warghh moment

I am feeling like I have bitten off a little bit more than I can chew:

I have translation to finish- about 100 more pages

I have advice to give on a unit trust thing

I have to finish drafting the loan agreements for new client for 40 mil, another new client for 1 m, and follow up various other clients warghhhhhhhh

i have to look at a lease agreement 

I have to finish my arabic homework

i have to finish my japanese homework and laminate the alphabet thing- oh yeah i started this again at UIA with sara this time and its for 4 hours, very basic and run by this heavily pregnant lady who spoke with an Osaka accent (macam lah i tau the difference but i was told Osaka macam not as proper as Tokyo accent lar)- baru nak cakap nama saya apa walhal klas jepun dulu I dah boleh borak panjang  panjang dah except i dah lupa sumer

i have to seriously kemas the house

i have to seriously buang all the basikal buruk kat tepi

i have to get off this blog


let's drool over our Mr Darcy when he professed love to Lizzie bennett -- sigh colin firth. 


1na said…
Banyaknya kak...
tapi yg part get off this blog tu... tak mau naaa....

Oh tidak takkan ku tinggalkan diary ku ini hehehe
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

That's a lot of things to do. Btw, you still have your maid kan? Maybe can just do the kemas house together with her, like you instruct her and stand there while she get it done. So, no way of she delaying it.

Are you a unit trust agent? Mind telling us something about it in your blog post? Not so soon. Sometime later when you have time for it.

hi sha

no, im a lawyer..and i need to comment on the fund manager agreements that they enter into- i got 4 at the moment to look at - wargh..
Tina said…
oh, Colin Firth! it's just him and Andy Garcia for me! :D
Tina..he is just THE mr DARCY For me. And somehow he is so -nice. . even if he is old and paunchy i suspect he will still be nice. (I wanted to say yummy but at 43 that sounds so wrong)_.

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