raising little uns

I have been asked how did i cope with raising kids:

1. abandon all tiny winy handbags and opt for a sling tote 

2. in which you will put - a bottle of milk , 4 pampers, 1 set of crayons and paper, 1 pack of baby food or biscuits


4. Nenen instead.

5. Bath play- bubble bath with bath toys- gives you loads of peace - but dont leave the kid alone for heaven's sake

6. invent games that allow you to lie down while they climb all over you - pretend to be a crocodile they need to cross , for example

7. have a v helpful husband to take to parks etc

8. have a sunny disposition! bring out to activities!

9. do not allow tempers to drag or get worse

10.  baby sleep with us in same bed: baby, mummy, daddy. 

Hmmm that last bit is still a problem

So that's how we coped! 


Aishah said…
hey i play game no 6 quite often! hehehe, i pretend to be a road and they can drive their cars all over me or i'm a boat and they can sit on my legs/back
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
yes...kalau nak main ngan mak, mesti part yang baring2 saja...kejor kejor udah tak larat ler...
Aishah and Kak Ezza- nak hidup!! penatlah nak lari lari ala ala ibu mithali yang lain..heheh kita pilih aktiviti yang tak yah bangun ok jugak kan :)
nizamohamed said…
Yup, definitely no tiny bags for me masa the kids were babies, all baby bags with bottles, diapers, etc etc..actually now pun, sometimes have to bring big bags with water bottles, snacks, sanitizers, wipes etc etc etc..:))

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