Day 1 and 2 in HK

Well here we are in Hong Kong. 

Muhammad is asleep on a mattress and I am trying to finish my docs. Not very successfully. I am also sending emails and answering calls so god knows what the charges will be when I come home

Bah and Mak in front tengok tv. Mak baru masak nasi. House got no dapur yet so atie allready cook fish in the oven early in the morning. Flat is on 18th floor. Very very space challeged, but I think its ok. You just have to breathe in deeply if you get claustophobic. Semalam despite mak tak bagi I opened the window ..mak tak bagi because landlord not yet put grill and its the push type of window and not the pane type so if you fall bye bye ler...18 floors down. Kiri kanan depan belakang is apartment and no one seems to have heard of the concept of curtains  so I could see what everyone is doing. I think if I live her I'd be peeping in all the time. I am so fascinated with how ppl live their lives! Anyway yes. 

The trip=well let's just say I am now cured forever of the urge to have another child. I love Muhammad to bits and its not at all difficult to amuse him. It is a heck of a lot of work though, because you have to be smart and funny and ala ala BARNEY. Maybe BArney is on crack. Thats why he is so hyper all the time. Muhammad loves the pushchair my brother lent me and slept immediately/ Problem was he slept so much he was 10000 % awake on the plane. I kept asking - are we there yet? are we there yet?? to the stewardess. I went to another seat with him to allow mak and abah to rest for a while. He was not that impressed with being IN the plane and hohum the clouds are boring after a while . I gave him a ballpen as a result my laptop now is full of ballpen mark. So is the window of the plane. And the safety brochure. Takpa ler..I bought a set of 12 books chunky about CARS that he seemed to like but he preferred the IPhone too.He is seriously a very very intelligent boy because he has stopped trying to touch my Iaptop screen and drag stuff ala ala Ipad (hahaha i ada hati nak buat kerja konon)

The wait for immigration was a bit harrowing though because no stroller allowed. Biul tol you can only take it at baggage carousel. Muhammad was good until he saw another little girl on a little toy car and he remembered his car (*which is in the bag) and he demanded that we take him there plus he started going MAK MAK MAK like, eh you promised me my mom so where is she already. I tell you I was happy he was creaating a fuss because that immigration officer decided to analyse our passports page by page. And finally we went out I told mak to go out first with him and take him to see his mom while I sort out the EIGHT bags we have . Abah and I did that in 2 trolleys and then we left. After we got out Abah said eh wheres the stroller ah?? Then I had to go and ask and then I had to go to the office on the 6th floor and then wait for a while . I sent Atie (so kurus now ) to take mak and abah to dinner while I enjoy the solitude in the waiting area while I wait for news whether my brother's stroller is missing or not. Finally when my phone was charging about 20 percent , the stroller came back (darn cannot wait a bit longer ah) .

Then we went to eat at halal Popeye and then we went to the aerotrain> I tried asking for a cab because we have like a gazillion huge bags but it would cost HKD700 .no joke. And so off we went to the aerotrain ie like the ERL to city centre and we missed the first one because mak nak gi toilet. Then we got into the 2nd one and it was like- put mak and abah and muhammad in, then rush to throw all the bags in before the door shut and same when the train arrived. Train was very fast and very comfy

Finally we got to central and then we waited for a cab. AMAZINGLY we stuffed all the bags in in ONE cab. and sampai..

i think i crashed at 12 ..when muhammad tengah dera mak draw draw ha ha



Cik Kiah said…
I still cannot fathom how ur SIL could have asked/let her parents travel with mountains of luggage plus a toddler without any assistance in the first place? I dengar pun semput...bukanlah nak menjadi batu api. Kalau adik I dah memang kena piat telinga. Btw, pak budak tu napa tak ikut sama?
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coolcool Cik Kiah

I dah sampai ni, tak sampai hati nak mak and abah yang nak bawak....and half of the bags tu pampers....actually now i kesian kat dia!

Pak dia seboklerrrr
DocYana said…
I baru nak tanya, apakebendanya la yang dlm those EIGHT bags....and then ikan bilis, belacan, kicap, Brahim ada jugak tak?
I guess parents will always be parents, kan? Nasib baik you were there to help out. Cannot imagine two 'warga emas' and one hyperactive kid trying to navigate through an unfamiliar environment with all that.
Docyana- yups!! parents will always be parents!

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