Monday, December 31, 2012

Sampaiiii jugak


When you are in KL you never think cold can be THAT cold. Well, here in Zurich, let me tell you, it is COLD. The type of cold that you wished you had worn another pair of pants over your pants. And what were these cold things attached to your arms? oh your stop feeling them after a while dah hehehe

We arrived safely thanks to KLM. Stopover at Amsterdam. Transferred to another smaller cuter plane. Both flights were very smooth, I would recommend this airline to anyone. The stewardesses must have won some anti aging campaign because I swear they  are all over 50  (all pretty, all efficient) Everytime they say something it feels like your teacher talking wonder everyone was so well behaved! If they ask you "Chicken or beef" you feel like nodding and say whatever you want, teacher...hehehehe.! The seats were okaylah, would have been better if the guy in front of us did not decide to push his seat wayyyy back into our faces...just cause you can doesn't mean you should, bub! Nasib baik tak spill drinks or what. The food was also good and they didn't have kosher or vegetarian, they said to me, when I asked ...they only have halal- Hahahahaha.. what a miscommunication..i wanted to ask halal in the first place but didn't know if they understood it, so used the word kosher..should not have bothered. Rupanye food from KL halal sila lah bedal...

Too old to sit through a long flight, I tell you. Badan penat...and kept dozing off. KLM has this screen in front of you with a gazillion movie cartoon, etc and the tv ada comedy lah drama lah ..i watched NCIS, 2 and a half man, friends, frasier, and this movie called Royal Affair (totally in danish I think but really surprisingly good-check it out)  Because of the tv thing hubby and I didn't really speak! And this was supposed to be our anniversary (among other things) trip!

There's one funny thing immigration in zurich from amsterdam. The plane offloaded us right to baggage claim (turn left to shops if not ready to go to baggage yet) and thereafter, straight out! My passport does not have zurich on it! Pelik ek?  

I am very very bersyukur dapat jejak kaki here..wanted to come here since 19 years ago - kononnye nak pergi honeymoon dulu masa kawin..tak jadik sebab mas cancel their flights to zurich. So this time dapat lah merasa...

Am of course worried about the kids...have sorted their school things..and given directions to them all and especially Nadine as kaklong..Nasib baik lahhh school is 5 minute walk from home..and none of them start standard 1 or what (although daya is FORM 1 yay!) .. Peti ais dah penuh and duit dah bagi. Thankfully my amazing mom and dad are with them (boy I seriously need to find a fantastic present for them- suggestions? ) and my brothers too! I don't see my brother and their families often but whenever we go away (and we kinda go away a few time gak lah so far) they always always come over to check on the kids- this time around I heard they dropped by and apparently they will take jojo until school opens..thanks Pol I love you (and will carik present for you too ok) ...Tapi kena budget budget kat sini..things are soo expensive..! Naik cab to hotel , a mere 5 minutes drive is 23CHF (francs)- ie RM70 kau!! Pikirkan dah penat je...kalau tak dah  I jalan dari airport..and considering that I hate walking that's saying something ! 

Ok lah..time to tidor..sebab dah 1 pagi..tapi i dah tido since 8 pm ..camana ni? subuh pukul 6.25 am , cerah pukul 8 lebih pagi ! maghrib pukul 4.20 i think. Cabarannya duduk negeri orang ni..toilet takda paip nak cebok..(i seriously will market my collapsible cebok how about it guys, ada buyers tak)  bilik hotel (novotel - very efficient and not too mahal) don't have kiblat markers (taram je) . makan cheese kena check if vegetarian ke tak ..syaitan kan, suruh makan je.. (seriously, I did think kalau makan je senang kan) but then hey! fight to do right! (macam solat-senangnyeee kalau tak yah carik bilik prayer kan) = fight fight okay shila! (self remindernih) 

Babai..catch up tomorrow ok. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Alfatihah for Maklong

Today...mak long passed away..

Maklong is (or was?oh tidak) my mother in law's eldest sister. She was 76 years old. She used to live in Segamat but since she became unwell she lived with her son in Shahalam- She had kidney failure.(macam karangan english lak).  I got the message this morning via sms that she has left us.

Yang  very unsangkarable is that I just saw her about 4 days ago! Sunday night ..sorry about 5 days ago. Mom in law was in KL  and wanted to go visit and so we went..  Arrived maghrib time at the son's place- the daughter in law siap buat mee lagi. Maklong was praying when we arrived but then came out to chat with us.

Best duduk dengan maklong..borak pasal how young she looked! And you know what, she did look young. Her skin was blemishfree, no liverspots like me, and also she was glowing..My how she beamed to hear that- in front of her younger sister , my mother in law pulak tu. She said her skin haritu pun ada orang remark..(modest he he) and she said her tip is- WUDHU! senang sangat- she was also the one who advised me once- say Allah 1000 a day , the 4 quls 70000 in your lifetime. Boleh buat ?

When we saw her she was just about to start her dialysis at PPUM... She went everyday ... and today the nurse told her she can do it at home..and she was so happy, she collapsed. She had actually collapsed in a similar manner three times allready..(one time she said she heard people read laillahaillallah...and when she recited it , she woke up...she was actually out having a heart attack !) ...but this time, was her time. Again on a Friday morning.Rezeki you mak long....

Sigh.just goes to show how fragile life is.

Paklong seemed so lost. When we went to visit them that night he was so quiet. Today we put him in our car, to go to the burial ground, he was so chatty: about her, about how they met, about how he did better than her in school, about how he never realised he was waving to her for the last time. After the prayers we all were about to go to the cemetery, then saw Pak Long alone, I think he was told to wait there, because he is not mobile (stroke and needs a wheelchair to walk) ..we put him in the car and took him to the cemetery but just as we arrived, the skies REALLY OPENED ! so we sat in the car watching them baca talkin and (for the first time ever for me) a jentolak mengaut tanah!

Alhamdulillah..dah selamat kebumi ..the son came over, opened the car door, told the father..It's done, dad. I've done it , I've completed her burial. And Pak long said : Thank you son, you are a good son. And he choked.

And huwaaaaaaa! I cried finally.

Whenever I am at a funeral I am not the one to cry- I always feel like the person had gone outstation to another world and there must have been a reason why and it's always a  better reason. For Maklong, perhaps she was to be spared the dialysis daily? Or perhaps she went quickly, without anyone but her son (who accompanied her) with her, to spare everyone from the pain? My sis in law told me Mak long once said - she wanted to go first because she could not live without pak long.


Ok lah itulah ajal..redha lah..for the family..I pray for you to be strong..and please take care of your father..the love of his life, a truly good woman, is now gone.

Al fatihah Maklong.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 minutes on my kids

I am totally blessed. My kids are lovely. 

Selalu kena buli dengan mummy, kena buat kopi atau picit kaki, kena jerit bila tak mandi , kena jerit nak makan nasi ,kena jerit suruh solat sekali. Hishhh despite that my kids are very cheerful, and love to chat and never fight for toooo long. 

Insyallah this will continue..

I hear of teenagers who don't talk to their moms..glad this is not the case here! maybe boys more likely kot....girls susah nak suruh diam. I play the BE QUIET game whenever dah stress..esp in car..when they talk very loudly ..mummy will call out = let's play the BE QUIET game! sapa can be quiet the longest wins! They will play it sportingly even though the prize is just a kiss. And of courselah masa be quiet tu...mulut je tak bercakap, tangan dok tercuit cuit and apparently buat sign language pun ada..tapi, the most important thing: it's quiet. and i get peace for a few blessed minutes!

Everywhere we go it would be so loud! Even Nadine would be disturbing the sisters or johan, and they would be squealing away. Kat hospital bapak dia, kat kedai, sama je. Sometimes rasa nak cubittt je. Yesterday we were at the new restaurant kat melawati called the HALICONYA cafe...(ok je lah) - pun cakap kuat kuat...I had asked them for their memories..what do they remember of say Sophia, or Daya, or me, and it was hilarious the stuff they remembered! Daya put a whole pearl in her nose, one time. Johan drank milo basi . Nadine had tissue in HER nose. Sopiha loved Richard Scarry. I should have blogged earlier, maybe I would record all this for posterity he he

Eh okaylah. better wake these kids for subuh

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rambling on and on today

Ya it really 25th of December ?? Where did 2012 go? Baru nak bermesra mesra , dah pergi. chet! 

Betul lah..time just goes and waits for no man. It doesn't wait for you to get organised or get that book software or get some savings going, it just goes and goes and before you know it you are another year older and still have the SAME resolution as LAST YEAR.

Well. This year I dah start the gym so that's one down. Although I don't know if that's an achievement because I will actually start the year HEAVIER than I ended it last year..oh I cant believe I once thought 52 kg was heavy...sigh those were the good old days. i actually put on 15 kg in 5 years. dari age 18 to 36 ish, maintain about 52-53kg. paling tembam 56kg lah. SEKARANG--heh dont speak lah. sodeh den. the only good thing is , si suami pun sama sama naik sympathy. And the other good thing is..I cannot see that I am fat. Nampak macam normal je? hehehehehe. 

I cannot believe my kids are all getting bigger...taller than me sumernye except for Dahlia and she is 12 and belum anak dara. Wait till she becomes a proper lady..hah kau...sure she will over take me. 

I have to go get their stationery today. And shoes. School starting dah! I am forcing them to sleep at 10 and wake up at 5 am. No more mengular sampai pukul 11 and tidur pukul 2 pagi tengok Naruto ok!! (Subuh buat lah donchwarie) 

Funny how they turn out: Nadine likes exotic stuff, like cheese and salmon etc and omputeh punyer resipe. Sophia lak tak suka makan durian ...but love kueyteow and meehoon just like me. Sara loves daging and dont like durian either. She says she likes soto best. Daya suka aiskrim mahal mahal and will polish it quietly by herself and not remind the others about it and also she heaps on the nutella on her bread - she will not take the cheaper stuff and her dad once got angry cause she didnt touch the bottle of nutella ciplak we bought. johan likes pizza and would be happy to eat this every day. either dominos or nandos. He's happy with fastfood! thank god. 

Nadine has to sort out what she wants to do next..she keeps putting it off, and mummy cannot tahan to see her lounging around in the I dont know what to do now phase..although she actually DOES have homework which is to 1. apply for Alevels or IB and 2. apply for tahfiz programme or arabic programme. 

She has decided to pursue her degree in the omputeh world (ok mummy has pushed her to get it) - ie SOAS, or oxford or cambridge insyallaahhhhhh (sangat sangat saya doakan) but she needs like a gazillion A for that..Her dad said buatje subject a level yang senang senang nadine..nak dapat A..( I Second that..jangan lah berangan macam mummy nak buat British History and French Revolution,just because nak ambik law- last last dapat B je kan - ke C ha? tak ingat) The moral of the story is orang uni tu tak pedullik lah .depa tengok A you je...

Nadine is ok (ish) with this proposed plan instead of going to Ummul Qura terus after 2 year diploma in KL because we found out kalau nak go to MiddleEast she has to have a husband or brother or father or mahram related , to stay there. Saudi Arabiah lah (Madinah tu kat Saudi kan..ish ish gograpi mummy fail tol) So i told her to go find a handsome mat salleh ustaz in oxford and then bring him when you do your masters in the middleeast. KIDDING!! I didnt say that .. but i did say do your phd and master etc kat sana. Madam nak jadi ustazah kan..mummy yang nak push dia jadi macam shuhaibwebb or yasmin mogahed.

Eh talk about nadine pulak karang jeles bebudak yang lain,especially johan who tells me i always say girls and never boy. Takkan lah I nak panggil "ok , girls and a boy, lets all do this and that" right?? Usually I terpanggil girls...or if I remember, I say "guys" or "kiddoes" or "babes" -or is babes for the dad? hihihhih

Sara got 3As in her recent JHSA (Junior High School Assessment) exams out of 9 subjects. ala ala PMR lah but then it's set by the school. The interestng thing was how she told me. She went to her friend's house to sleep over and the next day baru I picked her up and she began by saying how much she has improved ! all Bs and 3 As! and no Cs! 

heheheh...kita yang nak marah ni pun, tak jadi. Yes it was indeed, an improvement. And shows that if she likes it , she can do it. she obtained an A in geography so she has my highest respect - me who thought the name Chao Praya was soo familiar..was it a restaurant? author? Until hubs barked- SUNGAI lah!!! hihihihihihi!  

Yelah kita ni pun dulu taklah pandai na..although I would say my skill is human relations..or communication..I pandai jaga hati (waaa way to spin my total need to please others !) So my kids become diplomats's in their genes hehehehehe.. 

Sophia sebok dengan kawan this holiday. Baru je balik daripada day out with her friends for her friend's birthday. dont worry mummy the auntie will come and get me...entah apa lah mak orang tu kata ek..kita farm out anak kita lak...she went ahem- iceskating and planned to do laser tagging..what ever happened to main masak masak ah??

Dahlia dapat 4 A kan, mula mula nak gak masukkan MRSM..last last malas ler...she oso dont want..she got her Junior School Leaving Assessment results (she takes it in same year as UPSR) and she was so happy to say that she got 9 As out of 11. Wahhh achiever lah you Daya! No wonder kakngah boring dengan you! She just got back from a weekend away with her cousin kat sepang..kena pick up baru nak balik, jumpa kat wedding of another cousin, taknak balik dengan we all 

How about that boy Johan??? I tak tau..seriously. He's going around telling relatives that he is scared of next year because he is sitting for UPSR next year. Tapi tak macam scared pun hehehhe...he doesn't blog anymore (novelty worn off I suspect). I still ask his opinion on most stuff. Like, im taking the dad away on holiday soon and he said- are you going to fight? you better not otherwise you spoil the holiday. okayyyyy faham...

Eh have i rambled about this before? Ok ok next subject..
ermmmm..OK lah! 

By the way can I share my dislike of how people yang pakai tudung but show boobs?? the tight tops? Aiyooo im getting older right? I now pull my scarf down down...when I dont have anything to show anymore....hehehehehe

and another thing- dont lah wear short sleeve if want to wear funny like that. and also...dont lah wear tight skinny jeans...

it's tutup aurat not bungkus aurat..cover not clingwrap-- hey! this makcik feels a teeshirt business coming along

and if you say its whats in the heart that matters- you just denied the need for any law or legal system! hehehehehehe

ok lah dah meraban raban....babai!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

weekend report


1. Sara brought her friends over. So we went for lunch and then batik painting. That reminds me- I have to go get the finished tshirts! They had fun and Colin the owner was nice enough to give me discounts since there were about 7 kids. My own pun nak buat tshirt gak walaupun dah masuk many times. 

2. Discovered Colin had really implemented my idea for Batik shawl. A silk scarf. Dia ada buat, but narrow ala ala for style je so I told him I want a long large one so I can use for hijab. And I found in his shop! So nice! Only wondering if he can give me a good discount on it since it's RM380 ! Mak kau! 

3. While the kids were batikking painting(!) I took Nadine to the Edu fair...ok lah..good to see what is out there..nadine stopped at Fairview offering IB, at KYUEM = dah habis dah tempat for January! Er thats it. For what she wants she is still thinking whether A levels or IB is the best option. Maybe do a 2 yr tahfiz instead ? She wants to go to Madinah University who currently does not take girls. Kelakar episod at the UIA Institute of Foreign Language...this guy spoke Arabic to nadine. and was thrilled when she spoke back. Tak main lah kaifa haluki you ..hhahahha

4. Sunday- TIDOR!!! and sending the kids home..
now..tuesday??? aishhhh

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The reunion and other things


I went to the reunion. Was late, because got lost ..mana ke darah "The Bee" kat Publika??? Anyway they were eating when I came, and I ordered caesar's salad..chewah berpura pura betol..since when I makan salad you ask me?? he he

There were allready a few girls there. From top class, to bottom class. I kenal about 3. Did not know the others. One of them maintained her glam glam image. Ok if you ask her she is probably going to say she's not glam glam but even when she was in school she was the one with the apartment in Kensington London (not Ealing ke apa tau, must be Kensington- tempat posh) . She was still sweet and very tattler..and I  am gajah lah next to her kan he he...but she is very sweet. Only thing is , she blur lah the way I buat joke..tak the end I had to say sorry (I felt the urge) if terkecik kan hati ! hehhe. 2 of them there were on their second husbands  or divorcing the second one? two were housewives , one was a corporate trainer who thought I was very funny and told me I should do stand up comedian. FINALLY someone recognised my talent ha ha ha ! No lah..kidding..

Hmm at school was I like this?? probably not .. at Uni was I like this? Probably not either..I am now much much more comfortable in my skin than before..and dont really care about what they think of me...not longer than about 20 mins anyway..something I hope my kids will get from me also...that the only person who can continue to make you feel bad ke embarrassed ke or upset you. YOu have a choice to feel happy, or moody. Taulah ada tragedy ke, or crisis ke...but how you react to it is important tolong jangan bagi I pulak rasa tempias bad mood you kan?? 

CEHWAH!!! Motivator material tak he he

Back to the reunion....

Your friend here, of course, talked non stop. Now of course I feel bad lah...hehehehe... But it was interesting ,to meet them. There was one lady who came late, look gorgeous and apparently has ovarian cancer..she didn't say but her friend had told us before this lady arrived . Had to remove her womb and the sad thing is she married late and had been trying to get pregnant. sad....when you have women who abandon or kill their babies on the other hand..kesian..

Oh talking abt cousin has just published a book : Even the Most Postive Person Gets Cancer. Mezwyn dJunus [what use is a blog if I cant plug her book he he] She has breast cancer..just my age.. the most positive person you are likely to find (sometimes, annoyingly so)- you can find it in Poetry of Flowers kat Prince Court Medical Centre .. I really hope she pulls through I played with her a lot masa kecik kecik..I remember her dad was sangat kaya masa tu and ada pool etc...and they went to private school and jauh lah dengan I sangat sangat yang ala kadar je nih. I also remember her telling me to jump in the deep end of the pool and I did that . and almost drowned..Hmm thanks Wyn! Hehehehe. Also I felt self conscious sebab masa kecik dulu dulu depa england so terror and I broken only...and they laughed at me jugak. Although now I dah ok lah ,it is still quite a traumatic experience as a child! :) 

And then my laptop died the other day..ada ke..I was with Sara and Sophia and their cousin Yana at KLCC.. konon they want to shop..ok lah kan Sara pun takda I ingat nak leave them in Isetan and mummy can do work maaa kat kedai kopi. tup tup mati terus laptop! aduhhh itulah nyawa I ....

Eh Okay lah ...i gotta go..I have 10 kids in the house and they require sending home ..ciao

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merapu pagi pagi....


How are you ?

I'm still at home...working at the dining table while watching MHI. Hubs has gone off. Usually I would follow him , he'd drop me at the office, and then about 2 or 3 or 4 (tengokler) I would go home. Not that I cannot do work at the office, since I now have a maid at home (superefficient yoU!) but just because malas nak duduk office. My boss is very nice to allow this, as long as I actually do work. And I do, more often than not, more effectively at home , than at the office because at the office there are other people and you tend to borak borak, minum minum etc.... Ketua borak is the said boss he he he

Today I am at home because I have a 9 am meeting with a colleague, and then my CBN-ers are meeting at Publika at 11 to ring in 121212.

Alahai....lomah den. I had said "OK" during FB invitation. Now regretting it but I have pulled out of these get togethers so many times before rasa segan pulak nak pull out this time..These are random girls from my batch and I know maybe 3 out of 20 . Ye lah, day school kan, if you are not classmates, or house- mates, or in some club, then how would you know each other? I don't want to have to be forced to make jolly with people I never did know before! Pelik kan, old girls network ni? 

But I have said yes, so Imma gonna be going... where is that good blouse of mine..I think it's gone to Al Khadeem lah (kena pau dengan nadine kot)...that blouse can somehow eliminate at least 3 kg ! magic kan? Im sure you have one baju like that right? Tuuuu lah you'd be wearing ke mana mana , sampai luncai he he

Kids ada extra 2 today- sons of my brother. They came over semalam..the youngest boy is 6 and berani tapi manja nak say babai to his mom...hari tu kena ada bajumak dia baru boleh stay...hehehe so sweet. My sis in law is veryyyyyy soft spoken with them. Dapat lak kids yang more boisterous and suka jerit jerit jenis main lasak ...macam tak sesuai pulak dengan mak dia yang lemah lembut ni.. Tak macam anak-anak I ,. mak dia terjerit jerit, anak cool je. he he he. Anyway Jojo will be happy lah dapat boys in the house. 

My maid is working out so efficient that she finishes her work, does not want to watch tv, tak reti lepak, all my lemari dah susun, all the baju dah gosok..woi you pakai HANTU ke maid oi? hehehehe...I remain like before, majikan bodoh ...I am still nice, still mintak tolong rather than order ..guess all the bad experience has not made me a tough cookie - masih lagi lembik! 

Oh yeah , I tengah berangan nak renovate kitchen ni guys....tapi mak kau kos dia tu boleh gak tahan far RM65k , tapi campur the wet works, the dry kitchen wet kitchen bla boss said it's quite ok ...sebab masuk barang barang, I still think it's mahal! but maybe once and for all we do a big kitchen, and we can lepak there...and then tak yah usek bila boleh keluar Dividend ASB ah?? hehehehe

Ok then back to my (yawwwnnnnnn) work. Take care guys and have a good Wednesday! Semoga level iman kita tetap on UP today..I doakan janganlaaaah I malas nak solat on time..or jangaaaaanlah I termengumpat orang....biarkanlah Diana Danielle tu...dah kawin pun....tak yah gossip gossip hehehehehhee...OK? Meh kita jadi orang yang baik today...


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday dah???


Nadine is going to Al Khadeem camp this morning. Until Thursday. Ada outbound activities,. ada white water rafting...ada Us Hussain Yee-- macam macam .. 

She also started her driving lessons yesterday. I sent her to Imkeda kat Keramat. She said it was deathly boring. All her friends were there. 

Note, I did not arrange the above 2 things- sekarang nye we are mere drivers je to them..tau tau have to go here there and the other. Sometimes they have to be reminded that they still need our permission, walaupun dah besau panjang! Semalam nadine came down, fixing her scarf and I asked her- eh where are you going? She said: Im going to x y z bla bla...then I said : Don't need my permission ke? She grinned sheepishly and said: I nak tanya lah ni..hehehe

And same goes to other kids. It's not "mummy can I go to my friend's house". It is now "Mummy what time can you send me to my friend's house"! Aiyoo.

Mom and dad came over yesterday. Kecian depa now on their own kan..boring gak. My brother the Dr and his family are still with them but weekends they are at his in laws lah. Kena lah bagi bagi masa kan. I should go more often and visit them kan... i ni pun penyakit M time depa karang time I ...tunggu laaa anak datang visit hisk hisk

Oh yeah we had a British guest yesterday..Piers. Husband's schoolmate masa kat UK dulu. Funny how things turn out. Hubs had been talking about him for how many years, until I got fed up and tracked him down via google and emailed him, asking him hey! Are you that Piers who my husband tak habih habih cerita ni?? and he said yes! And rupa rupanye memang dia ni selalu ke KL /Thailand and even worked in Singapore. Budaknye baik, rendah diri, tau bawak diri. takdalah action ke apa. Kesian dia kena tidor bilik Nadine yang  katilnye patah dah and senget sebelah..

Anyway ok! Off to send Nadine to camp now!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


OOH! Forgot to tell you. Nadine asked a question at dinner just now. 

The mother of a boy, who is going out with Nadine's friend (call X) , has just asked X whether she wants to marry her son. 

like now. 

both hubs and i said NOOOOOOO

I said- can he take care of her? is the reason, to prevent sin? If so, are they so uncontrollable that they will definitely commit sin, if not getting married? 

Husband : They are too young. 

Actually when I was in Form 5 there was this girl who dropped out...she got married to her bf..ostensibly because the bf's grandad requested at his deathbed..could be because she was pregnant..who knows. I hope she's still happy and married now. 

In my batch pun ada a few couples yang kawin during college (but not as young as SPM lah) ...ada yang kekal..some make it..some don't! Some yang kenal since 16 then when go to Uni..ok lagi..and then come back and work...then discover you want different things...

I joked...if i had  my way I would have married your dad a lot earlier nadine..but he knew he was going to be stuck for life with he tried to make it as late as possible ha ha  ha..(actually he was waiting for enough money but to me- who needs money to get married?hehe)

To say don't get married, what about our grandparents who married really young? 17 would be considered over the hill during their time. *(yes but it's not their time now etc etc)

But I donno what to tell this girl (who i suspect i know who) ....get married is fine..just...Not yet. 

your thoughts??

Can a woman and man be friends? jeng jeng jeng....!

I had lunch with a friend just now. Thanks MO for giving me the free lunch for 2 thing that was going to expire anyyy day now. So anyway this friend I met during shipping seminar, dia funny, dia kelakar (eh sama lah tu) , dia boleh discuss macam macam..

But...dia laki laki,you! Once in a blue moon he would text me for lunch and we'd hang out and crack jokes and discuss world affair. And discuss his family of 4 kids and wife who is not working and me with my 5 kids and hubs. He'd be telling me bad lawyer jokes too. 

The thing is. I would definitely FREAK OUT if my husband goes out with a girl to hang out and exchange stupid jokes right. But if i do it it's ok? I did tell my husband and did invite him also- but dia kata go ahead...hmmm apakah dia tak jeles?? 

It's all very innocent one..but what do you think? 


Yesterday Sara turned 15. I had to go to work, and then I promised I would take her and a couple of friends to Laser Tagging in Gombak somewhere. When I finally arrived home at about 3, I honked and waited outside for her (not wanting to come in) . 11 kids streamed into the car! Seriously! there were so many girls and one friend of Johan (so 2 boys!) anyway yeah we all went to this laser tagging thing and Mummy got lost several time because  mummy had to speak to this very stubborn lady who , even though I said I was driving and will call her back, insist on "one more minute" . eee bencinye aku kat this woman client of mine grrr!

Anyway we were there for 2 games..they  had fun and asked to go again,  but I said balik, Asar, then we go watch movie. Plus it was RM200 per game for the entire bunch. So we went home, and soon I heard them sing Happy Birthday to Sara..awww..

The movie plan didn't pan out - tak fofular..they wanted to go ice skating but I said wait till daddy came back...but then daddy came home late (from serdang, a normal occurence these days) so I told them reschedule to another day..nasib baik pun since the parents started to come and fetch..imagine if they come and we're off iceskating...

They all lepak in the tv room and watched movie i think..sedapnye...ada he he

Sara had I hope a good birthday..present from mummy and daddy belum lagi tau! 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

When you got the blues....

I think I have the blues....but have to fight! 

Body feel very old...dragging feet..have to force self to stop moaning..hehehe...

ni mesti from that 20 min session yesterday at Concept1010.. I came home quite ok..typically came straight home, did not shop or rewang at the Publika walaupun takda masa and takda duit pun and takda keinginan he he...but when I sat down je..terus all the tiredness and soreness came rushing and I just DIED. 

Could not move a muscle. So I guess it's good (?)

Anyway they did a test for me and said my fat content is 30%. (basically I wont feel the cold lah as fast he he) and that I should target to lose 6% of that..they asked me to write down (or rather, tick off ) a list of what I think my obstacles are and there was this one box that said " I don't have any obstacles I'm just lazy" . GUESS which one I ticked he he he

Of course lah, the usual obstacles like time, family, the fact that they are in Blardie Solaris Dutamas so blardie far. (but im getting used to it now, about20 mins je drive) 

SO! new me new  resolution ok! 

In the meantime, felt low on other areas..want to cry for no reason..don't like my work all of a sudden....don't like the people I deal with ....hoohooo.....guess you have days like that? or maybe this is MENOPAUSE??? he he he 

Today Im still tired and sore! But !! mental kena positif ok!! Because....jengjengjeng: 


She is 15 years old today! Wow my anak dara dah besar besar...sobs sobs....anyway hopefully we can take her out to dinner ! Her friends are coming over and I am to take them to laser tag later (i just found out pun)..hope she will have a fantastic birthday!

Bye!! Think positive!! Be happy!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

about the kids

Hi. sedar tak has been a whole month since school holidays started! 

Nadine is still taking her spm...three more papers she said. I dont know where she is getting the stamina... kalau i dah penat..She and 7 other girls in her class...imagine that, only a handful taking spm of the whole school! Kalau sekolah kebangsaan maybe 80 or 100 kan. I told her the other day that I don,t think she is as focused as say her friends in National school...For sure her friends don't look focused. Can go out to watch movie in the middle of the exam week, ok! perhaps it's good to relax..I would say that too but the thing is I dont see them having anything to relax FROM. hehehehe. Terukkan I..for all you know they study to the wee hours in the morning. 

These girls stay in a house for the duration of the exams...rented by the school. They call it the "hostel" . I was thinking that it's a proper hostel where you know, they have discipline and stuff but apparently they are free to come and go as they please! In fact one night I came by to drop nadine really late (like 12 something midnight) the day before we were to fly to Kangar, the girls were just walking back from somewhere! And I'm sure they have boyfriends right? Hmm maybe I should take it up with the teacher about their freedom ? And render Nadine the most unpopular kid in her class he he he

Anyway yeah. nadine is interested in being an expert in islam and alquran. her dad said "take conventional courses lah nadine, like medicine ke" but to me, hey do what you will be happy doing ..I for one, would be JR Rowling had my father not pushed me into law (ha ha berangan) ..So I have told Nadine, if you want to do this, you read all about what to do and where to go and tell mummy. Preferably in Oxford, although she wants to go to Alazhar. I imagine nadine one day telling me i am so unmuslimah..i told her nadine, you must never, regardless of how high  you go, forget that I am your mother and you must respect me. If i say no, then no it shall be. he he terukkan. 

Anyway Sister Sara , the english lady who runs the Arabic Learning Centre , told me this morning that her daughter is doing a diploma at IIC, Gombak, in Islamic science that Nadine might want to do , starting this January. Basically you skip all those kafuffling about IB or Alevels..cause you would know what you want to do allready . I dont me another 2 years to save up to send her somewhere for her degree! 

 And the sisters...Sara is form 4 next year. Im going to check if MRSM accepts form 4 igsce her a chance to experience life in boarding..although I still am loathe to let them go out of the ketiak..he he...kena tanya dia lah pulak 

Daya is NOT going to apply now. She has said no, plus I think 13 may be too young ,. Selfish selfish ler...heheheh with her cousin today , Yana. So interesting, Yana and her..they are both of the same age, and Yana started at Adni ,but went to another contemporary school. She is now your normal teenager with teenybopper fashion..while my sophia is upset if her tudung does not cover her upper chest! lain betol kan? 

can't say it's my influence , I remember telling Nadine takyah lah pakai tudung kat luar, when she was 13...she wanted to much to keep it on..and so did the others..I thought that they were too it was them who wanted to wear the hijab at a young age, I'm just going with the flow..and counting myself really blessed that at least I dont have to lecture them about clothing pulak! he he!

I would consider ourselves as moderate...and modern..but always wanting to improve self..and be better muslims. I pray the kids will be openminded muslimahs,able to counter whatever argument in a rational, calm way, able to give justification for their beliefs, passionate in their faith and always compassionate to others (mummy terlebih lebih compassionate lak) ..hopefully as is the hope of Adni, the kids WILL grow up to be intelligent muslims

and mummy camana pulak?? kena lah more pious kan.karang termalu pulak dengan anak (not to mention god) he he


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