Sunday, October 14, 2012

I miss muhammad!

I just realised

I miss Muhammad waaaaaaaa


yeah i miss singing nursery rhymes that I myelf have forgotten

I miss finding enjoyment in very very simple things like my fingers

I discover that I am very very imaginative ha ha ha and can amuse kids no end 

So sapa nak baby sitter come call me

although..i crashed out mega the entire day yesterday. I must have fallen asleep 5 times in the day..i fell asleep from 1 to 6 ok. penatnyeeeee nasib baik ler cuti smayang

i almost did not make the flight home, btw

ok thats not true..but it WAS rather close. We left home at about 2 , went for lunch at a kebab place until 3.30 pm then tried to take a cab to take us to the express train place- which will take us to the airport . Flight was at 6 so in theory I should have been at the airport by 4 ...

At 3 plus we were still in downtown HK ...looking for a cab...and failing - in the end we walked to the MRT . we had to walk very far it turned out (or maybe it felt that way cause we didnt know the way?) and very fast because we were allready late! I wanted to say bye to abah and muhd and atie in town  but sis in law very kindly wanted to send me however I kept worrying that dad may not be able to keep up! finally reached the MRT station, but then the tunnel dalam tu was very far and big and huffing and puffing away lah kita...Jauhlah train station ni......and then kena beli tiket lak pas tu miss the aerotrain and had to wait another 5 mins and then got on the train when we could finally rest for about 10 minute (says Atie) but felt like forever to me!

Finally sampai airport Terminal 2 for air asia..turun and then kena cari counter dulu to check in luggage and then had to go down to departure (at 5 15 by now) which should have been ok, except that once you turun and cleared security it turned out you have to take a train to terminal 1 pulakkkk and then once you arrive at terminal 1 you have to go to another train to go to gate 67 which was where Airasia was...and its not like you arrive and terus gate 67, nooo cause that would be too have to walk past lots of shops and restaurants first before you see a walkalator which would take you to yet another walkalator and yet another walkalator until you reach your gate, huffing and puffing with your wet blouse sticking to you.

yeah. moral of the story- do not be late at airport he he

Anyway yeah the trip was good, sat next to this guy who was with me on the way into HK and it was so funny that both of us spent only one day in HK. He said he was in trading rupanye pilot Airasia so he asked me to go see cockpit and i pun pergi ler..bila lagi ye...although taklah jakun na

Ok hmm wonder what muhd is doing now..maybe we can revisit that having another child idea, honey?? (see...short term memory is a good thing) 


Anonymous said...

That's so funny SW. Wonder what would have happened if you had missed the flight.


DocYana said...

I think one would find it funny on hindsight. Kalau tanya SWW at the time she was a huffing and a puffing to get to the gate, mau dia terkam and cabut kepala....hehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha, Doc, you know, I was imagining the same I ran (ran ok!) ..because takut je dia tak bagi i board kan..(that whole be there by the gate 25 mins from take off time) the end pasrah je lah...but boy was I smelling ripe.

nizamohamed said...

aww... so sweet bila baca you miss muhammad..siap terpikir nak sorang lagi..well, not too late right? :))

read both of your entries about HK, semput i....baru wonder you are so tired, you need a week's break after all that ordeal lah...

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