Thursday, October 04, 2012


This is my brother and wife when they left for UK recently for one year to do his masters:   

(Belakang tu so many people sending him off) - and his flight was at 3 am! )

This was my husband's sister  when she went off to Hong Kong for 3 years to specialise in mencantikkan gigi.- ie takda gambar hehehehe

(credit: I got no picture of her going- but this one is good!-this baby says- hah? dah pergi? abuden?

hehehe...the first one- the entire KAMPUNG sent them, My parents. His wife' parents . My entire siblings and wife and kids. His wife's entire adek beradek with newborn baby also . And his friends. And her friends. At 3 am..

With my husband's sister..... tau tau dah pergiiiii...

And i just heard, she JUST returned for a week...and now has GONE again! 

So strange kan? I think this is just reflecting on how differently people behave family is full on smother you with LAUVE one..while my husband' family is the Dont trouble people type. Hmm funny kan? Big fanfare for one, silent movement on the other. Which one are you? 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Both of them looks very young. Are they in their mid 20's ? If they are in their 20's, then it is understandable, they are young parents, but would like to continue their studies. Has it's pro and cons. I can't understand how they function this way, one person being away and the baby not seeing his mommy all the time. I don't think I can adapt to that. I need my family to be around me.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi brother and wife memang in 20s,,blom ada kids yet. My sis in law tu sbenarnya i was referring to my husband's sister --dia yang kena separate tu..kesian, hari hari next week ni my in laws are going to see her bawak her baby sekali..mana tahan kan, sementara itu i kelakar sbb different style of family-- mcam I-- semua kena ikut.,.

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Poor thing the other sis in law, but I am sure she has her own reason for leaving the kid n hubby here and going over there to further her studies. Maybe she just want to provide the best for her kids in future, so have to susah2 sekarang. But still, I cannot imagine myself doing that.


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