Monday, November 12, 2012

getting into the groove

I am a happy bunny today!!

Sorry lah girls...moaning and groaning macam diva manja...(memang pun)'s a LOT BETTER NOW

Okay..update. That was posted when my cleaner was here. I was sooo happy that SOMEONE ELSE was doing the work ! This filipina muslim convert arrived when I wasn't at  home, kids opened the door and half an hour later Nadine called me (as I was driving home) to whisper- mummy she is sooo gooood!! I came home to find her mopping my kitchen vigorously, having done the living room..she went up to clear the rooms and toilets, and even the maid's room! Her mouth tak berenti bising about how filthy the old maid was. 

The cleaner said I was too kind to my ex-maid.. which is a nice way to say what a tip your house is! The ex maid memang never clean "properly"  and longgok saja stuff, periuk, plastik what have you -and me and family also macam tak kesah because like we don't know any better and anyway it looks clean ..except once she went back I saw how messy it was (maybe I ni kena jampi? naah i think I just malas je) 

Those who have maids probably know what I'm talking about tend to relax because you know you have delegated the job to someone else. it is a lovely feeling and the reason why people keep taking on maids, to be able to order people about....but even so i should have been more alert. Husband said, kena lah ada maid, we have to have one, because we need someone at home, to throw rubbish, open doors, sweep, hang clothes while we sleep on.......I told him housewives do that all the time you know..if you want me to do can, I charge about 12,000 (one more zero than Philipina maid which I heard cost RM1,200 per month) Hehehe..he said the problem with me as a maid is I nag him to help! 

I love my kids..they are soo helpful..although helping is not automatic to them..having been pampered for so long..even johan has manned up and cleaned the old toys . 
Sara was caught watching drama when mummy was mopping the porch with jif and all and hence got called to help.. !. Nadine's friends are also here...they came to spend the night..last night was McD for 10 kids in my house...and hubby came home by 11.30 pm and he already ate (thank god cause no nasi at home at ALL because beras dah habis). Actually I went to send Nadine for tution at 8.30 pm and then went to the supermarket to buy grocery tapi ended up sleeping in the car ....too tired...and by the time I woke up, decided against going out to buy anything...not bothered . 

Chores are more organised now...I'm happy that our (suddenly too big) house has been mopped and swept clean. I'm throwing away hangers etc. I have donated the baju lama lama yang berkepok dalam almari to Kluang and some to Adni for them to distribute there. 

I have mopped and brushed our porch tepi kiri and kanan and depan, and washed three loads and dah kering pun, it was so hot. Actually once in a while this housework malarkey is good therapy! Rasa berpeluh, pinggang macam nak patah..and I cooked lunch in the middle of it too- ikan masak asam and rendang daging sans santan. (sedap lah jugak)...and I washed the ABSOLUTELY Filthy fridge! Yang kat luar lah, yang kat dalam nanti lah kau...(ada dua sebab satu was the last owner which is too darn big for me to get rid of and it still works so ok lah)

Oh yeah I need to wear hand dah kasar..

Oh yeah also when I was hanging out clothses to dry I notice some of the kids need new tua and fraying and ada yang putus putus ikat balik..alah cian..mummy neglecting you ye.

SO! memang lah like you say - ada blessing in disguise...we get to know household stuff again..and get closer..and like someone said..the kids can start learning how to do housework! 

Sekian report saya


dormadot said...

syabas and you should be proud sbb you can handle it. just be happy and kalau tak larat/penat sesekali tu subcontract (baju hantar laundry dan tapau je)

Superwomanwannabe said...

thank yoU!! will do- laundry tu and tapau..definitely on the agenda ...hari hari masak and mop and basuh baju, ada yang jadi kari karang kena marah dengan grumpy mami..he he!I hope we will be ok...although you may find me surrendering and getting a maid.

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