Saturday, October 06, 2012

A rambling on my day yesterday

Ughh. wish this headcold and bunged up nose would go away. No fun . sneezing all the time. Sniffling too. Nose hurt cause tisue rubbing raw. 

Went to B*NI meeting yesterday. Slept before that at 9 and got up again when hubs came home at 11.30 pm. Thought it was already 3 am so panicked and leapt out of bed. Turned out it was still early> Went to bed after chatting wiht hubs and following him out again to buy cigarettes for his uncle (who popped in that evening) - basically I just wanted to be in the airconditioned  car- then went to bed at about 3. 30. Am . then decided that can I just sleep for a leeeetle while so I told SIRI to set alarm for 4. Then it woke me up (from what I suspect was not sleep at all but me tossing and turning) and then I set it again for 4.30 and again at 5.00 etc until in the end I bangun and was very dizzy. And then I went to the meeting. Hubs woke up just to send me -SERIOUSLY that man needs a medal stat! - I would not have gone if not for the fact that it was visitors day and i had an old friend visiting the chapter. Of course I had tummy runs just as I was about to leave so I ended up arriving at 6.50 can you believe it when I should have arrived at 6.20 latest hahaha. 

Anyway it went very well, of course once at the meeting I was completely fine - the power of the mind!  we had 30 plus visitors - 2 of them lawyers! one may come in as an immigration lawyer - as long as you don't hunt at the same ground for the same things takpaler...and it's  not supposed to be hunting pun...

Then went to work and then at about 1 plus hubbs came to fetch me to send me home & wanted to pray at home (yes I am a diva) on account of me being sick! (ada excuse lar- the power of the mind had left the building by then) - and then my kids came home with their friends..heheh one of them told me- auntie today I brought clothes ok since you told me to have a bath yesterday ..I tell my kids to mandi and for goodness's sake pls have a shower and change out of your school clothes which you have been in since 8 am...and they would of course be lounging around until about 8pm in their uniforms grrr and then their friends as I was yelling at my kids (and reassuring their friends that I am nice, really) , I told them - you guys should ALSO mandi while you wait for your mom this girl told me- no more of your daughter's smelly friends! heheheheh sorry are ALL my kids

My mom asked me to make a special corner downstairs for the kids' friends who come in and head directly upstairs - I dont mind them at all but then it tends to get quite cramped gak lah upstairs too dah lah the girls all share a room between the 3 of them.. maybe I will look into the "den" idea one day. 

Anyway up- to about 4 i was working at the dining table , then at 4 pm I went out to send Daughter no 1 to tution and had to pick up her friends too who asked if I could please stop at Mc D? Sorry kids Mc D is on the other side of the dual carriageway ...maybe later. And me with this tremendous  headcold all I wanted to do was sleep, maybe I would after sending to tution. Then dad called to say he wants to come and my parents came (yay!) and of course told me my house was messy and smelt of cat poo

AND THAT'S ANOTHER THING! I have 2 extra cats that have decided to come to the house, get inside the  house, eat the cat food and also rub themselves against our legs/furniture etc and POO EVERYWHERE! arggghhh i cant stand it!! 

Oh before my parents came I was cooking - ye lah , in line with this new vision of me cooking and I made sotong basah sambal kacang and kari kunyit ayam - or rather I wanted to make chicken curry but then no coconut milk so i used mayo and also i used milk and mom came to taste it and said - curry orang puteh! Well nasib baik I didnt put raisins in! 

AND I GOT REALLY MAD AT THE FLIES!!! WARGHH ! I cook outside pending the new kitchen  being built (which is pending me winning the lottery)  and because of the cat poo ( Im sure) there are more flies now and I was swatting away and cursing away and I was basically a WRECK lah marahnyeeee and I made the maid mop the floor there and then can't she SEE the flies and how COME The kitchen at the back is soo GRIMY -you ni kan Sadriah just becauase I don't see doesn't mean I don't check ok and this is NOT acceptable cleanliness standard to me so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr do it again! Heeeeeeeee (Blood pressure going upstairs) 

And then my parents left and then just when I wanted to go sleep I realised I had to go get Nadine! 

Oh  yeah before that Sophia had to go to her RecognitionNight which she had asked me to go and I was looking forward to go , (at her school) and she dressed up nicely except the flowing caftan did not flow where her bum area was so it was rather clingy there so I freaked out AGAIN and told her no way you can go with that but she just stared woefully at me the way she does which makes me want to SHAKE HER - enough with the look! I said no No lah..but then opah was there and opah said ok  and Opah decided to drop her and her friends at school since I was not dressed. I had changed from my work clothes to a my favourite loose cream blouse and of course needed to change to something more dressy for her recognition night- oh yah it is no longer cream the blouse, but splattered with chillies as I goreng the sambal--- huwaaaa why do they do that, the chillies. 

And then I fetched Nadine except now I dah pandai to avoid the MRR2 which is so darn jam and I went via the inside road of Keramat except that is also jam,plus have traffic lights so no difference there. Picked Nadine up and arrived home to pray maghrib and crashed for a little while - told Dahlia to wake me at 9 so I can still go to the Recognition Night (ending at 10) -she woke me up at 9 but sorry I could not wake up at ALL so I sent eldest and Dahlia to fetch Sophia....Sorry ye soph your mom is sickly today.

And now Im up and still sniffling and got up just int ime to see hubs balik at 2 am what were you DOING working so late and this for how many nights in a row- which is what I wanted to say but didn't instead just hugged him je lah since I felt miserable (and not a little bit sorry for myself ha ha) 

So I was going to do some work but now I cant be bothered . I think I will go to bed instead. Tata..that ends my day and ends my rambling he he 


nizamohamed said...

Penatnya i baca your story..tu baru baca, belum jadi you lagi..memang superwoman la you..:)) i salute spring!!!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hehehe takda lah niza...i rasa you pun sama..maybe i write non stop kot..but i must say...duduk rumah ni penat!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am just tired from reading your post! I think if I were to stay home I will keep the driver. That's the tiring part, ferrying the kids around in kl traffic. Baru nak duduk kena bangun balik.

Superwomanwannabe said...

yah, i think if i wasnt havng this head cold i would be a bit cheerful sikit kot,,,tapi betul macam jack in a box lah, duduk, bangun duduk bangun warghh tak sempat nak titon!! tidor i mean!:)

Tjanting said...

He He He!!! Memang superwoman!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...