Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Maid (postscript)

Today i go to klia send princess

i have gone to the immigration place at the new Syariah court in Jln Duta and paid penalty  of rm100.00 

there was  no parking and i drove around for about 3 rounds 

it was blazing hot

and i had to queue

3 times

and imagine when i turned around. saw her sitting down next to another maid, chatting and  smiling happily

i called her to stand in line with me. got no shame ah. got no sense of menyusahkan orang ka

and today she is flying back

she is so happy. the bf is at home now

i told her -- i dont mind the bf part. i dont mind her going off part..i hated the lying. and she has lost RM8,400.0o which she could have made in a year

stupid girl. 

and im charging her for transport and penalty and her flight ticket and etc etc...she  has no salary left except for 200.00

i wanted to send to agent for  him to send, but husband and friends think i should send her myself. agent might keep her here and recycle. 



Anonymous said...

salam kak shila..

kesiannya dgr cite kak shila.. tak abis2 lagi lah maid buat hal kan..

anyhow, kak shila hantar dia gi airport, make sure dia check in and fly off..

ada some maid i know, kita dah hantar ke airport, dah tolong check in kan dia.. dgn ingatan dia dah balik indon, tau2 bila kita call indon, asking her family about her arrival, tup2 sedara2 or hubby dia or parents dia gtau maid tu tak ada pon sampai indon.. infact family pun tak tau that she's going back..

ada tu pulak, lepas kita check in kan maid, bf dia pulak dok tunggu gak kat airport.. kita pergi, maid tu pun ikot bf dia pegi tempat lain..

kalau cite pasal maid, sampai sudah pun tak abis.. but now am so glad i am maid less one year plus..

penat mmg penat bila kena urus keje rumah and part masak2.. but alhamdulilah, anak2 saya pun dah besar, so they help mana yg patut and I have to be strict with them.. otherwise, budak2 ni leka with ps2 lah, psplah, internet lah.. end up kita gak yg penat.

so I vote for you not to have maid.. and panggil org dtg kemas rumah sekali seminggu so that you happy and stress less..


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

You did the right thing. True...agent will recycle her. Best to send her off yourself


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