Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Shhhhh..dont tell ppl ok. but PAY YOUR TAXES!!


If you are wondering how the government can afford to dish out so many gifts this budget 2013- well wonder no more! The Income Tax department! The stamp office department! They are coming after yewwww!! Wow ..they are now on the prrrowwwlllll for defaulters...and sorry lah if you are trying to claim any exemption on stamp duty! The slightest reason they will say babaiiii pls pay us! Apa? Your exemption is for Term Financing-i tapi your letter of offer tulis Islamic Term Financing? SORRY no exemption then! hehehehe

And the other half has gotten himself sued . by LHDN no less. For taxes dating back to 2006 to 2010 . Wow. That's tenacity that is. TU LAH YOU NAJIB!! apa lah you promise this and that, hah kang dah laki I jugak yang kena bayau! (tak kena mengena he he) Anyway yeah the letters did come, some time back , saying that oh nampak macam tak cukup you bayar je..(nada baik lagi tu) ..but of course as usual you tend to ignore letters like that , under the "Ostrich principle" or the "if you ignore it it will go away" principle he he. Actually it was more like us going - hah? Takkan tolak every month also still not enough? We got 5 kids some more and how about that fake receipts we gave you? heheheh (JUST KIDDING!!) Actually the problem was we had NO Receipts to give. We are terrible with receipts. I've got consultants and accountants just itching to whack us because we do not keep receipt. Just now I was paying RM7 for parking for  meeting and I thought - nak mintak resit ke- can claim from the client what..then I thought - HMM TAK PAYAH lAh! Cannot be bothered! Aissshhh no need money or what?? My old partners from old firms-- 50 cent also they claimed! 

Anyway while we were talking about this claim that we "really shd settle lah, honey" suddenly  2 weeks later they sued him! (wah, kalau receive income it's "US" , kalau kena sue it's "HIM" ahahahahaha) - I asked him- verify lah their claim- all the way back to 2006, 2007 etc - surely you can say you paid right? He said - no lah it must be right lah their calculations. (er..yes. me too, i think they must be right because their calculator is bigger) 
And then he got ANOTHER letter today to tell him to go see this Puan. I thought they were going to negotiate ...but then Nope  .he went and was told- tiada maap bagi mooh, tapi!! dont worry lah...if you pay all, we will withdraw the suit

LAAA...of COURSE lah Puan oi!! I pun boleh cakap cam tu! No need to go and see you lar!~ Oh yeah they also did say they have to be tough now on everyone..and that they are actively looking. My cousin who worked in LHDN said they are recruiting ppl with actual degrees ..Sigh.... Tu lah you Najib! (again) ,,,

I ni gelak gelak...(kan ostrich..tak perasan dunia luau or  shhhhh..if we dont see them they dont see us he he) but of course I'm worried.. who wants to be sued?? .tak pa ke I share with  you ni?? If he segan later I will delete lah of course...dang i always overshare. my mom would be horrified if she knows. She who would not even let ppl take  my pics dulu dulu (masa I cute kot) ...but I think it's important to let you guys knnow that the Income Tax is not going to let up sila lah jangan ignore surat surat tuuuuu....
And oh yah! keep those DANG RECEIPTS!!!

Takpa-- at least you still love me and I still love yew.....ok lah tu kan??

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