Monday, October 08, 2012

Lagu lama

dulu i worked with this lady...

she had just broken up with her long term boyfriend.

yang sedehnya...he broke up with her quoting his mom wanted him to marry another person (he did- im still torn between thinking what a good boy, and what a douchebag) 

(by the way its not you ok you. You , you know lah you) he he

and she said how he cried but he felt forced to do as his mom said..alah what happened to my poor friend??

She played this song a lot!
So a lot , that until now I can recognise it from the first few bars!

She was also being courted by this very nice guy whom she said she did not love, really but he was there for her..and he knew she just felt -meh for him

And now i heard she married him..and she seems happy! Alhamdulillah..for all you know that first guy would have hurt her majorly..better to have married someone that you know loves you one hundred percent kan.

Says me professor lurve..well anyway I love that song sampailah harini , whenever i terdengar sure ingat this girl..

(this is  a no point post) 


Anonymous said...

Aiyaaa.. I cannot play the song. And..a no point post? Why you never warn in the beginning one? Neber mind la..I'm entertained anyway.


Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheh hi come you cannot play one..tsk its a very jiwangsong one...

sebenarnye nak cakap...why lah you go and kawin someone you dont lab one...but then nasiblah jadilah no point

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