Tuesday, December 04, 2012

When you got the blues....

I think I have the blues....but have to fight! 

Body feel very old...dragging feet..have to force self to stop moaning..hehehe...

ni mesti from that 20 min session yesterday at Concept1010.. I came home quite ok..typically came straight home, did not shop or rewang at the Publika walaupun tempted...as takda masa and takda duit pun and takda keinginan he he...but when I sat down je..terus all the tiredness and soreness came rushing and I just DIED. 

Could not move a muscle. So I guess it's good (?)

Anyway they did a test for me and said my fat content is 30%. (basically I wont feel the cold lah as fast he he) and that I should target to lose 6% of that..they asked me to write down (or rather, tick off ) a list of what I think my obstacles are and there was this one box that said " I don't have any obstacles I'm just lazy" . GUESS which one I ticked he he he

Of course lah, the usual obstacles like time, family, the fact that they are in Blardie Solaris Dutamas so blardie far. (but im getting used to it now, about20 mins je drive) 

SO! new me new  resolution ok! 

In the meantime, felt low on other areas..want to cry for no reason..don't like my work all of a sudden....don't like the people I deal with ....hoohooo.....guess you have days like that? or maybe this is MENOPAUSE??? he he he 

Today Im still tired and sore! But !! mental kena positif ok!! Because....jengjengjeng: 


She is 15 years old today! Wow my anak dara dah besar besar...sobs sobs....anyway hopefully we can take her out to dinner ! Her friends are coming over and I am to take them to laser tag later (i just found out pun)..hope she will have a fantastic birthday!

Bye!! Think positive!! Be happy!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sara!! Go and throw and nice birthday party for her.. that'll make you feel better.

Miss you!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Miss you too! i need a hug! and to throw a wild partay!For sara of course he he

SOHO Mama said...

I get this *almost* all the time. Hehe.
Tiba2 semua pun I malas, semua tak suka, like the world is against me. I noticed this gets worse as I entered my 40's this year. Sigh.

Then the next day comes and I suddenly feel I could take the world :P
Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Awww SOHO Mama...i am 43...so i guess this unexpected blues will be my close friend ....

maybe this is midlife crisis? he he

nizamohamed said...

Shila...I get that feeling all the time masa nak "cuti".. Memang like it is me against the whole wide world!!!! Tengok orang tepi jalan pun nak marah..and feeling so sensitive about everything...before not like this, semenjak dua menjak nak masuk 40 ni... Maybe midlife crisis kut.. Hang in there dear! You are not alone..it is ok to feel and be lazy once in a while..i do it all the time..:))

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks niza...memang sumer orang i nak balun ! :) ....im sure it is going to pass soon!

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