Ho hum

Ok despite my enthusiasm in the last post, I am playing truant.

GAH! I just sent my 2nd daughter Sara to go to Japanese, telling her to tell teacher that I had to go to work. And I do. SO SO MUCH TO DO! DRAFT THIS< DRAFT THAT-- what do you think I am, clients, a lawyer??

So here I am , sitting in my jammies, despite it being 11 am, typing away. (This is a slight distraction and will not take long, I promise (Boss!) . Sigh..this is exactly what I wanted to avoid ...laziness and sloth. Kids are outside with their laptop. Youngest and only son is watching tv. No 1 is probably sleeping. Husband is of course at the hospital.

Son is asking me- are we doing anything today mom?

Entah..are we??


nizamohamed said…
Hi Shila...tak jumpa your name in fb.. shila kasim right?
maybe i dah disable finding me kot ,,come i carik you.whats your fb name
nizamohamed said…
Sharifah Ainul Niza...

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