Friday, October 26, 2012

Perth Day 1

We are in Perth..

alhamdulillah, dapat my husband this is  a pengorbanan...korban time, korban masa he he me it is a realllyy needed break for  him...dah lama dah tak resst...and you can tell that he needs it, he is so tired--

ah who am i kidding right? I yang terkinja nak jalan he he

dapat lak tiket murah woott

staying at my cousin's place- her mom called and asked me to do so, so ok lahkan. I asked her SURE auntie tak mind kan??

Oh my gawd my cousin's place is a LUXURY apartment ok. Jenis orang buat showhome tu. The flooring is timber, there are flat screen tv in the bedroom and a huge one outside. ada huge fridge, dining table dia black wood with white leather chairs, bedroom dia macam hotel. I dah freak out dah tengok. bilik air ada RAIN SHOWER ok. Rasa nak patah balik duduk hotel as it is too heavy a responsibility to have to keep THIS PLACE SPOTLESS

but tu semalam lah. Hari ni , semua menggelempar tidor. Semuanya kat living room tidur on the huge l shaped sofa- four girls slep t on it comfortably can you just imagine it. And my son with his sleeping bag (we came prepared) on the carpet. Dad is still sleeping in the KINGSIZED Bed

tak yah lah jalan cam ni ..hehehe

anyway yes the flight was smooth , although here is what I have learnt- BOOK YOUR MEALS ONLINE. Ada ke dah  habis..yang tinggal hanya nasi and ayam rendang tu pun dah sikit. Oh yeah episode kelakar berlaku..Johan kan camping the day before, so he used the same bag and he didnt check it in, when he was at security, orang tu kata ada PISAU. siap dua lak tu. and sudu garpu. Kesian dia...dah lah such a LURUS BENDOL person. Anyway yes another scary episode was at the immigration line in Perth. This indian guy stopped us and asked us what we brought . We said lah, cili  goreng. And  he asked nothing off the plane? And we said no, and he said ok then go,. And then just as we were about to go , Daya asked mummy! What about the nuttella sandwich we made at home/? Will they ask?? oh noo ..daddy dia kata jalan je lah, but mummy dia kata..karang ada anjing, we all terpaksa makan polok polok all the sandwich sebelum keluar

Perth is warm and lovely. Aussie sky so very blue .Our creator has painted Aussie so beautifully. Colours are so vibrant here.

Pity about the Australians ha ha..depa quite rude and abrupt! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Salam Aidil Adha to you and your family. Glad to hear that you are now enjoying your vacation with your family.

The part abt the nutella sandwich is so funny. Aussie is more strict than US. They don't allow u to bring in a lot of stuffs. Minyak cap kapak pun tak boleh agaknya.

I prefer americans and british. aussie ppl mmg "cold" sikit.


nizamohamed said...

Bestnyer pegi holiday! Enjoy!!!!:)))

ummisara said...

kak sheila...

my turn in 2 days time :)same place heheheheh.

eh windy or not?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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