Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 minutes on my kids

I am totally blessed. My kids are lovely. 

Selalu kena buli dengan mummy, kena buat kopi atau picit kaki, kena jerit bila tak mandi , kena jerit nak makan nasi ,kena jerit suruh solat sekali. Hishhh despite that my kids are very cheerful, and love to chat and never fight for toooo long. 

Insyallah this will continue..

I hear of teenagers who don't talk to their moms..glad this is not the case here! maybe boys more likely kot....girls susah nak suruh diam. I play the BE QUIET game whenever dah stress..esp in car..when they talk very loudly ..mummy will call out = let's play the BE QUIET game! sapa can be quiet the longest wins! They will play it sportingly even though the prize is just a kiss. And of courselah masa be quiet tu...mulut je tak bercakap, tangan dok tercuit cuit and apparently buat sign language pun ada..tapi, the most important thing: it's quiet. and i get peace for a few blessed minutes!

Everywhere we go it would be so loud! Even Nadine would be disturbing the sisters or johan, and they would be squealing away. Kat hospital bapak dia, kat kedai, sama je. Sometimes rasa nak cubittt je. Yesterday we were at the new restaurant kat melawati called the HALICONYA cafe...(ok je lah) - pun cakap kuat kuat...I had asked them for their memories..what do they remember of say Sophia, or Daya, or me, and it was hilarious the stuff they remembered! Daya put a whole pearl in her nose, one time. Johan drank milo basi . Nadine had tissue in HER nose. Sopiha loved Richard Scarry. I should have blogged earlier, maybe I would record all this for posterity he he

Eh okaylah. better wake these kids for subuh


ummisara said...

Kak Shial,

meriah betul ur family. i pun mcm tuh dulu dengan my siblings yang lagi 5 org tuh...

tapi i sekarang tak riuh rendah lah...i have only 1 girl...aged 10 yang bila i cakap banyak dia senyum jer...aduh

kalau ada ramai anak bestnya!

ummisara said...

ops! sorry kak shila typo error

Anonymous said...

Hi shila,
Your kids are adorable!
Btw how was the food at heliconia(sp?). A friend recommended and we passed by a few times tapi tak sempat lagi pegi


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Ummisara! Best ! tapi I think its not the number, but also the dekatness in age...kalau jarak besar besar sangat tak leh borak pulak!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Faizah! Oklah ...pada i ok ..pada husband i food dia sejuk ..kopi dia sejuk..could be sebab dia grumpy ..hehe

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