Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trip mengejut in laws are going to Hong Kong tomorrow at 1 pm, with the 2 year old toddler. 

and just now, 5 hours ago,  i have decided to follow. 

Not because I am such a kaki jalan (he he ) but I rasa, after a couple of days being with the toddler, that there is no wayyyyy lah my in laws are going to be able to cope on this 3 hour trip. Why do I say this: 

1. They have five bags between them. They were given 40 kg each to take and I just want to smack my sister in law for giving them that much because hey, who's helping them carry these 80 kg of stuff ni? 

2. They are over 70, Mak has back ache and abah has heart condition. two times heart attack ok. on their own pun I would worry apatah lagi with toddler in tow

3. Mohd is an active, intelligent toddler- translate: SUSAHNYE nak kejau! baru toleh, dah phwooshh hilang- naik kerusi, nak naik tangga, lasak ,,normal lah kan. And mak mertua always tak larat nak ikut and leave to my dad in law who is equally tak larat (They wont tell you lah but hey if I pun tak larat apatah lagi them). dont get me wrong. I love playing with the baby...main kejar kejar lah, main bola lah, main pretend to be animals lah ..but im too old and easily kaput! 

4. They have no stroller. I've been to HK. Eh, I pun kalau boleh nak duduk dalam stroller tau, and get myself pushed , kadang aint small the airport! 

5. They have never been to HK.  Imagine, dealing dengan officer security yang masam tu (sbb HK kan sebok airport nye), dengan bag tangan dengan bag mohammad and NO stroller AND carrying Mohammad...aiyooo

So in the end....I nekad, book je tiket- and ADA pulak tu! and STILL ok harga dia (RM1000 aiyooo) 

I dah tanya the relatives, aunties and family members all got own agenda ...cannot praying that my BNI can understand and my other meetings too...I je lah volunteer. 

Without the other half, I nak je balik same day. Huhuhu...but since flight pun dah sampai lambat..tido lah one day balik...

ni ha my kids are sleeping in my room because i allready rindu them

Eh TU BARU SEHARI ! Tak taulaaa how my sis in law do it ...tu pasai dia mintak kita bawak anak dia kot

NI I tengah pikir-- nak claim keeee tak daripada dia nih...

Tak yah lah kan...? After all..i buat pun not for her, but kesian her parents...some more my husband is the eldest, it's the least he can do for his parents kan? 

ok, tak yah lah. (but it would be nice if she offers!-- eee berkiranya I kira dah tak ikhlas ke ni?) least we know they would be ok lah if ada orang ikut..and I get to fly again! Yay yay! ok ! Byee! 


Tjanting said...

Salam Superlady,

Such a good daughter in law.


Yela Kak Shila, you are the most selfless person I know. Honestly..seriously..I doakan everything goes well... :) I hope one day I will get a great daughter in-law like you!Take care..

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Actually they should consider having a bibik to help around the house and carry things and run other errands while ur parents in law look after the toddler. Since they are old, we should not burden them so much, in case their health deteriorates.

We cannot ask her to pay la, cos she never asked u to go kan. but if she is kind, she may pass u some angpow for partial airfare or offer to reimburse ur airfare :)

btw, u have a lot of readers I guess. maybe u shd consider register ur blog to nuffnang. at least after sometime kan, boleh dapat cheque dari nuffnang. can use for air ticket macam ni


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila!

From your blog, I think your biras is going to be a very successful career person. Usually orang yang banyak consider pasal family etc ni yang susah sikit nak climb up. Of course tak la semua cam tu kot :-)


MrsNordin said...

Wahh.. a very thoughtful menantu! I'm sure Jab would be very happy for what you did. Enjoy Hong Kong!!

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