Sunday, November 04, 2012

maid oh maid (I hope final instalment of the saga)

I'm torn between sending the Maid  home now now now, or make her wait until I get a replacement maid. 

I'm torn between wanting to HAVE a replacement maid, or go without. 

No maid means I would at this moment be having to go bring the clothes in because of the rain.

And I can't exactly leave kids alone in the house. 

I would probably be ironing at the mo (cause with 7 ppl in the house the laundry can be horrible) 

The goodpoint is:

1. I can break her room up for the new enlarged kitchen
2 I can use the RM10000 (NO KIDDING) fee that Eddy agent charge to get a new maid, for a holiday
3. I can also save up to RM700 (new salary from now , I was told) a month and buy something nice 

4. I dont have to worry about having someone have SEX in my house with her boyfriend

That last point is clinching it for me. I think I'm leaning towards having NO MAID. 


DocYana said...

I vote for no maid - chehwah - pepandai plak. Your kids are already grown up enough to take care of themselves - I am sure they can chip in with the housework. Otherwise, you can do as my friend does and hallucinate that there are no laundry waiting to be ironed, no dishes to be washed and all your surfaces are dust-free. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yana ... U r right .... Ok ok b strong shila

Puteri said...

I vote for no maid.

Yup your kids are big enough to help out.

Get a dryer - tak payah susah2 fikir hujan or not. Tengah malam also can do laundry. The kids also can do laundry.

Worse come to worse, get the part time maids to come to spring clean the house once a week. RM60 je for 4 hours.

Your live will be much less miserable. Percayalah!

P/S: Oh my god I cannot handle point no 4!

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Consider - they can come and do twice weekly or more cleaning job for u.

More privacy, less headache.


Cik Kiah said...

I vote for part time maid! Less hassles, less headaches.

Anonymous said...

buy a dishwasher & dryer

aishah said...

hantar dobi buat ironing per week

Anonymous said...


i am your silent reader.. if you want a maid, i can recommend my agent.. they are type of el-cheapo agent.. they charged only RM4300 (not inclusive of permit obviously), and 3 months no salary.. i just got mine from her recently and yg i dpt mmg totally bagus Alhamdulillah (could be that luck was on our side this time eheheh).. kalau x suka, then can change some more..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi All

I am definitely contacting cleaner etc and preparing to do without a maid for a while. The only point I can think of now is the baby sitting services. ie ada orang kat rumah...

Silent reader --- can contact me at ? 4300 plus permit cost is not bad at all.

ummisara said...

kak sheila...

maid tetap akan perangai mcm maid...nak dapat yang elok tuh sangatlah payahhhhh.

if u could cope with no maid...then bagus...kepala tak pening dengan karenah depa nih..

cuma u akan pening dengan laundry, keeping the house clean etc.

gud luck!

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