to finish my arabic homework

i have to finish my japanese homework and laminate the alphabet thing- oh yeah i started this again at UIA with sara this time and its for 4 hours, very basic and run by this heavily pregnant lady who spoke with an Osaka accent (macam lah i tau the difference but i was told Osaka macam not as proper as Tokyo accent lar)- baru nak cakap nama saya apa walhal klas jepun dulu I dah boleh borak panjang  panjang dah except i dah lupa sumer

i have to seriously kemas the house

i have to seriously buang all the basikal buruk kat tepi

i have to get off this blog


let's drool over our Mr Darcy when he professed love to Lizzie bennett -- sigh colin firth. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

raising little uns

I have been asked how did i cope with raising kids:

1. abandon all tiny winy handbags and opt for a sling tote 

2. in which you will put - a bottle of milk , 4 pampers, 1 set of crayons and paper, 1 pack of baby food or biscuits


4. Nenen instead.

5. Bath play- bubble bath with bath toys- gives you loads of peace - but dont leave the kid alone for heaven's sake

6. invent games that allow you to lie down while they climb all over you - pretend to be a crocodile they need to cross , for example

7. have a v helpful husband to take to parks etc

8. have a sunny disposition! bring out to activities!

9. do not allow tempers to drag or get worse

10.  baby sleep with us in same bed: baby, mummy, daddy. 

Hmmm that last bit is still a problem

So that's how we coped! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I miss muhammad!

I just realised

I miss Muhammad waaaaaaaa


yeah i miss singing nursery rhymes that I myelf have forgotten

I miss finding enjoyment in very very simple things like my fingers

I discover that I am very very imaginative ha ha ha and can amuse kids no end 

So sapa nak baby sitter come call me

although..i crashed out mega the entire day yesterday. I must have fallen asleep 5 times in the day..i fell asleep from 1 to 6 ok. penatnyeeeee nasib baik ler cuti smayang

i almost did not make the flight home, btw

ok thats not true..but it WAS rather close. We left home at about 2 , went for lunch at a kebab place until 3.30 pm then tried to take a cab to take us to the express train place- which will take us to the airport . Flight was at 6 so in theory I should have been at the airport by 4 ...

At 3 plus we were still in downtown HK ...looking for a cab...and failing - in the end we walked to the MRT . we had to walk very far it turned out (or maybe it felt that way cause we didnt know the way?) and very fast because we were allready late! I wanted to say bye to abah and muhd and atie in town  but sis in law very kindly wanted to send me however I kept worrying that dad may not be able to keep up! finally reached the MRT station, but then the tunnel dalam tu was very far and big and huffing and puffing away lah kita...Jauhlah train station ni......and then kena beli tiket lak pas tu miss the aerotrain and had to wait another 5 mins and then got on the train when we could finally rest for about 10 minute (says Atie) but felt like forever to me!

Finally sampai airport Terminal 2 for air asia..turun and then kena cari counter dulu to check in luggage and then had to go down to departure (at 5 15 by now) which should have been ok, except that once you turun and cleared security it turned out you have to take a train to terminal 1 pulakkkk and then once you arrive at terminal 1 you have to go to another train to go to gate 67 which was where Airasia was...and its not like you arrive and terus gate 67, nooo cause that would be too have to walk past lots of shops and restaurants first before you see a walkalator which would take you to yet another walkalator and yet another walkalator until you reach your gate, huffing and puffing with your wet blouse sticking to you.

yeah. moral of the story- do not be late at airport he he

Anyway yeah the trip was good, sat next to this guy who was with me on the way into HK and it was so funny that both of us spent only one day in HK. He said he was in trading rupanye pilot Airasia so he asked me to go see cockpit and i pun pergi ler..bila lagi ye...although taklah jakun na

Ok hmm wonder what muhd is doing now..maybe we can revisit that having another child idea, honey?? (see...short term memory is a good thing) 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 1 and 2 in HK

Well here we are in Hong Kong. 

Muhammad is asleep on a mattress and I am trying to finish my docs. Not very successfully. I am also sending emails and answering calls so god knows what the charges will be when I come home

Bah and Mak in front tengok tv. Mak baru masak nasi. House got no dapur yet so atie allready cook fish in the oven early in the morning. Flat is on 18th floor. Very very space challeged, but I think its ok. You just have to breathe in deeply if you get claustophobic. Semalam despite mak tak bagi I opened the window ..mak tak bagi because landlord not yet put grill and its the push type of window and not the pane type so if you fall bye bye ler...18 floors down. Kiri kanan depan belakang is apartment and no one seems to have heard of the concept of curtains  so I could see what everyone is doing. I think if I live her I'd be peeping in all the time. I am so fascinated with how ppl live their lives! Anyway yes. 

The trip=well let's just say I am now cured forever of the urge to have another child. I love Muhammad to bits and its not at all difficult to amuse him. It is a heck of a lot of work though, because you have to be smart and funny and ala ala BARNEY. Maybe BArney is on crack. Thats why he is so hyper all the time. Muhammad loves the pushchair my brother lent me and slept immediately/ Problem was he slept so much he was 10000 % awake on the plane. I kept asking - are we there yet? are we there yet?? to the stewardess. I went to another seat with him to allow mak and abah to rest for a while. He was not that impressed with being IN the plane and hohum the clouds are boring after a while . I gave him a ballpen as a result my laptop now is full of ballpen mark. So is the window of the plane. And the safety brochure. Takpa ler..I bought a set of 12 books chunky about CARS that he seemed to like but he preferred the IPhone too.He is seriously a very very intelligent boy because he has stopped trying to touch my Iaptop screen and drag stuff ala ala Ipad (hahaha i ada hati nak buat kerja konon)

The wait for immigration was a bit harrowing though because no stroller allowed. Biul tol you can only take it at baggage carousel. Muhammad was good until he saw another little girl on a little toy car and he remembered his car (*which is in the bag) and he demanded that we take him there plus he started going MAK MAK MAK like, eh you promised me my mom so where is she already. I tell you I was happy he was creaating a fuss because that immigration officer decided to analyse our passports page by page. And finally we went out I told mak to go out first with him and take him to see his mom while I sort out the EIGHT bags we have . Abah and I did that in 2 trolleys and then we left. After we got out Abah said eh wheres the stroller ah?? Then I had to go and ask and then I had to go to the office on the 6th floor and then wait for a while . I sent Atie (so kurus now ) to take mak and abah to dinner while I enjoy the solitude in the waiting area while I wait for news whether my brother's stroller is missing or not. Finally when my phone was charging about 20 percent , the stroller came back (darn cannot wait a bit longer ah) .

Then we went to eat at halal Popeye and then we went to the aerotrain> I tried asking for a cab because we have like a gazillion huge bags but it would cost HKD700 .no joke. And so off we went to the aerotrain ie like the ERL to city centre and we missed the first one because mak nak gi toilet. Then we got into the 2nd one and it was like- put mak and abah and muhammad in, then rush to throw all the bags in before the door shut and same when the train arrived. Train was very fast and very comfy

Finally we got to central and then we waited for a cab. AMAZINGLY we stuffed all the bags in in ONE cab. and sampai..

i think i crashed at 12 ..when muhammad tengah dera mak draw draw ha ha


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trip mengejut in laws are going to Hong Kong tomorrow at 1 pm, with the 2 year old toddler. 

and just now, 5 hours ago,  i have decided to follow. 

Not because I am such a kaki jalan (he he ) but I rasa, after a couple of days being with the toddler, that there is no wayyyyy lah my in laws are going to be able to cope on this 3 hour trip. Why do I say this: 

1. They have five bags between them. They were given 40 kg each to take and I just want to smack my sister in law for giving them that much because hey, who's helping them carry these 80 kg of stuff ni? 

2. They are over 70, Mak has back ache and abah has heart condition. two times heart attack ok. on their own pun I would worry apatah lagi with toddler in tow

3. Mohd is an active, intelligent toddler- translate: SUSAHNYE nak kejau! baru toleh, dah phwooshh hilang- naik kerusi, nak naik tangga, lasak ,,normal lah kan. And mak mertua always tak larat nak ikut and leave to my dad in law who is equally tak larat (They wont tell you lah but hey if I pun tak larat apatah lagi them). dont get me wrong. I love playing with the baby...main kejar kejar lah, main bola lah, main pretend to be animals lah ..but im too old and easily kaput! 

4. They have no stroller. I've been to HK. Eh, I pun kalau boleh nak duduk dalam stroller tau, and get myself pushed , kadang aint small the airport! 

5. They have never been to HK.  Imagine, dealing dengan officer security yang masam tu (sbb HK kan sebok airport nye), dengan bag tangan dengan bag mohammad and NO stroller AND carrying Mohammad...aiyooo

So in the end....I nekad, book je tiket- and ADA pulak tu! and STILL ok harga dia (RM1000 aiyooo) 

I dah tanya the relatives, aunties and family members all got own agenda ...cannot praying that my BNI can understand and my other meetings too...I je lah volunteer. 

Without the other half, I nak je balik same day. Huhuhu...but since flight pun dah sampai lambat..tido lah one day balik...

ni ha my kids are sleeping in my room because i allready rindu them

Eh TU BARU SEHARI ! Tak taulaaa how my sis in law do it ...tu pasai dia mintak kita bawak anak dia kot

NI I tengah pikir-- nak claim keeee tak daripada dia nih...

Tak yah lah kan...? After all..i buat pun not for her, but kesian her parents...some more my husband is the eldest, it's the least he can do for his parents kan? 

ok, tak yah lah. (but it would be nice if she offers!-- eee berkiranya I kira dah tak ikhlas ke ni?) least we know they would be ok lah if ada orang ikut..and I get to fly again! Yay yay! ok ! Byee! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mummy nak berleter ni!

The time of the month when I become crabby is here so here goes my list of gripes k: 

1. Telekung- kenapaaa lah anak anak I ni tak reti nak ambik telekung sorang satu hah. I punya jugak lah depa bedal, yang kat dalam bilik I tu....padahal telekung banyak I beli...ada yang lawa mahal ada yang biasa , ada yang cotton ada yang bersulam ha pakai je lah...ini tak, every time I nak pakai, ada pin yang cerutkan the chin menandakan that Dahlia wanted to use and had to make the chin small. Arghhhhhh!! Girls go get your own telekung and leave mine alowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnneee!!

2. Books- kenapaaaaaalah buku buku cerita tak reti nak letak balik haa....dah baca tu tolong lah simpan balik dalam bilik I lah, atas meja lah, tepi tanggalah, bawah tanggalah tolong simpan sampai dah takda space dah dekat atas meja makan woit warghhhh!

3. Tudung-tudung- kenapaaaaaaaalah ada beratus ratusan tudung kat bawah haaaa...nak dia naik sendiri ke girls ..ada yang panjang, ada yang pendek macam macam style duduk menghiasi kerusi - apa ingat , tu chairback style baruu ke?? toloooooooooooooong la bawak  naik..ok ok mummy sekali lah nih hihihi

4. Pin tudung- why oh why oh why pin takda ..berjalan ke?? I must have bought adalah 40 kot so far...but nak pakai je, takda, sometimes kena pakai safety pin haaa sebab daif sangat laaa takda pin all pi sekolah pakai tudung biasa biasa je bukan kena pakai pin pun! heran bin ajaib tol!

5. Favourite gripe every morning-- MANA SIKAT!! rasanya mummy dah beli berguni Im using sikat KUTU punyalah tak tau mana sikat..Hubby bought a comb and put in the car forever cannot be touched for fear that it'd go missing. Problem- we found that one. And now its missing too. And he is grumbling that if he tak sikat his hair, his hair will set! Kesian doktor kena pakai sikat kutu sikat rambut....

6. (eh banyak lak)- the fridge -- kenapaaaaaalah nak letak banyak cawan kosong, food tak pakai dalam tu?? maid , nak buat pekasam ke? tak pernah bukak fridge ke? tolooong lah check kadang kadang ada 4 cups there - half full of drinks


Phew! lega. OK sekian terimakasih.....thanks for listening!

Meh kita dengar Lawak ke der:

Monday, October 08, 2012

Lagu lama

dulu i worked with this lady...

she had just broken up with her long term boyfriend.

yang sedehnya...he broke up with her quoting his mom wanted him to marry another person (he did- im still torn between thinking what a good boy, and what a douchebag) 

(by the way its not you ok you. You , you know lah you) he he

and she said how he cried but he felt forced to do as his mom said..alah what happened to my poor friend??

She played this song a lot!
So a lot , that until now I can recognise it from the first few bars!

She was also being courted by this very nice guy whom she said she did not love, really but he was there for her..and he knew she just felt -meh for him

And now i heard she married him..and she seems happy! Alhamdulillah..for all you know that first guy would have hurt her majorly..better to have married someone that you know loves you one hundred percent kan.

Says me professor lurve..well anyway I love that song sampailah harini , whenever i terdengar sure ingat this girl..

(this is  a no point post) 

The Weekend was here??

Argh not ready for Monday!! 

it's allready Monday. I slept at 9 pm again yesterday, no dinner I think , and then up I got an hour ago...and i have wasted an hour warghhh! 

Anyway yeah after the neighbour's wedding(See previous post) , we did go to Kluang. we left everyone because we thought we were late. Hubby told me the wedding was in the afternoon, and by the time we left home it was close to 5. We finally got there at 8 pm..we wentto the house and saw it was brightly lit and there was a tent..hubby told me- ah they are still at home, good. Ada orang..

And we arrived greeted by amazingly still fresh looking gals, being sisters of the bride. Make up still fresh after what must be hours after the wedding! I asked so how was the wedding?? Blur looks all around

Turned out- wedding was TOMORROW. Ie today. ! The day we arrived tu, nikah baru, and that was not due to start for another hour ha ha ha so it means that we were early for a change!

Ok time to apply lipstick again since I had not bothered (yelah majlis dah habis dah tak dulik lah kan) ..and guess what- we were among the earliest, beating all the bride's own kl mari uncles and aunties! (except for 1 who arrived in the morning)

Mak and abah came to the wedding yay!  (believe it or not we were so worried we were late we didnt even stop by first and later I heard mak had cooked so much! thinking we were coming aiyoo) anyway anyway the first thing mak did was  hand me over the precocious baby Mohammad and boy was he lah budak 2 tahun kan...and I had fun with him, playing rough house with him..earlier I was sitting with husband's bro from Johor and his wife and his 3 kids and one of his daughters was fighting with mohamad over the use of ipad- mohd is barely 2 but can do puzzle on ipad put a jigsaw cat back together..and I said why not give proper puzzle?

 I tak suka soo reliant on ipad but then my bro in law said kids nowadays , they ask for it ! they know about it and they want it. I told his wife, suggest next time that you bring pencil colour and coloring book. Howzat. (they both looked at me like- eeleeh action mentanglah anak dah besauuu heheheh)  

Boy Nadine dulu, a pot and  a wooden spoon was enough for her to entertain herself as I cooked in the UK dulu , she'd be  banging away. I am not against technology and I am the first to promote the "whatever works to make your child happy" policy but then I think it's not really developing their other skills if a child doesn't play with toys other than cars or ipad.- how about a xylophone? or a  stacking puzzle ? or a proper chunky puzzle ? or something from ikea - anything. things they can feel, touch and play with. Or draw for him ke? 

I took Mohd out to touch leaves, branches, rocks (erks sure mak dia marah ahahha) - he was so jakun. I played a very simple game of trying to throw pieces of cake (hey closest thing to me) into a tissue paper. It amused him long enough to allow his dad (Yay his dad came down from Kelantan for the wedding!- Mohd is being taken care of by his grandparents while his mom is in HK for her studies- or until this 11th when they all will go to HK)  and atok to eat..then I passed to his dad - halloooo i oso want to eat..

maybe I should open nursery. where the kids do NOT get to do homework ha ha ha

Anyway we finally left the wedding at 11.30 pm and we went to see mak and abah and they stayed up and trying to put Mohd to bed- the boy wanted my father in law to rock him and the poor man was tired ! Over 70 lah kan..and I told the boy to lie down and sleep-OR ELSE!! (Glare) (naah, kidding..i tak berani woit, atok dia manjakan dia) But i did tell abah , at least sit down and hug him to sleep rather than stand and rock him..the boy is almost 2  and  not light..

Anyway yeah mak keluar macam macam and asked if we wanted dinner. She was soo hopeful that I wanted to say yes. Hubby said no and insisted we go home. Hallo it was almost 1 am then..

How do I tell other half ((and him me, I guess) that we should indulge our parents more? i mean, they just want more time with do i tell him I think he should actually take a day off wen his mom and dad come next time. What am i babbling about- i just tell him larh! Eh I think u ni sombong sangat lah dengan your parents. And come to think of it, me too lah with mine.sebokkk macam bizness juta juta ha ha ha 

 Anyways ..we drove off and arrived at 4 am..i drove 3 quarters of the way (laaa if I knew I would have had to drive I would have insisted we slept at Kluang!) ..hubb yang penuh terror nya awal awal, terus ngantuk an hour into the drive he heheh.. terrornye I , mengedrive in the rain and in the dark (pats self on back since I hate driving and especially at night). The car refused to be slow. (blame the car) and kept wanting to go faster . tiba tiba 150 ..Im sure I will get a few MOre fines...

Anyway we went home because we had arabic class this morning..with about 3 hour sleep and tak buat homework..again..7.30 am baru terhegeh hegeh...banyaklak tu

this time husband in class tak tengok i langsung but I was laughing away at his mistakes hehieheh and actually gelakkan diri sendiri pun...sbb tak terror nak kira wahidun sampai ashara pun rangkak apatah lagi arbaun ashara (40) onwards etc etc..hihihi

then right after arabic had to send sara to horseriding dia and then hubs pi hospital and we stayed home until about 1 pm when hubs finally came back and we all went out to get lunch and also attend Izreen's daughter 6 year bday party! Maid dah ciou sbb had to berurut for the  day..and when she is gone of course lah i perasan macam macam kotor so i wrote a love letter to her. telling her to pls buck  up!! 

we finally reached izreen's party at 5 pm (sbb stopped at pavilion kejap beli present and betolkan muka I kejap ie facial) - party rocked! so many cute stuff for girl- cupcakes, and nasi briani gam and also spaghetti! macam macam izreen buat. her daughter so baik tunggu arahan baru bukak present..macam my kids dulu ..toleh toleh dah terbukak dah.....anyway we all balik dekat maghrib , magrib cepat, lounge about kejap and BOOM!! TIDOR! 

boy you guys are tired writing this out! did it sound as mad to you as it did to me? 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

So you know what? We were invited after all...hehehe

And there I gave away the punch line.

The moral of the story is: Jangan salah sangka and always bersangka baik

Always think well of your neighbour...

hehehe i say this because?

I spent like half a morning thinking that my very next door neighbour had forgotten to invite us to their son/daughter's wedding because neither of us got the invite , either card or invite or FB post or sms, Anyway I thought , to go or not, It is so glaringly a wedding, with DJ and wedding songs and love songs being blared from the sound system ..posted it up at FB and got conflicting advice between go and not go..after all if ppl dont invite its haram to go right...and advice that won the day was the GO SAJA hehe...

what solved it was hubby being hungry when he came home from work at 2.30 and also the fact that we were supposed to go to Kluang for hubb's cousin's first daughter's wedding (gettit?) and so I got ready anyway. Hubby changed into red baju melayu siap pakai sampin, and fully dressed, and off we went to next door. Everyone had left of course, only family members who were half asleep on the couch etc still dressed in their fineries. 

Of courselah kitorang tersengeh sengeh apologising.sorry lahh tak sure you all jemput ke tak-not sure if we were invited or not...and he said the card was put in my mail box 3 days ago...i asked the maid whether she had received- she said no...when we went there best gak: we were served the food , turned out the host's daughter from first marriage (all very harmonious one..the kids are very good with the 2nd wife which is where the wedding was held- there was another wedding to be held that night by the mom (who is divorced from the dad) 

Anyyyyyway we ate..and we met the grannnie who was very sarcastic- asked me if we missed the plane..HEY its your son lah yang tak jemput!
And then this morning i passed the postbox and saw it was stuffed with letters INCLUDING the card


She's gone by the way. off for a day of urut. What has she got to be in pain for. Just want Sunday off. That's all. Kalau kemas rumah betol betol takpa gak..heeeee

Saturday, October 06, 2012

A rambling on my day yesterday

Ughh. wish this headcold and bunged up nose would go away. No fun . sneezing all the time. Sniffling too. Nose hurt cause tisue rubbing raw. 

Went to B*NI meeting yesterday. Slept before that at 9 and got up again when hubs came home at 11.30 pm. Thought it was already 3 am so panicked and leapt out of bed. Turned out it was still early> Went to bed after chatting wiht hubs and following him out again to buy cigarettes for his uncle (who popped in that evening) - basically I just wanted to be in the airconditioned  car- then went to bed at about 3. 30. Am . then decided that can I just sleep for a leeeetle while so I told SIRI to set alarm for 4. Then it woke me up (from what I suspect was not sleep at all but me tossing and turning) and then I set it again for 4.30 and again at 5.00 etc until in the end I bangun and was very dizzy. And then I went to the meeting. Hubs woke up just to send me -SERIOUSLY that man needs a medal stat! - I would not have gone if not for the fact that it was visitors day and i had an old friend visiting the chapter. Of course I had tummy runs just as I was about to leave so I ended up arriving at 6.50 can you believe it when I should have arrived at 6.20 latest hahaha. 

Anyway it went very well, of course once at the meeting I was completely fine - the power of the mind!  we had 30 plus visitors - 2 of them lawyers! one may come in as an immigration lawyer - as long as you don't hunt at the same ground for the same things takpaler...and it's  not supposed to be hunting pun...

Then went to work and then at about 1 plus hubbs came to fetch me to send me home & wanted to pray at home (yes I am a diva) on account of me being sick! (ada excuse lar- the power of the mind had left the building by then) - and then my kids came home with their friends..heheh one of them told me- auntie today I brought clothes ok since you told me to have a bath yesterday ..I tell my kids to mandi and for goodness's sake pls have a shower and change out of your school clothes which you have been in since 8 am...and they would of course be lounging around until about 8pm in their uniforms grrr and then their friends as I was yelling at my kids (and reassuring their friends that I am nice, really) , I told them - you guys should ALSO mandi while you wait for your mom this girl told me- no more of your daughter's smelly friends! heheheheh sorry are ALL my kids

My mom asked me to make a special corner downstairs for the kids' friends who come in and head directly upstairs - I dont mind them at all but then it tends to get quite cramped gak lah upstairs too dah lah the girls all share a room between the 3 of them.. maybe I will look into the "den" idea one day. 

Anyway up- to about 4 i was working at the dining table , then at 4 pm I went out to send Daughter no 1 to tution and had to pick up her friends too who asked if I could please stop at Mc D? Sorry kids Mc D is on the other side of the dual carriageway ...maybe later. And me with this tremendous  headcold all I wanted to do was sleep, maybe I would after sending to tution. Then dad called to say he wants to come and my parents came (yay!) and of course told me my house was messy and smelt of cat poo

AND THAT'S ANOTHER THING! I have 2 extra cats that have decided to come to the house, get inside the  house, eat the cat food and also rub themselves against our legs/furniture etc and POO EVERYWHERE! arggghhh i cant stand it!! 

Oh before my parents came I was cooking - ye lah , in line with this new vision of me cooking and I made sotong basah sambal kacang and kari kunyit ayam - or rather I wanted to make chicken curry but then no coconut milk so i used mayo and also i used milk and mom came to taste it and said - curry orang puteh! Well nasib baik I didnt put raisins in! 

AND I GOT REALLY MAD AT THE FLIES!!! WARGHH ! I cook outside pending the new kitchen  being built (which is pending me winning the lottery)  and because of the cat poo ( Im sure) there are more flies now and I was swatting away and cursing away and I was basically a WRECK lah marahnyeeee and I made the maid mop the floor there and then can't she SEE the flies and how COME The kitchen at the back is soo GRIMY -you ni kan Sadriah just becauase I don't see doesn't mean I don't check ok and this is NOT acceptable cleanliness standard to me so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr do it again! Heeeeeeeee (Blood pressure going upstairs) 

And then my parents left and then just when I wanted to go sleep I realised I had to go get Nadine! 

Oh  yeah before that Sophia had to go to her RecognitionNight which she had asked me to go and I was looking forward to go , (at her school) and she dressed up nicely except the flowing caftan did not flow where her bum area was so it was rather clingy there so I freaked out AGAIN and told her no way you can go with that but she just stared woefully at me the way she does which makes me want to SHAKE HER - enough with the look! I said no No lah..but then opah was there and opah said ok  and Opah decided to drop her and her friends at school since I was not dressed. I had changed from my work clothes to a my favourite loose cream blouse and of course needed to change to something more dressy for her recognition night- oh yah it is no longer cream the blouse, but splattered with chillies as I goreng the sambal--- huwaaaa why do they do that, the chillies. 

And then I fetched Nadine except now I dah pandai to avoid the MRR2 which is so darn jam and I went via the inside road of Keramat except that is also jam,plus have traffic lights so no difference there. Picked Nadine up and arrived home to pray maghrib and crashed for a little while - told Dahlia to wake me at 9 so I can still go to the Recognition Night (ending at 10) -she woke me up at 9 but sorry I could not wake up at ALL so I sent eldest and Dahlia to fetch Sophia....Sorry ye soph your mom is sickly today.

And now Im up and still sniffling and got up just int ime to see hubs balik at 2 am what were you DOING working so late and this for how many nights in a row- which is what I wanted to say but didn't instead just hugged him je lah since I felt miserable (and not a little bit sorry for myself ha ha) 

So I was going to do some work but now I cant be bothered . I think I will go to bed instead. Tata..that ends my day and ends my rambling he he 

Friday, October 05, 2012

My son has a blog now....

it's incredibly funny. Without, I suspect being intentionally funny. 

Go and have a read!

Thursday, October 04, 2012


This is my brother and wife when they left for UK recently for one year to do his masters:   

(Belakang tu so many people sending him off) - and his flight was at 3 am! )

This was my husband's sister  when she went off to Hong Kong for 3 years to specialise in mencantikkan gigi.- ie takda gambar hehehehe

(credit: I got no picture of her going- but this one is good!-this baby says- hah? dah pergi? abuden?

hehehe...the first one- the entire KAMPUNG sent them, My parents. His wife' parents . My entire siblings and wife and kids. His wife's entire adek beradek with newborn baby also . And his friends. And her friends. At 3 am..

With my husband's sister..... tau tau dah pergiiiii...

And i just heard, she JUST returned for a week...and now has GONE again! 

So strange kan? I think this is just reflecting on how differently people behave family is full on smother you with LAUVE one..while my husband' family is the Dont trouble people type. Hmm funny kan? Big fanfare for one, silent movement on the other. Which one are you? 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Shhhhh..dont tell ppl ok. but PAY YOUR TAXES!!


If you are wondering how the government can afford to dish out so many gifts this budget 2013- well wonder no more! The Income Tax department! The stamp office department! They are coming after yewwww!! Wow ..they are now on the prrrowwwlllll for defaulters...and sorry lah if you are trying to claim any exemption on stamp duty! The slightest reason they will say babaiiii pls pay us! Apa? Your exemption is for Term Financing-i tapi your letter of offer tulis Islamic Term Financing? SORRY no exemption then! hehehehe

And the other half has gotten himself sued . by LHDN no less. For taxes dating back to 2006 to 2010 . Wow. That's tenacity that is. TU LAH YOU NAJIB!! apa lah you promise this and that, hah kang dah laki I jugak yang kena bayau! (tak kena mengena he he) Anyway yeah the letters did come, some time back , saying that oh nampak macam tak cukup you bayar je..(nada baik lagi tu) ..but of course as usual you tend to ignore letters like that , under the "Ostrich principle" or the "if you ignore it it will go away" principle he he. Actually it was more like us going - hah? Takkan tolak every month also still not enough? We got 5 kids some more and how about that fake receipts we gave you? heheheh (JUST KIDDING!!) Actually the problem was we had NO Receipts to give. We are terrible with receipts. I've got consultants and accountants just itching to whack us because we do not keep receipt. Just now I was paying RM7 for parking for  meeting and I thought - nak mintak resit ke- can claim from the client what..then I thought - HMM TAK PAYAH lAh! Cannot be bothered! Aissshhh no need money or what?? My old partners from old firms-- 50 cent also they claimed! 

Anyway while we were talking about this claim that we "really shd settle lah, honey" suddenly  2 weeks later they sued him! (wah, kalau receive income it's "US" , kalau kena sue it's "HIM" ahahahahaha) - I asked him- verify lah their claim- all the way back to 2006, 2007 etc - surely you can say you paid right? He said - no lah it must be right lah their calculations. (er..yes. me too, i think they must be right because their calculator is bigger) 
And then he got ANOTHER letter today to tell him to go see this Puan. I thought they were going to negotiate ...but then Nope  .he went and was told- tiada maap bagi mooh, tapi!! dont worry lah...if you pay all, we will withdraw the suit

LAAA...of COURSE lah Puan oi!! I pun boleh cakap cam tu! No need to go and see you lar!~ Oh yeah they also did say they have to be tough now on everyone..and that they are actively looking. My cousin who worked in LHDN said they are recruiting ppl with actual degrees ..Sigh.... Tu lah you Najib! (again) ,,,

I ni gelak gelak...(kan ostrich..tak perasan dunia luau or  shhhhh..if we dont see them they dont see us he he) but of course I'm worried.. who wants to be sued?? .tak pa ke I share with  you ni?? If he segan later I will delete lah of course...dang i always overshare. my mom would be horrified if she knows. She who would not even let ppl take  my pics dulu dulu (masa I cute kot) ...but I think it's important to let you guys knnow that the Income Tax is not going to let up sila lah jangan ignore surat surat tuuuuu....
And oh yah! keep those DANG RECEIPTS!!!

Takpa-- at least you still love me and I still love yew.....ok lah tu kan??

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

When Couples Study together!

I have decided to pursue Arabic. Well...let's say "RE" Pursue...because me and hubs took Arabic for beginner 5 years ago I think at was fun.! I went because Irma asked me too, and he went because it got boring waiting for me in the car so he might as well  join me ..and of course the tabibun turned out to be the top student lah kan! 

Now I am pursuing it again. We stopped because the teacher moved to Nilai. and then we stopped speaking..Well it's been on my mind for months dah since it's just 3 minutes walk from my house. (next to the kids' school- now cakaplah apa pasal skolah i cannot move the kids anymore because it's just behind the house!) Anyway. Back to the arabic thing. The Arabic Learning Centre is run by this minah salleh from Bristol who married a Malaysian who lived in Yemen (or something like that) and then decided to set up a school here. 

so 2 weeks ago I roped the other half in. It's at 8-10 am on a Sunday dia takda excuse sbb selalunya pi hospital afterwards. I try to insist that Sunday is family day. Anyway first time was ok, just the normal what is smy name, your name, etc ...husband being Type A Star (lebih dari A tuh hehehe) sebok nak tanya rules lah apa lah , idgham lah irfaq lah...yang bini dia ni sengehhhh je. Bila ustaz nak padam blackboard husband tak bagi ashe was copying. Binidia, main tangkap gambar je ...Iphone babe! heheheh tapi bila cikgu tanya I lagi terror nak jawab so there ha ha kelakar ..belajar dengan husband- belakangcikgu we made jokes of it- masmuka? Masmumu? Masmumi? 

Anyway dia ada  bagi homework lah- which of course lah kita baru nak buat 15 mins on the day of the SECOND lesson..issshhhh tak habis habis habit buat exam last fact I takndak pergi pun , citing banyak kerja ofis..then he said YOU ARE ALWAYS DOING THIS! haritu gym punyou tak pergi! he said to me having whizzed through his homework (baiti, baituka, baituhu, baituha etc ) as I struggled to write nicely (ehhh nice what) ..Eh not fair about the gym..we did  go together but then SOMEBODY got to go to OT early lah, this la that la..and I cannot go by myself donno ah? 

Anyway ni 2nd lesson lagi kelakar..I discovered husband is SO KIASU when learning! Banyaknya questions dia tanya! I ni pulak try to hide behind the book but then there are only TWO of US there so cannot hide...I love languages anyway so it was fun..tapi stress gak orang sebelah I ni kan ashik tanya soalaaaaaan je...

This time banyak lagi homework dia (Ana malaysii /ana min malaysia etc etc) 

Goal of this- to be able to have some fluency by the time pergi haji.....insyaAllah..amin amiin.....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...