Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rambling on and on today

Ya rabb..is it really 25th of December ?? Where did 2012 go? Baru nak bermesra mesra , dah pergi. chet! 

Betul lah..time just goes and waits for no man. It doesn't wait for you to get organised or get that book software or get some savings going, it just goes and goes and before you know it you are another year older and still have the SAME resolution as LAST YEAR.

Well. This year I dah start the gym so that's one down. Although I don't know if that's an achievement because I will actually start the year HEAVIER than I ended it last year..oh I cant believe I once thought 52 kg was heavy...sigh those were the good old days. i actually put on 15 kg in 5 years. dari age 18 to 36 ish, maintain about 52-53kg. paling tembam 56kg lah. SEKARANG--heh dont speak lah. sodeh den. the only good thing is , si suami pun sama sama naik tembam..in sympathy. And the other good thing is..I cannot see that I am fat. Nampak macam normal je? hehehehehe. 

I cannot believe my kids are all getting bigger...taller than me sumernye except for Dahlia and she is 12 and belum anak dara. Wait till she becomes a proper lady..hah kau...sure she will over take me. 

I have to go get their stationery today. And shoes. School starting dah! I am forcing them to sleep at 10 and wake up at 5 am. No more mengular sampai pukul 11 and tidur pukul 2 pagi tengok Naruto ok!! (Subuh buat lah donchwarie) 

Funny how they turn out: Nadine likes exotic stuff, like cheese and salmon etc and omputeh punyer resipe. Sophia lak tak suka makan durian ...but love kueyteow and meehoon just like me. Sara loves daging and dont like durian either. She says she likes soto best. Daya suka aiskrim mahal mahal and will polish it quietly by herself and not remind the others about it and also she heaps on the nutella on her bread - she will not take the cheaper stuff and her dad once got angry cause she didnt touch the bottle of nutella ciplak we bought. johan likes pizza and would be happy to eat this every day. either dominos or nandos. He's happy with fastfood! thank god. 

Nadine has to sort out what she wants to do next..she keeps putting it off, and mummy cannot tahan to see her lounging around in the I dont know what to do now phase..although she actually DOES have homework which is to 1. apply for Alevels or IB and 2. apply for tahfiz programme or arabic programme. 

She has decided to pursue her degree in the omputeh world (ok mummy has pushed her to get it) - ie SOAS, or oxford or cambridge insyallaahhhhhh (sangat sangat saya doakan) but she needs like a gazillion A for that..Her dad said buatje subject a level yang senang senang nadine..nak dapat A..( I Second that..jangan lah berangan macam mummy nak buat British History and French Revolution,just because nak ambik law- last last dapat B je kan - ke C ha? tak ingat) The moral of the story is orang uni tu tak pedullik lah .depa tengok A you je...

Nadine is ok (ish) with this proposed plan instead of going to Ummul Qura terus after 2 year diploma in KL because we found out kalau nak go to MiddleEast she has to have a husband or brother or father or mahram related , to stay there. Saudi Arabiah lah (Madinah tu kat Saudi kan..ish ish gograpi mummy fail tol) So i told her to go find a handsome mat salleh ustaz in oxford and then bring him when you do your masters in the middleeast. KIDDING!! I didnt say that .. but i did say do your phd and master etc kat sana. Madam nak jadi ustazah kan..mummy yang nak push dia jadi macam shuhaibwebb or yasmin mogahed.

Eh talk about nadine pulak karang jeles bebudak yang lain,especially johan who tells me i always say girls and never boy. Takkan lah I nak panggil "ok , girls and a boy, lets all do this and that" right?? Usually I terpanggil girls...or if I remember, I say "guys" or "kiddoes" or "babes" -or is babes for the dad? hihihhih

Sara got 3As in her recent JHSA (Junior High School Assessment) exams out of 9 subjects. ala ala PMR lah but then it's set by the school. The interestng thing was how she told me. She went to her friend's house to sleep over and the next day baru I picked her up and she began by saying how much she has improved ! all Bs and 3 As! and no Cs! 

heheheh...kita yang nak marah ni pun, tak jadi. Yes it was indeed, an improvement. And shows that if she likes it , she can do it. she obtained an A in geography so she has my highest respect - me who thought the name Chao Praya was soo familiar..was it a restaurant? author? Until hubs barked- SUNGAI lah!!! hihihihihihi!  

Yelah kita ni pun dulu taklah pandai na..although I would say my skill is human relations..or communication..I pandai jaga hati (waaa way to spin my total need to please others !) So my kids become diplomats ..it's in their genes hehehehehe.. 

Sophia sebok dengan kawan this holiday. Baru je balik daripada day out with her friends for her friend's birthday. dont worry mummy the auntie will come and get me...entah apa lah mak orang tu kata ek..kita farm out anak kita lak...she went ahem- iceskating and planned to do laser tagging..what ever happened to main masak masak ah??

Dahlia dapat 4 A kan, mula mula nak gak masukkan MRSM..last last malas ler...she oso dont want..she got her Junior School Leaving Assessment results (she takes it in same year as UPSR) and she was so happy to say that she got 9 As out of 11. Wahhh achiever lah you Daya! No wonder kakngah boring dengan you! She just got back from a weekend away with her cousin kat sepang..kena pick up baru nak balik, jumpa kat wedding of another cousin, taknak balik dengan we all 

How about that boy Johan??? I tak tau..seriously. He's going around telling relatives that he is scared of next year because he is sitting for UPSR next year. Tapi tak macam scared pun hehehhe...he doesn't blog anymore (novelty worn off I suspect). I still ask his opinion on most stuff. Like, im taking the dad away on holiday soon and he said- are you going to fight? you better not otherwise you spoil the holiday. okayyyyy faham...

Eh have i rambled about this before? Ok ok next subject..
ermmmm..OK lah! 

By the way can I share my dislike of how people yang pakai tudung but show boobs?? the tight tops? Aiyooo im getting older right? I now pull my scarf down down...when I dont have anything to show anymore....hehehehehe

and another thing- dont lah wear short sleeve if want to wear tudung...like funny like that. and also...dont lah wear tight skinny jeans...

it's tutup aurat not bungkus aurat..cover not clingwrap-- hey! this makcik feels a teeshirt business coming along

and if you say its whats in the heart that matters- you just denied the need for any law or legal system! hehehehehehe

ok lah dah meraban raban....babai!!


Nadine said...

BHAHAHAHA! Hoo Mommy you're so funny! Hehe dont know if you actually want me to read this.

Hey whatcha mean omputeh punya resipi? The only thing I know how to cook now is masak lemak cili padi!

Nadine said...

O yea and some tom yam/periperi/serai/bunga kantan chicken lauk remember? :)

ummisara said...

terhibur i baca kak shila! :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yeah nadine you do know how to cook now yay! i love your chicken kantan lauk

but you are also the one yang suka the mat salleh food right he he

Superwomanwannabe said...

ummisara- thanks ! love that yu read my blog!

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