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How are you ?

I'm still at home...working at the dining table while watching MHI. Hubs has gone off. Usually I would follow him , he'd drop me at the office, and then about 2 or 3 or 4 (tengokler) I would go home. Not that I cannot do work at the office, since I now have a maid at home (superefficient yoU!) but just because malas nak duduk office. My boss is very nice to allow this, as long as I actually do work. And I do, more often than not, more effectively at home , than at the office because at the office there are other people and you tend to borak borak, minum minum etc.... Ketua borak is the said boss he he he

Today I am at home because I have a 9 am meeting with a colleague, and then my CBN-ers are meeting at Publika at 11 to ring in 121212.

Alahai....lomah den. I had said "OK" during FB invitation. Now regretting it but I have pulled out of these get togethers so many times before rasa segan pulak nak pull out this time..These are random girls from my batch and I know maybe 3 out of 20 . Ye lah, day school kan, if you are not classmates, or house- mates, or in some club, then how would you know each other? I don't want to have to be forced to make jolly with people I never did know before! Pelik kan, old girls network ni? 

But I have said yes, so Imma gonna be going... where is that good blouse of mine..I think it's gone to Al Khadeem lah (kena pau dengan nadine kot)...that blouse can somehow eliminate at least 3 kg ! magic kan? Im sure you have one baju like that right? Tuuuu lah you'd be wearing ke mana mana , sampai luncai he he

Kids ada extra 2 today- sons of my brother. They came over semalam..the youngest boy is 6 and berani tapi manja nak say babai to his mom...hari tu kena ada bajumak dia baru boleh stay...hehehe so sweet. My sis in law is veryyyyyy soft spoken with them. Dapat lak kids yang more boisterous and suka jerit jerit jenis main lasak ...macam tak sesuai pulak dengan mak dia yang lemah lembut ni.. Tak macam anak-anak I ,. mak dia terjerit jerit, anak cool je. he he he. Anyway Jojo will be happy lah dapat boys in the house. 

My maid is working out so efficient that she finishes her work, does not want to watch tv, tak reti lepak, all my lemari dah susun, all the baju dah gosok..woi you pakai HANTU ke maid oi? hehehehe...I remain like before, majikan bodoh ...I am still nice, still mintak tolong rather than order ..guess all the bad experience has not made me a tough cookie - masih lagi lembik! 

Oh yeah , I tengah berangan nak renovate kitchen ni guys....tapi mak kau kos dia tu boleh gak tahan far RM65k , tapi campur the wet works, the dry kitchen wet kitchen bla boss said it's quite ok ...sebab masuk barang barang, I still think it's mahal! but maybe once and for all we do a big kitchen, and we can lepak there...and then tak yah usek bila boleh keluar Dividend ASB ah?? hehehehe

Ok then back to my (yawwwnnnnnn) work. Take care guys and have a good Wednesday! Semoga level iman kita tetap on UP today..I doakan janganlaaaah I malas nak solat on time..or jangaaaaanlah I termengumpat orang....biarkanlah Diana Danielle tu...dah kawin pun....tak yah gossip gossip hehehehehhee...OK? Meh kita jadi orang yang baik today...



Ezza Muffinbiru said… pun baca gosip Diana Danielle tu..hahahaha...
1na said…
lawak la akak nieee

Anonymous said…
Assalam...maid tak pandai tengok tv,tak yah offer lah..maid tak pandai lepak,don't invite lah...biar je dia buat kerja.dia penat dia rehat...and you are not majikan bodoh,kalu majikan bodoh ni dia sama2 buat kerja dgn ni kira mcm mem besar lah sbb you memang betul2 kerah dia buat kerja...ok lah tu,you mintak tolong je,dia buat semua kerja,kalu you order,agaknya sampai bumbung rumah you pun dia scrub...

Kak Ezza..ikut jangan tak ikut...I kelakar pun ada gak..ada ke uniform dia pun jadi bahan pertikaian.....heheheh

nasib baik lah ko hansem farid oi..pakai apa pun ok...
1na- terimakasih...nama pun merapu kan he he
Anony- yeah saya mem besar!! hmm tak sampai hati lak nak order cam ni, karang dia betul betul basuh bumbung he he he!

So far so good...alhamdulillah..tapi I dah banyak belajar..tak leave 100 percent dengan maid..buat kerja sama sama tu ada gak lah...kalau nampak tak berbasuh pinggan, basuh je ..anak pun dah kena train..jangan overdependent sangat...nanti dia takda susah!
Anonymous said…
SW, thats good. Don't feel pity and offer her tv or rest time or anything. once offer, their attitude may change. the rule is to keep them as a maid and don't show too much kindness.

Sarah said…

Can I ask, can you gives the no. of the day maid yg u used before? She is good right

Sarah-0163631979 fatimah

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