Can a woman and man be friends? jeng jeng jeng....!

I had lunch with a friend just now. Thanks MO for giving me the free lunch for 2 thing that was going to expire anyyy day now. So anyway this friend I met during shipping seminar, dia funny, dia kelakar (eh sama lah tu) , dia boleh discuss macam macam..

But...dia laki laki,you! Once in a blue moon he would text me for lunch and we'd hang out and crack jokes and discuss world affair. And discuss his family of 4 kids and wife who is not working and me with my 5 kids and hubs. He'd be telling me bad lawyer jokes too. 

The thing is. I would definitely FREAK OUT if my husband goes out with a girl to hang out and exchange stupid jokes right. But if i do it it's ok? I did tell my husband and did invite him also- but dia kata go ahead...hmmm apakah dia tak jeles?? 

It's all very innocent one..but what do you think? 


Anonymous said…
My dear,don't ask us,go ask his wife...
hmmm if i was his wife..i would say- no way are you lunching with any woman nomatter how makcik kiah she is!
Cik Kiah said…
SW, exactly! I would say no to my hubs but I do it. Reason? I takde hati dekat laki2 tu but I'm not so sure if pompuan yg lunch dgn my hubs tu takde hati kat dia. Does it make sense ke?
sangat sangat make sense. I treat this guy macam my girl friend except of course he is not a girl. he knows the other half as well so its all macam above board except I know how I would definitely tak leh tolerate if it was the other half nak gi lunching with his girl friend so macam rasa guilty lak lagi tak make sense kan
Anonymous said…
Shila, if I keluar with male friend yang my husband dah lama keluar pun I rasa tak sedap hati....With work colleagues for lunch pun must go ramai2.


Farah ♥ said…
i can if its Jab, Fairus or Iwan...altho am not sure how their wife would take it...hahahaha

muzal - using daughter's account
that's different muzal sbb dah kira genderless dah heheheh going out with them macam with adekberadek je...hehehe

Jah- tak sedap hati gak lah nih.,..hehehe

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