Sunday, November 04, 2012

FULL VERSION of the maid story

Well. I missed my Japanese class. 

because I had to report my maid's allegation of rape


for my fb friends you probably saw my updates

before our Perth trip mom and dad helped send her to do her fomema thingy as her permit had expired and I had to extend it . Actually she had asked to send her back before that, citing her dad wanting the title of the house, which only she has, but she has to go back personally to give it, because she had buried the title somewhere on the land. 


After I rolled on the floor laughing, I said no, anyway your permit had expired so I have to renew that before you can even think about going back, or going out. at all. 

Delay delay procrastinate procrastinate tengok tengok dah expire by 22nd. October. 

Panic and sent her to my auntie's clinic. 

Back from Perth auntie called. By the way can I bring her in, her test is positive. Not ujian bahasa malaysia, but pregnancy test

I was still ok- because auntie said it might be false positive, ye lah, they have so many samples kan. 

I told her -in a lighthearted manner - eh I have to bring you tau..because you may have a baybeee....(smiling  the idiot that I was) 

I thought she was going to go - hah? how on earth did THAT happen? 

But instead! she crumpled to the floor and said I wanted to tell you something...2 months ago...this man came in and he wanted to kill me! he held a knife at my throat! 
It happened during eve of eid, when the whole family went off to Kluang-- she was sent home by my brother (remember, my mom had a pre-eid kenduri and borrowed her for a few hours) . Anyway she wasn't making sense and I was like- huh?? orang came into the house..but then why didnt you tell me? 2 monthss ago?? she said she was scared of me. 

Ha ha ha! 

Anyway i couldn't sit there and I went off for a meeting. when i came back I sat her down and obviously she had more time to figure out her karangan. I absolutely did not believe her of course but was interested to see how she was going to tie everything together . 


She got dropped off. She came in and found door unlocked. She went in, wanted to have a bath, took off her clothes, decided not to, cause she felt uneasy. SUDDENLY a man came out of her bathroom (adjoining) and put hand over mouth, and also held her hand and also held a knife (3 handed, of course) and then pushed her to the tv room, and then I asked her-- how come did not go upstairs?? because, she had struggled and together they struggled back to her room (im actually fighting the urge to giggle now) and then she lost consciousness cause ada fragrant smell...from his mouth ...and then she got up in the morning with her pants off (but later told the cops her undies were on) and then she did housework as normal and did not tell me because she was scared of me. FOR TWO MONTHS. 


Several things: 

She alleged she was ahem attacked on raya eve. I was away only for one day (due to hubby being on call) and came home on first day jugak (malam I think). The next day (2nd Hari raya) found out from neighbour that he got burgled. Asked my maid about it, she said she didn't see cause she was upstairs. Then she said oh yah she saw a man walking up and down behind the neighbour's house bla bla

Now, why didn't she tell me- oh by the way, your house ALSO got burgled last night?? hah?? And I got attacked ? hah??? If not for the burglary next door I would not have asked her specific question about whether the house was locked etc..but I did and she said everything was ok and did NOT tell me about the "rape"

Secondly...if you were attacked, surely you'd be traumatised . are ok

Thirdly..she had gone off to do her urut - she asked to go with next door neighbour 's maid cause her back was aching. Then she came back and said the lady told her she needed 3 treatment and there was a pain that moved around her body like an egg

She did actually tell me she was having back pain all those time she never mentioned hey! it could be because two months ago I was attacked..bla bla..mouth got smoke coming out..woke up no pants...bla bla=- kan??  There I was thinking of giving her a scope. Kalau betul lah ..she would have said kan...

Anyway-- i listened to advice to go get a police report done, as she may well accuse the other half of being the culprit. or my brother. so off I went. and she stuck to her story. the police kat station melawati took it down and told me to go to the sexual crimes unit in taman dagang..then i went to see this lady, Inspektor Masnirawati, and she interviewed her without me...for a longg time..she was softspoken and Im sorry to report there was no violence used. Apa lah!! Where is all that police brutality that I hear about?? hah?? 

Anyway Inspektor tu said she is still sticking to the story, so she has to go to hospital to get chcked out. Tomorrow morning I would have to go to the HOspital Ampang, she said. But tonight she would come to the house, she said, to take pictures of her room etc. 

On the way back (several hours later) i was yelling at her. My maid. I told her if what you are saying is true, how dare you not tell me that my house was burgled. My house was burgled and I have 4 daughters..who the blinking heck cares about YOU but my house was actually broken into and you never thought to TELL Me? (kalau betol lah kan).W hat if he came back?? you didn't think of the other maids around the area?? what if he came in and raped THEM? 

Anyway she made that no expression face that I swear will make the DALAI LAMA hit her. I said you told the police you ada pacar ye ..She said yes but never met him. Dont know who he is or what he looks like. Huh??  

Lagi FENIN (headache) kepala dengar cerita mengarut dia., baik kita diam je.I told her, I will pursue this rapist thing, the entire neighbourhood now will have to be told that a rapist came  so everyone can be on alert. You think its just about you? And of course I have to tell the next door neighbour as he might be very interested since the guy could be the same guy. Well, maid , you said you were raped, I have to follow through. this is a serious crime. Mom and family came over and then the cops came after dinner and by this time, she was a bit ashen. I left the cops to take the pics ..and closed the door to the kitchen where they were. Dad said not to disturb the investigation.

Suddenly the Inspector called me in. She had confessed. She had her bf come in to the house AFTER my brother dropped her (btw saiful AND HIS entire family dropped her off I am very relieved to hear) .she did not hear the bell she said she did not know how he came in. The photographer, a man, told her...of course you can he must have told him to come. She said no, all of a sudden he came in allready. ahahahah! The photographer asked her again, she finally said he rang , and she opened the gate. ARGH..but she said she never asked him to come. And I said you never asked him to LEAVE either did you???arghhh you know I would KILL you if you do this and you went ahead anyway??

Anyway...the cops found a hand phone (that maid had sworn she did not have kan) and gave it tome . they told me to do a "covering" report and I went off to  the 3rd police station of the day, Huluklang (tadi melawati, then ampang) and they were waiting for me...and they had a good laugh at the report it seems (apparently all reports made in m'wati and h 'klang are tied and in system) and they wondered what would be the ending.. I had to request for more patrol in my report

and today..i told her i want her to clean everything up etc etc and dont think you can just b**ger off and get yourself pregnant and then ask to go home and I have to be the one checking for your ticket etc etc..grrrr. I want to yell all the time . 

Anyway i also said I dont know when to get her ticket. (see earlier post)

She is trying to make a joke wiht me just now. (Seriously muka tak malu) - I am now stone face and I could not look at her and I said in her bahasa sasak  kamu lenge! (you are disgusting) - 

So that's the end...I hope!


nizamohamed said...

Shila..drama abih maid you ni, keluar asap from his mouth? Macam naga la pulak! That is hilarious! Kejap takde pants, kejap ada undies, nampak sgt dia tak ingat which lie she was using to get put of this mess..i baca pun fening, you apa lagi kan? Hang in there! Keep calm and stay garang ok? Dont give face anymore.. Take care!!!!

Superwomanwannabe said...


cant wait to send her off - not looking forward to housework but we can do it!now other half just told me actually he never liked having a maid!

nizamohamed said...

The housework, for me, at least, after dah nearly six years takde maid, bila rajin, buat, bila kurang rajin, buat later..:)).

DocYana said...

O-em-jee! Itu je la yang terkeluar dari mulut I. I suppose the good thing is, the man came and just had his booty call and left. It could have been worse, they could have robbed you clean and whatever, kan.

DocYana said...

by the way - hati2 sikit with what you're eating - tht is if she does the cooking as well. Bukan nak sangka buruk - but never hurts to be extra careful....

Anonymous said...


I a lot fenin reading ur story. This kinda maid, sangat dangerous. Kalau malas, suka curi makanan still ok lah. Kalau dah sampai pregnant...u wont know which crook entered yr house while u were not around.

Shd have gotten a hidden cctv when u shifted there. at least can keep an eye on the front gate, front door and back door area when u were out.

Haiz. Hope her pacar doesnt come looking for her.


IDA said...

I had this notion, if my previous maid were still with me, she'd end up with the same situation as your maid. I told my colleagues , my maid is a nymphomaniac haha. Tu pun i control dia 24 hours. eventually she got bored, sebab i control dia lagi teruk dr askar hahaha. pegi kije pun i bawak, haha. so skrg dah takder, i felt so relieved, dan takle rasa berdosa sangat sebab hari2 kijenya nak marah org jek dari celik mata sampai la pejam mata, and it goes on and on for 5 months. Frankly speaking, i rasa cam phobic dah kat indon maids ni, but too bad,we still have to rely on them on certain circumstances, no matter what

Superwomanwannabe said...

DocYana- u r right..i dont trust her anymore. i rasa very menyampahh and always doa kan yang janganlah dia buat apa apa

guess what- dia dah pack!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha-- i should have gotten at least a fake CCTV! eee geliiiiiii nye
and I hope no one comes a calling either!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

IDa-- as if laaa takda kerja lain kan, nak leter depa pagi sampai malam?? Geramnyeeee I ..i oso think we relax for a while with no maid..OTOH macam dah manja ..(I lah )

Anonymous said...

Shila, I suggest you send her back the cheapest way possible..naik tongkang ka pas tu naik bas ka...cis!! Baik u sanitize your bedroom, how u know they didn't use your room :-)


ummisara said...

kak shila...

my SIL dah alami masalah nih...masa checkup for fomema...doc called her cakap nakk jumpa - maid dia pregnant.

she has husband in johor. So my sister in law okay lagi lah, mungkin kerjaan husband hehe. tapi akhirnya dapat tau bukan husband...

my sister inlaw renovated her house masa tuh...dan pekerja keluar masuk. she admitted that boyfriend dia kontraktor revonation tuh.

then she ran SIL buat police report. 2 weeks after, the kontraktor tepon my SIL cakap 'your maid ada di bengkel i, tolong datang ambil'

rupanya dia dating dengan pekerja, tukang rumah yang dah ada cucu...!!

ingat hati dapat tokey...dah pregnant kena pulak dok bengkel!

SOHO Mama said...

Saw your blog link at Niza's blog list :)

I had my shares my terrible maids, too. I had phases of yelling at maids. Ada sorang tu lari (she is buta huruf some more) and left my 4yo special daughter alone in the house, nasib baik anak I tido. Macam2

Now I have decided to slow down on work & just do everything myself. Kalau tak larat sangat, baru panggil cleaner sekali sekala. Tapi penaaaat la.

Reading this story of your maid...rasa bengang sebab they all ni suka2 je buat hal, like you said, hoping to be sent back and siapa yg kena susah2 pegi sana sini uruskan? Majikan jugak kan. Hishh :(


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