Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Yesterday Sara turned 15. I had to go to work, and then I promised I would take her and a couple of friends to Laser Tagging in Gombak somewhere. When I finally arrived home at about 3, I honked and waited outside for her (not wanting to come in) . 11 kids streamed into the car! Seriously! there were so many girls and one friend of Johan (so 2 boys!) anyway yeah we all went to this laser tagging thing and Mummy got lost several time because  mummy had to speak to this very stubborn lady who , even though I said I was driving and will call her back, insist on "one more minute" . eee bencinye aku kat this woman client of mine grrr!

Anyway we were there for 2 games..they  had fun and asked to go again,  but I said balik, Asar, then we go watch movie. Plus it was RM200 per game for the entire bunch. So we went home, and soon I heard them sing Happy Birthday to Sara..awww..

The movie plan didn't pan out - tak fofular..they wanted to go ice skating but I said wait till daddy came back...but then daddy came home late (from serdang, a normal occurence these days) so I told them reschedule to another day..nasib baik pun since the parents started to come and fetch..imagine if they come and we're off iceskating...

They all lepak in the tv room and watched movie i think..sedapnye...ada he he

Sara had I hope a good birthday..present from mummy and daddy belum lagi tau! 


nizamohamed said...

Bestnyer birthday party..i wish i was sara now... Mommy and daddy bagi hadiah apa? Sorry, kepoh sikit.. Lol!

Superwomanwannabe said...

best kan budak budak sekarang niza ?? hmm mummy and daddy belom terpikir lagi...dia taknak apa apa bermula daripada I so thats good!

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