Sunday, December 02, 2012

about the kids

Hi. sedar tak has been a whole month since school holidays started! 

Nadine is still taking her spm...three more papers she said. I dont know where she is getting the stamina... kalau i dah penat..She and 7 other girls in her class...imagine that, only a handful taking spm of the whole school! Kalau sekolah kebangsaan maybe 80 or 100 kan. I told her the other day that I don,t think she is as focused as say her friends in National school...For sure her friends don't look focused. Can go out to watch movie in the middle of the exam week, ok! perhaps it's good to relax..I would say that too but the thing is I dont see them having anything to relax FROM. hehehehe. Terukkan I..for all you know they study to the wee hours in the morning. 

These girls stay in a house for the duration of the exams...rented by the school. They call it the "hostel" . I was thinking that it's a proper hostel where you know, they have discipline and stuff but apparently they are free to come and go as they please! In fact one night I came by to drop nadine really late (like 12 something midnight) the day before we were to fly to Kangar, the girls were just walking back from somewhere! And I'm sure they have boyfriends right? Hmm maybe I should take it up with the teacher about their freedom ? And render Nadine the most unpopular kid in her class he he he

Anyway yeah. nadine is interested in being an expert in islam and alquran. her dad said "take conventional courses lah nadine, like medicine ke" but to me, hey do what you will be happy doing ..I for one, would be JR Rowling had my father not pushed me into law (ha ha berangan) ..So I have told Nadine, if you want to do this, you read all about what to do and where to go and tell mummy. Preferably in Oxford, although she wants to go to Alazhar. I imagine nadine one day telling me i am so unmuslimah..i told her nadine, you must never, regardless of how high  you go, forget that I am your mother and you must respect me. If i say no, then no it shall be. he he terukkan. 

Anyway Sister Sara , the english lady who runs the Arabic Learning Centre , told me this morning that her daughter is doing a diploma at IIC, Gombak, in Islamic science that Nadine might want to do , starting this January. Basically you skip all those kafuffling about IB or Alevels..cause you would know what you want to do allready . I dont me another 2 years to save up to send her somewhere for her degree! 

 And the sisters...Sara is form 4 next year. Im going to check if MRSM accepts form 4 igsce her a chance to experience life in boarding..although I still am loathe to let them go out of the ketiak..he he...kena tanya dia lah pulak 

Daya is NOT going to apply now. She has said no, plus I think 13 may be too young ,. Selfish selfish ler...heheheh with her cousin today , Yana. So interesting, Yana and her..they are both of the same age, and Yana started at Adni ,but went to another contemporary school. She is now your normal teenager with teenybopper fashion..while my sophia is upset if her tudung does not cover her upper chest! lain betol kan? 

can't say it's my influence , I remember telling Nadine takyah lah pakai tudung kat luar, when she was 13...she wanted to much to keep it on..and so did the others..I thought that they were too it was them who wanted to wear the hijab at a young age, I'm just going with the flow..and counting myself really blessed that at least I dont have to lecture them about clothing pulak! he he!

I would consider ourselves as moderate...and modern..but always wanting to improve self..and be better muslims. I pray the kids will be openminded muslimahs,able to counter whatever argument in a rational, calm way, able to give justification for their beliefs, passionate in their faith and always compassionate to others (mummy terlebih lebih compassionate lak) ..hopefully as is the hope of Adni, the kids WILL grow up to be intelligent muslims

and mummy camana pulak?? kena lah more pious kan.karang termalu pulak dengan anak (not to mention god) he he


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