Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting attacked!

1. My blog is getting attacked by spam! yikes! I get email telling me Ms Anonymous is trying to sell me viagra etc! Kalau betol takpa lah gak ! hehehehehe

2. Gaza attacked...aishhhh kesiann and what is frustrating is the argument of "right to defend itself" that Israel and its supporters are using..hey! if you keep bullying someone and then that someone kick your shin, you do NOT get to bash him senseless under the guise of "defending yourself"! Tak cukup lagi ke dapat state free? 

3. attacked at work...clients oh clients...let's leave it at that. let's leave it at me wanting to leave practice . Do I need this negativity??  Anyway yes wish I have other people to pass the bullllll to he he

4. attacking the fatcells- ok i have finally signed up with a gym called Concept 10- 10...the thing that sold me finally was (a) no sweating allowed and (b) it is close to publika! and (c)   only 20 minutes! Let's see ok. I ni disiplin punya department, very weak one. But it's just to tone muscles right and hopefully the fat will know what to do when that happens

5. Attacking the housework..I surrendered you allllll...i got a maid! This lady agent was referred to me , I called her, she said she  needs this much (RM6k) which is very very cheap considering the current trends, and I was sufficiently harrassed by housework that I PAID!  Husband could not pay  fast enough..I was not smiling, I was always grumpy, there was NO romen romen - how dare you ! and I was very holier than thou (don't you dare take those shoes in on my lovely clean floors young man!). And my very very good luck, there was a 38 year old lady whose employer changed his mind as he was leaving for the USA and I was given this lady. Maybe  a total lie, I know, but me not going to ask. I felt very very lucky when this lady came home with me and she has taken to my house and housework, silently and efficiently and I hope hope hope that this is going to work out! she has a handphone, she wants to go back once a year, and she has worked here before. let's get that out in the open and we shall do fine. Come on guys...I was not going to work and my first thoughts upon waking up were: nak basuh baju/ BAJU tak kering! 

Although my kids and I have learnt a very important lesson..take ownership of the house..this is our house and not the maids...and therefore dont leave everything to them. Bilik buat sendiri, pinggan basuh sendiri...know your house, act like the owner and hopefullly no one will bring boyfriend to house...I hope .....



nizamohamed said...

Hi Shila..gelak besar i bila baca this part.. there was NO romen romen - how dare you ! ... So, hopefully this new maid will make you less grumpy and smile more..:)). Good luck with the new workout..i am trying to start running but now sejukkkk la sgt pulak...heheh..excuse..boleh jer lari kat gym kan? Take care dear..:))

Puteri's territory said...

Kak, your agent is pretty cheap. Do you mind dispensing her number? I'm in a dire need of a maid too. Kak, if u dont mind add me in my fb under the name Puteri Isyatur

Superwomanwannabe said...

niza..memang i was very grumpy..toksahlah you nak hug hug I nye.... and running! you are so motivated ! good luck!

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