Wednesday, November 07, 2012

yay yay!Sudah free...!

I'm freeeeeeee!!!

Maid has gone for evahhh!!

husband and i sent her half way then husband got a beep beep call from hospital so left me and her by the roadside to take cab (sweetheart waited till i was in the cab though to go so that's sweet) and then we both went to the airport and I checked her in and spoke in a pseudo Indon slang and the lady at the check out counter pun speak indon dengan i SEKALIK Tengok!!! Dua dua melayu malaysia laaa hahahahahaaha, dia ingat I Indon , I ingat dia indon keh keh..

Anyway I dah periksa dah bag dia...takda lah apa...baju je...although baju nye kecikk sangat...bagi toyol pakai ke?? I can only fit in my ARM.

Pas tu I took herfor lunch however she said she did not want any. 

So I sent her to departure. This lady knows what to do man..she gave passport and went down (KLIA ok) and then walked to the immigration place..tak lah termanggu manggu at all...

I told her I owe her about RM550 (I kurangkan deduction seksa I tu to only one month salary) and the ticket is cheaper than I thought (DAMN YOU LIONAIR) anyyyyway...I gave her RM200 in Indon rupiah and she had Rm100 in her handbag

Cukupler tu kan..I pulak worry whether cukup or not ..and whether she has someone at home to fetch her...she said she needs to call someone which number is in the phone I confiscated ..i said it's with the cops..I think it's in the office....I think lar

Anyway she told me she met this salman guy when she was about to come to malaysia..apa apa laaaa ...

then I had a lovely time trying to find how to get a cab back...rupanye kena turun level 3, pi teksi counter and then ambik coupon...then queue baru naik...perghak tol

Sampai je rumah the first thing I saw was the daun daun at the porch and it never bothered me before but this time I was like- I HAVE TO CLEAN THAT NOW!!

And I masuk rumah and I immediately saw all the stuff I have to clean NOW. (walhal masa ada maid tak kesah pun)

And then neighbour recommended her cleaner so I went over to talk to this very very chatty muslim philipina and she agreed to come twice a week..

only thing neighbour's mansion is so nice...while mine is so semak

so I have to clear so many things before she comes!

And now Im cooking spagboll-spaghetti bolognaise...bung it in the oven

and doing a list for my kids as in chores..

They are all sitting upstairs..tak kesah pun mami ni nak masak..hik hik

we are going to be so great! Looking forward to clearing my house yay! 

(injury report: burnt my finger allready on the hot pot hoo hoo)


mamasita said...

What a delightful maidless story2..:)

Madre said...

Have been reading your blog for quite some time:)

To me, ada maid susah bila banyak sangat drama. My last maid was pregnant sbb rupa2nya dia duk mengurat mat2 kontrak yg buat renovation in my area. Tak tahu la whether dia bwk masuk the guys dlm rumah ke tak.

Tapi tak der maid pening sbb pikir all the housework that has to be done. Kadang2, I made my kids help out. Hehehe...tolong2 with little chores pun jadik la.

Good luck kak! I hope your cleaning lady will be helpful:)

Anonymous said...

You are too kind Shila! I wouldn't have cared to buy her lunch let alone what happens to her when she reaches home.


Anonymous said...

Don't kids do housechores anymore nowadays?

I remember washing my own school shoes (siap kapur span empat segi kat hujung tangkai plastic), rinsing out cloth baby diapers for kid brother, washing the car etc, cuci toilet, lipat baju (paling boring). Kalau mum tgh memasak, kitorg semua kena duduk dapur kupas bawang, kopek ikan bilis, cuci pinggan.

Don't parents do this anymore?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...