Monday, October 08, 2012

The Weekend was here??

Argh not ready for Monday!! 

it's allready Monday. I slept at 9 pm again yesterday, no dinner I think , and then up I got an hour ago...and i have wasted an hour warghhh! 

Anyway yeah after the neighbour's wedding(See previous post) , we did go to Kluang. we left everyone because we thought we were late. Hubby told me the wedding was in the afternoon, and by the time we left home it was close to 5. We finally got there at 8 pm..we wentto the house and saw it was brightly lit and there was a tent..hubby told me- ah they are still at home, good. Ada orang..

And we arrived greeted by amazingly still fresh looking gals, being sisters of the bride. Make up still fresh after what must be hours after the wedding! I asked so how was the wedding?? Blur looks all around

Turned out- wedding was TOMORROW. Ie today. ! The day we arrived tu, nikah baru, and that was not due to start for another hour ha ha ha so it means that we were early for a change!

Ok time to apply lipstick again since I had not bothered (yelah majlis dah habis dah tak dulik lah kan) ..and guess what- we were among the earliest, beating all the bride's own kl mari uncles and aunties! (except for 1 who arrived in the morning)

Mak and abah came to the wedding yay!  (believe it or not we were so worried we were late we didnt even stop by first and later I heard mak had cooked so much! thinking we were coming aiyoo) anyway anyway the first thing mak did was  hand me over the precocious baby Mohammad and boy was he lah budak 2 tahun kan...and I had fun with him, playing rough house with him..earlier I was sitting with husband's bro from Johor and his wife and his 3 kids and one of his daughters was fighting with mohamad over the use of ipad- mohd is barely 2 but can do puzzle on ipad put a jigsaw cat back together..and I said why not give proper puzzle?

 I tak suka soo reliant on ipad but then my bro in law said kids nowadays , they ask for it ! they know about it and they want it. I told his wife, suggest next time that you bring pencil colour and coloring book. Howzat. (they both looked at me like- eeleeh action mentanglah anak dah besauuu heheheh)  

Boy Nadine dulu, a pot and  a wooden spoon was enough for her to entertain herself as I cooked in the UK dulu , she'd be  banging away. I am not against technology and I am the first to promote the "whatever works to make your child happy" policy but then I think it's not really developing their other skills if a child doesn't play with toys other than cars or ipad.- how about a xylophone? or a  stacking puzzle ? or a proper chunky puzzle ? or something from ikea - anything. things they can feel, touch and play with. Or draw for him ke? 

I took Mohd out to touch leaves, branches, rocks (erks sure mak dia marah ahahha) - he was so jakun. I played a very simple game of trying to throw pieces of cake (hey closest thing to me) into a tissue paper. It amused him long enough to allow his dad (Yay his dad came down from Kelantan for the wedding!- Mohd is being taken care of by his grandparents while his mom is in HK for her studies- or until this 11th when they all will go to HK)  and atok to eat..then I passed to his dad - halloooo i oso want to eat..

maybe I should open nursery. where the kids do NOT get to do homework ha ha ha

Anyway we finally left the wedding at 11.30 pm and we went to see mak and abah and they stayed up and trying to put Mohd to bed- the boy wanted my father in law to rock him and the poor man was tired ! Over 70 lah kan..and I told the boy to lie down and sleep-OR ELSE!! (Glare) (naah, kidding..i tak berani woit, atok dia manjakan dia) But i did tell abah , at least sit down and hug him to sleep rather than stand and rock him..the boy is almost 2  and  not light..

Anyway yeah mak keluar macam macam and asked if we wanted dinner. She was soo hopeful that I wanted to say yes. Hubby said no and insisted we go home. Hallo it was almost 1 am then..

How do I tell other half ((and him me, I guess) that we should indulge our parents more? i mean, they just want more time with do i tell him I think he should actually take a day off wen his mom and dad come next time. What am i babbling about- i just tell him larh! Eh I think u ni sombong sangat lah dengan your parents. And come to think of it, me too lah with mine.sebokkk macam bizness juta juta ha ha ha 

 Anyways ..we drove off and arrived at 4 am..i drove 3 quarters of the way (laaa if I knew I would have had to drive I would have insisted we slept at Kluang!) ..hubb yang penuh terror nya awal awal, terus ngantuk an hour into the drive he heheh.. terrornye I , mengedrive in the rain and in the dark (pats self on back since I hate driving and especially at night). The car refused to be slow. (blame the car) and kept wanting to go faster . tiba tiba 150 ..Im sure I will get a few MOre fines...

Anyway we went home because we had arabic class this morning..with about 3 hour sleep and tak buat homework..again..7.30 am baru terhegeh hegeh...banyaklak tu

this time husband in class tak tengok i langsung but I was laughing away at his mistakes hehieheh and actually gelakkan diri sendiri pun...sbb tak terror nak kira wahidun sampai ashara pun rangkak apatah lagi arbaun ashara (40) onwards etc etc..hihihi

then right after arabic had to send sara to horseriding dia and then hubs pi hospital and we stayed home until about 1 pm when hubs finally came back and we all went out to get lunch and also attend Izreen's daughter 6 year bday party! Maid dah ciou sbb had to berurut for the  day..and when she is gone of course lah i perasan macam macam kotor so i wrote a love letter to her. telling her to pls buck  up!! 

we finally reached izreen's party at 5 pm (sbb stopped at pavilion kejap beli present and betolkan muka I kejap ie facial) - party rocked! so many cute stuff for girl- cupcakes, and nasi briani gam and also spaghetti! macam macam izreen buat. her daughter so baik tunggu arahan baru bukak present..macam my kids dulu ..toleh toleh dah terbukak dah.....anyway we all balik dekat maghrib , magrib cepat, lounge about kejap and BOOM!! TIDOR! 

boy you guys are tired writing this out! did it sound as mad to you as it did to me? 


Cik Kiah said...

Dear SW,

I am with you re. children and ipads, ps and other electronic gadgets. They should be running around playing galah panjang, hide n seek, police and thief or merely feeling the grass underneath their feet. My kids too play with pots and pans. Bukan nak kata kita ni perfect mothers but there are a lot of infos out there about how tv, computer games etc. are detrimental to children's development, kan? Lagi satu i tak boleh tahan kalau parents bagi alasan, 'dah dia nak. Kalau tak bagi nanti, nangis'. Why allow the child to be the boss of you? I was at a dr's waiting room recently and saw this father letting his son who was about 4 years of age playing war games on ipad. What has happened to lego, building bricks, jigsaw puzzle? Memang la ipad etc. have all these games but don't kids need to to touch, feel for their sensorimotor to develop? Sorry to say that parents cenggini nak senang je...asalkan budak tu kacau dia.
Sorry, SW, terlebih emo pulak kat sini.

Cik Kiah said...

* budak tu tak kacau dia.

Anonymous said...

Yup! And I just felt tired from reading it. Like on a bullet train.

I also disagree the use of iPads etc on toddlers. There is nothing to be proud of toddlers Pandai pakai iPad. It's just by memory and pictures. Tekan2 je. I am impressed if a toddler can read at 2 not play iPad at 2. My teenagers have always been avid readers from small. Ini dah kasi iPad and I can see the lure is so strong membaca pun kurang but I still force them to read. I cannot imagine budak sekecik 3,4 tahun di bagi iPad. Goodbye books. What are the chances that suddenly at 5 she/he wants to read Enid Blyton? Can you imagine a generation who does not read? *gasp*


Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Kiah..etuju parent ke budak tuparent--- just show them other thigns! ye lah..kesian jugak budak budak ..bukan tak leh langsung but travelling around with a small kid dulu my bag penuh crayon lah apa lah - supplies for them! Mana ada ipad zaman kita and I especially love books! this is the age they love to hear you read to them also..sayang sayang...

Takpa you can comment all you like ..i dont get comments very often so i get very jakuns!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anony- oooh enidblyton..i tak pandai masak because of her (haha) sebb i am hantu buku...hantu archie comics...all the time curled up with a book...sampai makan pun dengan buku--- and to see budak budak not reading ...sedehhh

JohorMali said...

M'am SPWWnbee
Stiil about your immediate neighbour's wedding invitation, it's almost a norm for our adat to mengadap the relatives, esp the immediate ones like Mom , dad ,uncles ,aunties, cousins (nothing beyond once removed) and surrounding neighbours. It's more afdal than dropping a card.. Maybe our Malay urban society is quite detached from the ways of rural Malays (and small town Malays) when organising festivity.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Johor mali..if i was orang tua ..(or rather more tua) then I would definitely NOT have gone...walaupun ada kad my dad bagi card or sms , sorry lah dia nak pi...kena jemput

and i think the other day i pun terkena dengan my uncle..jangan harap lah sms anda dilayan...hihih..

oh's an eyeopener..but takpa kita pergi terjah je hehe


i cannot afford la to give my kids sorang satu ipad..and i have 3 boys. so they take turn main with my netbook and use their dad's pc.itu pun i still encourage them to read (mmg kena paksa!) and they love playing with lego semua tu, so i think there's a balance there..taknakla encourage them to have each an ipad..bahaya tu..nanti tak buat keja lain..

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