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I went to the reunion. Was late, because got lost ..mana ke darah "The Bee" kat Publika??? Anyway they were eating when I came, and I ordered caesar's salad..chewah berpura pura betol..since when I makan salad you ask me?? he he

There were allready a few girls there. From top class, to bottom class. I kenal about 3. Did not know the others. One of them maintained her glam glam image. Ok if you ask her she is probably going to say she's not glam glam but even when she was in school she was the one with the apartment in Kensington London (not Ealing ke apa tau, must be Kensington- tempat posh) . She was still sweet and very tattler..and I  am gajah lah next to her kan he he...but she is very sweet. Only thing is , she blur lah the way I buat joke..tak the end I had to say sorry (I felt the urge) if terkecik kan hati ! hehhe. 2 of them there were on their second husbands  or divorcing the second one? two were housewives , one was a corporate trainer who thought I was very funny and told me I should do stand up comedian. FINALLY someone recognised my talent ha ha ha ! No lah..kidding..

Hmm at school was I like this?? probably not .. at Uni was I like this? Probably not either..I am now much much more comfortable in my skin than before..and dont really care about what they think of me...not longer than about 20 mins anyway..something I hope my kids will get from me also...that the only person who can continue to make you feel bad ke embarrassed ke or upset you. YOu have a choice to feel happy, or moody. Taulah ada tragedy ke, or crisis ke...but how you react to it is important tolong jangan bagi I pulak rasa tempias bad mood you kan?? 

CEHWAH!!! Motivator material tak he he

Back to the reunion....

Your friend here, of course, talked non stop. Now of course I feel bad lah...hehehehe... But it was interesting ,to meet them. There was one lady who came late, look gorgeous and apparently has ovarian cancer..she didn't say but her friend had told us before this lady arrived . Had to remove her womb and the sad thing is she married late and had been trying to get pregnant. sad....when you have women who abandon or kill their babies on the other hand..kesian..

Oh talking abt cousin has just published a book : Even the Most Postive Person Gets Cancer. Mezwyn dJunus [what use is a blog if I cant plug her book he he] She has breast cancer..just my age.. the most positive person you are likely to find (sometimes, annoyingly so)- you can find it in Poetry of Flowers kat Prince Court Medical Centre .. I really hope she pulls through I played with her a lot masa kecik kecik..I remember her dad was sangat kaya masa tu and ada pool etc...and they went to private school and jauh lah dengan I sangat sangat yang ala kadar je nih. I also remember her telling me to jump in the deep end of the pool and I did that . and almost drowned..Hmm thanks Wyn! Hehehehe. Also I felt self conscious sebab masa kecik dulu dulu depa england so terror and I broken only...and they laughed at me jugak. Although now I dah ok lah ,it is still quite a traumatic experience as a child! :) 

And then my laptop died the other day..ada ke..I was with Sara and Sophia and their cousin Yana at KLCC.. konon they want to shop..ok lah kan Sara pun takda I ingat nak leave them in Isetan and mummy can do work maaa kat kedai kopi. tup tup mati terus laptop! aduhhh itulah nyawa I ....

Eh Okay lah ...i gotta go..I have 10 kids in the house and they require sending home ..ciao


nizamohamed said…
Bestnyer pegi reunion..but then again, i kinda avoid reunion coz feel so small compared to all my friends with high flying careers...being "just a housewife" and some would ask me' you buat apa kat rumah hari2?".. Nak jer jawab,..takde aper, duk depan tv, korek hidung, tak busy langsung jadi house wife ni...lepas tu pegi that is why i dont go to many reunion, plus duk jauhkan, asyik miss jer gathering.
On a different note, Your cousin is so awesome!!!. Admire her positiveness. And yang you pegi terjun kat deep end tu kenapa..:))
Hi Niza! Yah memangkan..housewife goyang kaki while everything magically happens - the kids miraculously get fed and the house is somehow not falling apart by magic! he he...
pergi lah niza,sekarang ni orang dah recognise dah value kita houswife (and saya separa housewife) and dah tak hiner dah -

my cousin is awesome. kawin matsalleh, yang turned out to be a jerk..divorced him..2 beautiful kids...and balik malaysia after years in melbourne ...just to be told dapat cancer...kecian..yah lah I kena bully ler. i ni kan yes man...orang suruh terjun..i terjun! macam bodo lah pulak hehehehe

take care!

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