Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday dah???


Nadine is going to Al Khadeem camp this morning. Until Thursday. Ada outbound activities,. ada white water rafting...ada Us Hussain Yee-- macam macam .. 

She also started her driving lessons yesterday. I sent her to Imkeda kat Keramat. She said it was deathly boring. All her friends were there. 

Note, I did not arrange the above 2 things- sekarang nye we are mere drivers je to them..tau tau have to go here there and the other. Sometimes they have to be reminded that they still need our permission, walaupun dah besau panjang! Semalam nadine came down, fixing her scarf and I asked her- eh where are you going? She said: Im going to x y z bla bla...then I said : Don't need my permission ke? She grinned sheepishly and said: I nak tanya lah ni..hehehe

And same goes to other kids. It's not "mummy can I go to my friend's house". It is now "Mummy what time can you send me to my friend's house"! Aiyoo.

Mom and dad came over yesterday. Kecian depa now on their own kan..boring gak. My brother the Dr and his family are still with them but weekends they are at his in laws lah. Kena lah bagi bagi masa kan. I should go more often and visit them kan... i ni pun penyakit M time depa karang time I ...tunggu laaa anak datang visit hisk hisk

Oh yeah we had a British guest yesterday..Piers. Husband's schoolmate masa kat UK dulu. Funny how things turn out. Hubs had been talking about him for how many years, until I got fed up and tracked him down via google and emailed him, asking him hey! Are you that Piers who my husband tak habih habih cerita ni?? and he said yes! And rupa rupanye memang dia ni selalu ke KL /Thailand and even worked in Singapore. Budaknye baik, rendah diri, tau bawak diri. takdalah action ke apa. Kesian dia kena tidor bilik Nadine yang  katilnye patah dah and senget sebelah..

Anyway ok! Off to send Nadine to camp now!

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