Friday, December 28, 2012

Alfatihah for Maklong

Today...mak long passed away..

Maklong is (or was?oh tidak) my mother in law's eldest sister. She was 76 years old. She used to live in Segamat but since she became unwell she lived with her son in Shahalam- She had kidney failure.(macam karangan english lak).  I got the message this morning via sms that she has left us.

Yang  very unsangkarable is that I just saw her about 4 days ago! Sunday night ..sorry about 5 days ago. Mom in law was in KL  and wanted to go visit and so we went..  Arrived maghrib time at the son's place- the daughter in law siap buat mee lagi. Maklong was praying when we arrived but then came out to chat with us.

Best duduk dengan maklong..borak pasal how young she looked! And you know what, she did look young. Her skin was blemishfree, no liverspots like me, and also she was glowing..My how she beamed to hear that- in front of her younger sister , my mother in law pulak tu. She said her skin haritu pun ada orang remark..(modest he he) and she said her tip is- WUDHU! senang sangat- she was also the one who advised me once- say Allah 1000 a day , the 4 quls 70000 in your lifetime. Boleh buat ?

When we saw her she was just about to start her dialysis at PPUM... She went everyday ... and today the nurse told her she can do it at home..and she was so happy, she collapsed. She had actually collapsed in a similar manner three times allready..(one time she said she heard people read laillahaillallah...and when she recited it , she woke up...she was actually out having a heart attack !) ...but this time, was her time. Again on a Friday morning.Rezeki you mak long....

Sigh.just goes to show how fragile life is.

Paklong seemed so lost. When we went to visit them that night he was so quiet. Today we put him in our car, to go to the burial ground, he was so chatty: about her, about how they met, about how he did better than her in school, about how he never realised he was waving to her for the last time. After the prayers we all were about to go to the cemetery, then saw Pak Long alone, I think he was told to wait there, because he is not mobile (stroke and needs a wheelchair to walk) ..we put him in the car and took him to the cemetery but just as we arrived, the skies REALLY OPENED ! so we sat in the car watching them baca talkin and (for the first time ever for me) a jentolak mengaut tanah!

Alhamdulillah..dah selamat kebumi ..the son came over, opened the car door, told the father..It's done, dad. I've done it , I've completed her burial. And Pak long said : Thank you son, you are a good son. And he choked.

And huwaaaaaaa! I cried finally.

Whenever I am at a funeral I am not the one to cry- I always feel like the person had gone outstation to another world and there must have been a reason why and it's always a  better reason. For Maklong, perhaps she was to be spared the dialysis daily? Or perhaps she went quickly, without anyone but her son (who accompanied her) with her, to spare everyone from the pain? My sis in law told me Mak long once said - she wanted to go first because she could not live without pak long.


Ok lah itulah ajal..redha lah..for the family..I pray for you to be strong..and please take care of your father..the love of his life, a truly good woman, is now gone.

Al fatihah Maklong.



nizamohamed said...

Al -Fatihah, Shila. Takziah to the family.

Ezza Muffinbiru said...

Salam Takziah..kali ni baca,mata akak berkaca kaca...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Niza, thank you for your sadaqah..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak Ezza...kalay dengar dalam BM lagi sedeh...anak dia bukak pintu and said "abah, haa, saya dah selesaikan lah mak ye, dah sempurna dah .." pas tu the father said "timakasih ya nak, terimakasih nak , kau anak baik"..

i kat belakang seat..terus sebak !

Anonymous said...

Sedihnya Shila... But so glad you all made it to see her last week


Amilita Zaini said...

Sedih I baca ni. Sebak rasa especially masa Pak Long cried. When the son said he completed his mom's burial. And about arwah saying that she wanted to go first.

Sejak 2 bulan ni, banyak berita kematian. Friends' moms (both friends from school), friend's uncle, my atuk sedara, and some news from twitterers & bloggers also. In a way, it's a good reminder for us, yang kita sementara je kat dunia ni.

Al Fatihah.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah- baru je jumpa u on the same day kan. yah sapa sangka ajal maut kan...

Amilita..memang..rasa insaf..

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