Sunday, October 07, 2012

So you know what? We were invited after all...hehehe

And there I gave away the punch line.

The moral of the story is: Jangan salah sangka and always bersangka baik

Always think well of your neighbour...

hehehe i say this because?

I spent like half a morning thinking that my very next door neighbour had forgotten to invite us to their son/daughter's wedding because neither of us got the invite , either card or invite or FB post or sms, Anyway I thought , to go or not, It is so glaringly a wedding, with DJ and wedding songs and love songs being blared from the sound system ..posted it up at FB and got conflicting advice between go and not go..after all if ppl dont invite its haram to go right...and advice that won the day was the GO SAJA hehe...

what solved it was hubby being hungry when he came home from work at 2.30 and also the fact that we were supposed to go to Kluang for hubb's cousin's first daughter's wedding (gettit?) and so I got ready anyway. Hubby changed into red baju melayu siap pakai sampin, and fully dressed, and off we went to next door. Everyone had left of course, only family members who were half asleep on the couch etc still dressed in their fineries. 

Of courselah kitorang tersengeh sengeh apologising.sorry lahh tak sure you all jemput ke tak-not sure if we were invited or not...and he said the card was put in my mail box 3 days ago...i asked the maid whether she had received- she said no...when we went there best gak: we were served the food , turned out the host's daughter from first marriage (all very harmonious one..the kids are very good with the 2nd wife which is where the wedding was held- there was another wedding to be held that night by the mom (who is divorced from the dad) 

Anyyyyyway we ate..and we met the grannnie who was very sarcastic- asked me if we missed the plane..HEY its your son lah yang tak jemput!
And then this morning i passed the postbox and saw it was stuffed with letters INCLUDING the card


She's gone by the way. off for a day of urut. What has she got to be in pain for. Just want Sunday off. That's all. Kalau kemas rumah betol betol takpa gak..heeeee


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Sounds quite bad that your maid did not clear the mailbox and thank god you went to the wedding. Otherwise, your neighbour might have thought something abt you.

On the other hand, actually neighboours should personally give the invitation card lah, not so good simply put in letterbox.

If myself, I won't go if people simply put in letterbox and dont even ring me to invite me. Like invite nak tak nak je...


Superwomanwannabe said...

ha-ah lah sha- pelik tol kan..bagilah kad [personally] or at least call- kureng sikit lah kan?

Anonymous said...

I think if already on FB ..meaning you are invited what...what the fuss

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anony- oh sorry i wasnt clear- i posted about it on FB, not that the event was on FB

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