Sunday, January 27, 2013


I love to read gossip and trash.

There you go. confession. And then I wonder why my brain is turning to mush. What happened to my firm resolve to better myself and do lots of solat sunat etc etc. HAH??

Instead I can tell you from my ahem- research:

1. Liyana Jasmays photog has distributed her pre wedding pictures and is defending it and her mom is upset about it.

Comment: Er, maybe not a good idea to have prewedding pictures looking like after wedding pictures he he. Also, who is Liyana Jasmay. And, I didn't know the artists' weddings get sponsored to that extent sampai gambar pun nak free???

2. Awie opening nightclub and defending it, saying that that is all he knows and do not judge him and do not question the hukum hakam (ie laws on religion).

Comment: Well he's a father now and I'm sure he knows what is right and what is wrong and what he wants his children to learn from him. I dont think anyone is  questioning the right and wrong of a nightclub with alcohol and scantily clad ladies for someone who professes to be a muslim  and a huge champagne bottle to celebrate the launch (imma guessing) because there is nothing to question- it's plain wrong.

3. Rozita che wan is officially the girlfriend of Mr Middleton Oh My English....

Comment: Biarlah and I hope she finds happiness. NOwadays you grab what you can get man. Happiness I mean! Not young men! Grabbing! Young men! No-no! Ok??

I buy paper sampah thats how I know....Baca, baca jugak..but I rasa marah gak dengan Mingguan*Malaysi(a sebab macam selalu mengumpat artists yang berseksi seksa and yet at the same time, go and put those kinds of girls on their cover..sapa yang suruh the girls pose with dada terbelahak like that right? (strutting their thang, as they say) ..must be the paper's cameramen gak lah...then cannot lah have double in this artist is unislamic lah this lah that lah..(She says while faithfully buying the gossip) suami ku my other half tu boleh pergi petrol station jauh tau , carikkan I paper trashy ni..sigh....bilaaaaaalah I ni nak berubah

Obersea pun I keep up gaklah...Im heartbroken that Taylor has broken up with Harry (sobs they were so cute together ...) and that they will never ever get back together - like ever. He he he..She's 24 and he's 19 or something

Ok ok I will now read my book "Fadhilat membaca Surah Yasin" redeem myself!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

William could be your kid or mine

have been reading the news of William Yau..that little boy who was found dead today



wake up call

sapa tak pernah buat ..leave the kids in the car for a short while , while we go dash into the petrolstationkiosk/atm machine/pay the parking fee ...right? I myself have done that at petrol kiosk..takkan nak bawak semua anak beranak turun right?? Satu kerja lah pulak carting all the kids here and there- especially if very short visit.

the only thing is..I've never done it when the kids were very young. But I can understand how a parent would think that at 7 years old their child is allready quite grown up.- feel they are mature enough to handle simple instructions like WAIT IN THE CAR and LOCK THE DOOR and LOOK AFTER YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER. Right? Who'd figure on one of them not wanting to wait and walking out? And how come he didn't find the parents..did they park far?

Anyway...I hope the family is staying strong together and don't blame each other..the 7 years old brother of William sure kena interrogate dah dengan mummy and daddy- how come you didn't stop him? how come you let him out? Didn't I tell you not to go out? At the same time, the parents probably (I imagine lah) would be going- tu lah you, nak sangat beli washing machine! I told you to wait until another day! Haiyaaa!

I imagine lah ni..entah entah tak,,,what is for sure is they must be in such pain now...and blaming themselves. Blame selves OK...takpa...blame each other tu pun takpa..blame lah come to think of it...tapi hope janganlah sampai ruin the family or the marriage...EH MACAM PYSCHIATRIST PULAK!:-)

I am more paranoid than the husband- he different story- dulu once i came out of a shop and went back to the car, where he was supposed to be waiting for me, with the kids. The kids were there, but he wasn't . It's not in his nature to wait for me! I freaked out lah of course because at that time Nadine was 5  (Imagine lah how young the others were). this was in Adelaide and we had a beat up van... He thought I was overreacting

Anyway yeah 99% of the time, nothing happens when you do leave your kids like that. It's that 1 % tu...and it only needs to happen once.

And that is my mantra about the kids..and now have to balance this with their need for independence..they are freaking teenagers for heavens' sake  I hear you say (yeah, you..hehe) and what's wrong with at the very least. walking to school alone? [which they do but which I always tell them to try to walk with a friend]. takdalaaaa .sometimes orang pull you into a car and my road can be lonely...[super paranoia] or am i being super smart?

I the kids grow up I cannot use the same standards of safety I did when they were all poor William's age....must learn to let go...must trust the world NOT to do bad stuff .

sigh you never the end of the do your best and now ,you try not to put your kids in situations where they will be left alone for too long! (not unless they are not "kids")

Oh by the way- to New Straits time-- can you not say William found DEAD? William's parents read papers too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Short update

The other day did I tell you I took away the laptops at home? We have 3 (!). I was doing homework with Johan and found out he is not that fast with division . I got a shock that he needs to brush up on basic stuff so I 

1. call teacher Jaslyn to give tution to johan as well- to brush up 
 2. took away all the laptops and hid them in the drawers.

the husband called me and said to me -eh what did you do ah... sophia dah baik..(sophia is well) ..(she had been unwell the day before with no voice). I said how you know? He said: she called me to ask WHERE's THE COMPUTER? haaa keluarpun suara...


kids are at home now...and they are lounging about at the last cuti for them to replace the taipusam this monday...makes sense because can have longer holiday. However both mom and dad (me lah) bz bz...hehehe ..I called home and Nadine said: Mom johan belum mandi..and it's 12.30..macam mana ni ahhhh

Sigh..I wish I have better more interesting news for the moment takda idea..kerghing....maybe I should go and sign up for Jeya's memory and mind workshop...he said he can teach me how to speedread, and remember facts and make decisions faster....brain feel so old....


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So last Sunday, I went to the S****** Sanctuary for my facial...after a break of almost four months. Ye lah, husband kata "indulgence" kan....however sad to say, at my age, if tak buat can start seing the effect. Especially since I ni sangat MALAS to do anything to my face..basic clean tone and moisturise pun tak buat...and then wonder why face look so bad..

not that I don't buy products..I do..but it ends up in my daughters' room. Daya uses my Nus*in toner  and my N*skin moisturiser got legs and walked to my other daughter's room..hehehehe. It's not that I don't clean my face, I just use soap to do it. Masa muda boleh lah get away with it...dah tua ni, skin becomes dry . Soaps are ok but not for old ageing skin.

so I pun pergi lah facial....I used to think orang pi facial ni buang duit tol.. (Memang pun) but it's really nice to be pampered, actually . They start by cleaning your face, and then they massage your face, and neck and shoulders...and then put various creams and then wipe them off again..They're forever coming out with new skin care (each one better than the last) and the one I tried last Sunday was the CellforceAdvance yang konon konon merepair kan my cells lah (i have stopped telling my husband this because he always shoots down the science , the doctor in him insist that all other treatments are cons) .. This treatment ada "machine" ie they use this apparatus to massage my face. Boy it was cold ! and another machine to massage my face again (that one was warm). And end up with a mask- which I hate. 

I hate masks. I always tell them to NOT cover my eyes,and never my mouth. (I bet they're soooo tempted to cover my mouth anyway he he)..and come to think of it, I hate the waiting takes 1 and a half hour of my life for the whole facial process.....and even though it's in Pavi I don't go and browse the shops ..I just go, get massaged, and then go back !

SO that's that- another 3 weeks of ignoring my face..before I have to go again...

My mom told me - haaa macam ni lah tak kusam! Kalau tak , berserabai!

So i guess facials are not an indulgence anymore! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

kit kat where are you

Take a break== have a kit kat..manakah engkau...

Doing my work

Tu lah last minute lagi

tomorrow got appointment . baru lah nak glabah check itu ini..

anyway here's what I am listening to  :Yiruma Kiss the Rain....

And here's what I want to be doing (the shoes in die for. Oh credit card..kenapa laaa you tak kosong...)

Oh yeah..dinner was accompanied by Sara playing to this - Monster Big Bang-- she is a K pop fan!

Bye...nak titon lah

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kau cubit anak aku????

Semalam a dear friend told me that her son had been pinched in school by the teacher. 

I dunno..what do you think 

Somehow whenever I hear of kids receiving some physical punishment, I cringe . I tak suka. Remember Sara was once punished for not bringing a book-with 100 ketuk ketampi (squats).Appropriate or not? I was so mad because she had just recovered from being ill (the type of illness that made us take her to the hospital , thinking it was birdflu) and she also complained of sore legs (I bet!) . My first thought - nak pi school- I was going to go and confront the teacher. It was a very inappropriate action of a teacher who was supposed to know better, and trained to think creatively where kids are concerned. And the teacher had only 20 plus kids under her care so cannot use excuse that she was overworked! I decided against confronting her in the end, (me big coward)  but I did go OVER that teacher's head, and went straight to the principal. I sent emails to all the heads expressing my deep disappointment that this type of punishment, which has physical impact, and does nothing to teach the child in terms of value, was still practiced-  I told them they should have asked Sara to clean the toilet or help the teachers or some sort of  chore (goodness knows my kids think chores are punishment) but NOT ketuk ketampi!

I didn't get any reply of course. But one of the heads told me that they regretted that and had spoken to the teachers (that teacher AND other teachers) about how punishment should have some sort of educational value. Yelah bukan nak lepaskan emosi anda je on that child! Itu setan namanya! Anyway soon after that the school announced a total revamp of how they teach, ie teachers are mudarib and supposed to mould the children . And whoever is not interested in being that type of teacher can go out. This they did at the cost of the parents of course...fees were increased 30% . 

I'm not saying what I did led to the revamp but the point here is that teachers must be leaders. They must be icons for the kids. They must be what parents cannot be, They cannot be a child themselves! They definitely cannot just act their feelings out , like a child! What then is the difference between you , the teacher, and that 7 year old boy who is still berhingus?? Why do you the teacher, feel it is totally OKAY to pinch another person's child to get the point across?? A simple rap on his table to shock him out of his naughtiness (or whatever horrendous offence he was committing) should do- or order him to stand on the chair for 1 minute- should be ok! Kan? 

Over emo pulak I ni..hihi..My friend ok je. I yang rasa nak nangis. Sebab I very rarely pinch my kids (they say otherwise though, ha ha). I asked the other half about what he thinks about this- he said biar je lah. HAA? ye ke ..I guess he thought he was pinched before when he was in school too, and he turned out ok. (his argument for everything). Well that doesn't make it right. I'm not against punishment. I'm against that type of punishment. 

I asked my friend to go to the head of the school - perhaps this teacher can be reminded gently that 7 years ago her students were not born yet. And that they are just kids . And pinching sampai leave a bruise, will lead parents to punch you in the face if they are not calm rational parents. And totally overreacting and wrong. Cariklah cara lain. 

But I think my friend takut repercussion! Yelah, dont want her son to be known as that child with the over protective mom. Alah who cares, at least they tau that your son has a mom who is watching over him, and not going to take everything lying down.  (Within reason lah kan, you dont go attack teachers for no reason kan) - And who knows that teacher will probably change for the better...and choose other more creative methods to teach children behaviour . Ni kalau you tak cakap, she will continue with that type of perangai..and what contoh is that to her students...that if you are mad at someone, pinch them?? 

Hope you do go talk to the teacher's boss ok!! 

Sekian terimakasih daripada ibu yang terover . :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday snippet

Hey hey hey how are you? 

Wow more than one week I have left you yek, blog oi..

Well...sementara itu: Listen! Listen! 

Hehehehe actually I must confess yang I ni tertinggal keretapi (or missed the train)(like MrsNordin always says) about this and missed the video.(about the listen listen listen thing) ..and actually prefer to stay that way! I malas lah nak bukak and watch nanti I pulak yang naik meradang...I prefer to open the video yang gerenti buat orang nangis...about friendship, or orang susah triumphing over adversities etc...tang gaduh gaduh ni...tak payah

I just told some omputeh (englishmen) that I want to live under a coconut shell in terms of politics! boleh tak? ehehhe ...means that I prefer to be under the current government rather than test unchartered waters...with people who I don't know well enough...could be that they are worse! Better the devil you know principle. But I do wish the current leaders would just clean up their act, return all the commission money to the people and stop corruption . That I do want

So anyway what's been happening,- work has resumed . Please ignore the fact that Im blogging during office hours..nak kata macamana, mood dah datang..! Plus MrsN reminded me to update! 

Nadine is applying to do International Baccalaureate (sama macam A Levels) - at Fairview. Sebab Fairview ada scholarship.. she has been shortlisted alhamdulillah (that was fast- apply pukul 4ptg on last day of deadline, next morning dah dapat answer). This Sunday kena go for presentation and team event.. and she has to give a bunch of documents. She had a recommendation letter from the school . I never knew my daughter was such a superstar.! If the letter was any more glowing, it'd burst into flames! She was much more modest..telling me ..alaaa the school is small...not much competition ...

(could be true, too!) 

Others- well Sophia has well and truly been bitten by the baking bug ..all the eggs, sugar, butter chocolate...all gone into mousse or caramel pudding...and the funny thing is she'd bake for her friends ONLY and not for us! Once she made a beautiful cheesecake and kept it in the fridge for 3 weeks waiting for her friend's birthday..meanwhile hari hari laaa kita orang tengok benda tu..we'd be nagging her if we can eat it..and she'd say no its for her friend..and then suddenly KG's son came over opened the fridge and the whole thing suddenly slid over and FELL. See?? I told her takda might as well have let us eat!

Ok ok the office is closing up..what am I still doing here? 


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hello there!

Hi all

Back to work back to reality hehe!

Did manage to go to work and remain coherent - until about 3 p.m. Husband lagi "terror"- he came home at 10pm! Fighting with the powers that be, to get equipment for the University hospital. They keep getting their budget those who are not doctors or medically inclined..macamana nak make the local universities international standard when the  money is not there ? Did you know that the university will only give you RM500 for international conference? Local conference pun entah lepas ke tak..So what the doctors have done is to get the local drug /pharmaceutical companies to subsidise their conference costs ! Husband however thinks this is wrong and therefore have deprived us of the many international conferences he could have gone to. To me, if you are anyway buying their product this will be "reward" rather than "incentive" why not laaa  accept the offers of those companies kan kan kan?? heheheh

Anyway kids came home late last night..about 6pm. Nadine is now working as a teachers' assistant (many teachers!) ..getting about RM600 per month. I think she doesn't want to leave the school lah! Yesterday she went to the debate club -now that she's no more a student they are looking for "pelapis" . Daya and sara may be interested, tengokler

So nice to hear the kids laugh again- they sang "supertrooper" for us...and told us of what they got up to...(although we facetimed often so I dah tau lah) apparently they had a whale of a time with opah and atok..bawak skating lah, balik kampung lah, pi makan thai restaurant lah..amboiiiii..hihi.good that their opah and atok pun bonding bonding dengan cucunya..kalau tak susah tau nak get them to come visit for a long time! Atok, kalau datang , maghrib je dah nak balik...jauh sekali lah nak spend the night..

Ok lah time to go to work...bye!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

home at last

Yay dah sampai!

Am so happy to be home..Malaysia lah the best

sekarang kepala tengah bengong

because it's 3 in the morning kat sana..

never MIND! kita toksah layan perasaan tu ..yang penting kita dah sampai tanahtumpanyadarahku. 

cant wait for kids to be home.. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

We havent killed each other yet !

= which is probably a funny title for a post about a couple on holiday sans kids, eh. 

Hubs and I have been spending all this time together right..and I was thinking it's a good thing we like each other because 

1. He walks everywhere
2. I don't like walking and if cabs were not RM100 for 4 km overhere, I'd be cabbing it everywhere.
3. He wants to do outdoor stuff
4. Im a couch potato
5. he loves to shop
6. i don't

so going anywhere for a prolonged period of time could be difficult! But happily we have managed to compromise our (in some ways very different) personalities! 

SO far , I have trudged and plodded behind him when walking around Luzern and he has very considerately slowed down his pace.I have begrudgingly given up my dressy shoes for clunky sneakers and two layers of (his) socks and he has patiently put them on for me every single time [because i said i can't bend down on account of my being fat..hehehe actually saja je mengada tahap gaban (although I am fat)].

  I have posed for countless photos with every single bush tree and river and even windows at his command (although I did moan aloud that I wished he would just leave the camera the heck alone and  just simply look at the sights only) . He had patiently entertained my endless request for coffee stops and toilet breaks (Mc donald here is soo upmarket but to go use their toilet you must have a code which can be found on your receipt) . I have blabbered on and on about plans we have today and he has listened noncommittally ,(I think after 19 years he has learnt to tune out the stuff he doesn't want to hear). I have also learnt that despite him listening noncommittally, and apparently not caring about any of the brochures and websites I showed him, he actually has a plan in his head (and he has learnt that if he wants to shut me up he should share that plan with me) and he will follow the plan and if it conflicts with mine ONLY THEN will he tell me about his plan (Like me wanting to eat thai and he pulled me out of the restaurant because he actually wanted to eat lebanese next door, when he never said and I thought he had no preference). I have also learnt that I am lazy and prefer to go with his plans and would have not looked up the websites had I only known that he was actually planning(in silence, in his head) he he..MEN!! 

I think being able to compromise and know when to give in and when to insist, is absolutely vital ! And both of us being so lepak and non confrontational helps I guess. Usually I would just go with the flow...but sometimes marah gak lah..We do get mad at each other. Like when he insisted on me trying on jeans at yet another shop  - (why do I have to tryyyyy?? I don't want to buy pants honey!! I want to buy stuff for the kids noww) and when he said I cannot buy more fabric because the ones at home pun tak terjahit (not sewn yet) - I was sulking because hey, suka hati lah I nak beli kan...this one will be unsewn and from lucerne..haaa spesel apa...but in the end I guess he was right..and I walked on..(huwaaa) .. And he wasn't too happy when I insisted to go back to hotel first and come out later rather than walk on and on and on... waaa he can be soo bossy! and I can be soo whiny! he he

Oh well..never mind! those are the spices of marriage I guess! think big picture..I used to tell people the most important thing is do you know how to come out of an argument ? (a hug and an apology, sincere or not, ends ours usually. That plus my very bad memory and his forgiving nature) = At the end of the day we both love to travel and love the hustle and bustle of the city and love each other! And we like each other too! And tomorrow will be our 19th year being married to each other (plus 3 of dating!) . Here's hoping we will continue to like each other and have a ball. (and forvast reserves of patience with each other as we grow older and become increasingly cranky and grumpy !)

Byeee! Thanks for listening ! 

Friday, January 04, 2013

[sorry ye,,masih lagi sama topik]Swiss Adventure continued- Off to Wengen!

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

That's us up in Mannlichen..a stop for those who love to ski. Tengok lah betapa tembamnye masing masing...I am wearing 4 layers of clothes and 2 pairs of pants..actually wearing a pair of track bottom under the jeans..dah lah sedia kala sah macam Macaron berjalan....

Talking about macaron, Kitchenguardian ada pesan PierreHermes or Ladureee...I pun google lah...ada kat Zurich -Bahnhoffstrasse the most expensive shopping road ever..but I also note with interest that there is a swiss made macaron called luzemburgerli-- (check it out: will try to bring the obscenely expensive things back at all costs he he.(just hope tak pecah during the flight)

We are now in another kampung. - we left the small quiet village of Murren with sadness ..sebab it was very private and remote..and we're now in Wengen..a more touristy place..has more shops. has a hairdresser. has a cinema. (in winter, over here, that's the definition of happening ok he he). We're here because husband, having gone ski-ing once , wanted to ski again, preferably on a slope that wouldn't kill him. (tulahhh i told him that time in Murren dont overdo it, he didn't listen..he went to the topppppp of the hill and joined experts on the way down..tau takut keh keh) ..yeah Wengen is kinder sikit lah..still full of babies and trendy teens with brightly coloured ski clothes..Someone wanted to get a pair of water proof ski pants and balked at the price (700CHF -times three and a half!!) So takyah lah..jeans will have to jeans can now stand on their's not been washed in 4 days..eeeyuckkkkk I hope to wash it in Lucerne the next stop- i am not used to not having my clothes washed on a daily basis (wah diva lah I nih)

View of the Monch ("Monk") after snow storm
Annnnyyyyway....did not tell you earlier about the snowstorm in Murren 2 days ago. Ok ok it was probably a trickle or a drizzle to the locals, but to us, so lah jakun to see the snow pelting down while we were having breakfast (or rather, while we were gorging our faces ) and we went out to pose in the snow.

View from our room- fresh snow!
We then stayed in the room , to wait it out (also gave us a chance to pray zuhur and asar together). !

Snow laden trees!(minah jakun, sorry) 
on the way to train station murren-- could not resist it!
mehlah main snow fight....!
Finally left the place at about 1 ish to go to Wengen.Trip down was equally scenic..
Touched down from Murren to Lauterbrunnen (the valley between  Murren and Wengen) 
Lauterbrunnen station
This is Lauterbrunnen from the cable car down from Murren
Lauterbrunnen is famous for its giant falls (can you see at the back?)
Wengen the Village- sun was juuustt coming out (I tell you its the KL factor)
 Stayed there until about 8pm - I was freezing cold mannnnn!t had to go up again to Murren because we didnt check out..(dalam sejuk it becomes such a hassle because had to take the train down from Wengen, to Lauterbrunnen, up to Murren) The next day (semalam) we checked out of Alpenblick and went again to Wengen...we decided to stay over night here. Husband terus pergi ski-ing while I stayed in the room (betol!waste time ke?) and just enjoyed the solitude..And thanks to facetime I talked to the kids face to face and can nag them to have a bath and have dinner etc etc.
Bye bye Alpenblick Murren...

Makan so far - potatoes cheese, potatoes cheese, eggs, tomatoes...maaaaakk give me chicken please..! Halal is not available here or kosher for that matter! So the first dinner we had in Wengen were cheese omelette and potato soup (very very salty) and last night..pesto pasta, and cheese and olive and anchovies pizza - (that was nice, in a very crowded and authentic Italian restaurant). There was only one thing that marred my dining was finding meaty bits in my vegetable soup!! Called the owner who swore that it was vegetable. REAAALLLLYY...?? a new brand of chewable meaty flavoured veg perhaps? Eeee very upset about it and did not eat it . Just praying that it was beef, at least. Pizza was gorgeous though because it was ugly, flat, crisp, not even, they just tossed olives and anchovies etc on the pizza..last time we ate that type of Pizza was in Rome! (wah pratt nye I)


Wengen- more touristy 

alahai they ski like they walk 

wanted to buy a bun- shop was empty when I went in. 

Suka tengok kids play in the snow kan. My kids would love this 

Went up to Mannlichen- view was spectacular. 
can see another village from Mannlichen- this is Grindelwald (Didnt get to go) 

On the way down from Murren  again (after checking out) note the sun was out yay!!

The hills above Wengen 

In cable car down to Lauterbrunnen again (ish leceh lak )

View of the 3 peaks from Grütschalp

Having to walk up to Hotel Jungfraublick ("view of Jungfrau") very steep woi

One of the rooms in hotel (not ours- ours had no view!) 

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick View 2

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick View 3 - are you fed up yet

Husband menunaikan hajat ..

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

When the malays go skiing

When you have snow, and overcast skies. and no shops to go shopping, and nothing to do in this small town but eat and sleep and winter sports, what DOES one do- learn to ski, of course. Over here you are surrounded by kids, toddlers, babies who whizz by you in skis (ok not the babies maybe hihi)! Takkan tak try kot..? One just has to try.

I didn't have an overwhelming desire to learn to ski, but other half had taken it up 2 decades ago when he went away on holiday with his posh mat salleh friends and swore blind that  skiiing was fun and easy.  Although he had not done it after that time 2 decades ago! 

So i said okay lah let's go learn how to ski. A little internet research revealed that there was a ski school just 10 mins walk away from the hotel and also , conveniently, ski hire shop. Only 39 chf for adult beginner package- gets you skis, poles and shoes. Although the husband had learnt, he generously agreed to accompany me on the learning slopes. We set off about 12 pm..

We got kitted out at the ski shop..first time ever wearing ski shoes-- they are hard and go up almost to your knees, and they really are stiff, gripping your legs. Then they handed me these 2 long poles and also skis (which were measured to dwarf size to fit me) . The lady  at the shop, Marta, was tut- tut ing about how my jeans were not suitable but for today was ok..and she fussed with my socks etc....and then off we go! Hubs wanted to buy gloves for me, punyer lah excited but I said heyyyy lets just rent them for like a tenth of the price ok. I realllllyy don't know about this skiing malarky. Nervous , apprehensive.wondering what the heck I was getting myself into.

The school was supposed to be 1 minute away from the shop== took me about 10 m ins I think. The shoes were clunky and hard and I felt like I was walking on the moon, I almost fell once. The lady and little girl passing me laughed when I said I was only walking and I'm already falling, oy vey. Husband was annoyingly chirpy and excited to be able to ski again. Warmed the cockles of my heart, it did , to see him that happy and carefree. He was starting to be a pain at home! 

Amazingly I reached the school before the sun set he he...We got this young guy Pascal who patiently taught us the basics like trying to walk, trying to put your feet (and humongous clunky shoes) into the skis, etc . Husband soon went off and practised on his own. 

Tak payah lah cerita the rest! the rest was about 2 hours of me practising various moves..learning to walk, then learning to walk sideways , learning what to do when you walk but are sliding backwards learning to stop, then he took me to the actual slope, then you get to haul yourselves higher with a moving rope , and stop half way up the slopes, and then you have to turn very quickly to the side otherwise you would be sliding backwards (slope was uphill)..then he taught me how to go down the slopes..iiiiiiii it was fast (to me larh, probably was snail pace to him) ...After 2 hours my arms were hurting, , my legs were aching, I was pespiring, sweating buckets under the jacket, the gloves were also wet and cold. Skiing is not for the unfit ok! I fell 3 times ,right after Pascal congratulated me for not falling - isn't this typical. 

I gave up after 2 hours and settled down at the cafe..dah lah..I did it, I tried it, and I need to lose about 20 kg before I try it again..cause it really is hard work! Husband on the other hand, after joining me for the coffee, went off on his own ..I went home and got under the duvet , My jeans were wet ! Apparently hubs went to a proper slope- supposed to be for beginners but was winding and edge of a ravine (beginner???) .. He had fun he said, though he fell a few times. Apparently it was different this time bravado wise-- because he knew he couldn't afford to be so blase about broken limbs!I told him he is now owned by 5 little people- he cannot be so cavalier!

Ok some pics now---! 

it's cold!!

On the way to the school

The ice rink of Murren

"The idea is you cant move your feet" was what I am sure she meant to say
Okay ready to be unleashed on to the world

What am I doing here, really. 

Husband took this while waiting for me - there I am with Pascal

Pascal sifu 
Walking with one ski first

Learn to walk and feeling comfortable with skis
Slopes for babies (and me)

Sure I wont fall? 
Fell here. 3 times. 

I have had enough!

Aaahhhh I deserve this....

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Swiss adventure..continued

Day 2 :

We left Zurich after melantakking at the breakfast buffet. As usual , I ate little and husband ate a LOT . (I get hungry faster though). We met a couple of Indonesian families who were there on a group tour , in transit between Paris lah, Rome lah etc. I said hi, of course, and then realised that not everyone appreciates being accosted by total strangers, so then I shut up. he he. However later towards the end of the breakfast (when husband looked bloated and happy he he) suddenly the lady asked us where we were going. There after we started chatting in malay/indon language . The man , the pakcik , told us that he was scared of eating even though it says no pork or halal or muslim meals because halal does not mean just that...he is of course right..actually, you should think whether the fried potatoes you just ate was fried in vegetable oil or lard- and whether the pots for your vegetarian meals were also used for their smoked gammon meal ! So far so good for us, since we only ate bread and eggs.

We took the tram to the city to catch a train to our next stop, Murren. Murren is a small ski resort ,up in the alps. 3 hours from Zurich. We could drive. which I voted for, but all the reviews said no, go with the train since Switzerland has one of the most fantastic train system ever lah according to the reviews. I malaslah nak turun naik train, worried about being late etc but hey! let's be adventurous. Anyway we got on the tram depan Novotel, thinking we were going to have to pay on board, rupanye we should have paid before we got on, ie we cheated the Swiss of 13CHF (RM50) hehehe...

This old Swiss man saw us looking totally lost and helped us with directions to the station..orang tua sini baik baik and he is coming to Malaysia in February this year. No I didn't talk too long to him..dia yang tegur kita, I swear. he he

Sampai je the Zurich HB trainstation, we bought a SWISS HALFFARE CARD. Ok swiss rail and the many types of cards and passes they offer is mind boggling ok. There is Swiss pass, which is all you want to travel basically in amonth (4, 6, 8 days) and Swiss half fare card, which then lets you travel 1 month for half price, swiss transfer card, swiss flexipass, entah hapa hapa lagi lah. The thing is , the cards themseves are not cheap, so you have to do careful research (preferably without letting your boss know) as to whether you really need one, or is buying when you need to actually get on the train, better.  Tapi, I let the other half decide, and he bought a swiss half fare card, having been lectured by the stern lady at the station, that this was the best choice.

Anyway...(am I boring you ?-We just finished breakfast and waiting to finish this post before going out..Im just letting the other half tidor off his heavy breakfast I tell you the man can really EAT! usually kat rumah, minum kopi je ,on holiday he really lets rip hehehe) .

Train went so fast so quietly..did not realise we had moved! There is first class train and 2nd class carriage..luar ada tulis besar besar No 1 or No 2. I don't really know the difference.

First stop was Bern...we changed train , to go to Interlaken . We had to sit with another couple, then people got off and we changed seats so  we can sit together (bukan apa, nak jaga bag senang)..we had 2 small  bags and 1 big bag with us. Then this couple came on from Bern - old lady - looks really elegant, kept looking at me..maybe cause I look so odd, with my hijab. She should try it on, it keeps the ears warm! Anyway I said hi , eventually, and we soon got to chatting quite animatedly , in her halting english and my german accented english (mana datang tu?? Kan nadine??Nadine thinks I adopt the accents of others..I do it unconsciously and perhaps its to put the other party at ease..I can be australian, or english or even Indian or Irish! ) . This couple nak spend New year eve at Interlaken, sort of a resort town, used as a base for those  heading to the mountains. They stopped at Interlaken and we said bye bye, having exchanged addresses and promised to visit Malaysia. Seriously Ng Yen Yen the Tourism Minister should pay me.

We weren't stopping at Interlaken but going up to the mountains direct. The route was to Lauterbrunnen- tukar lagi train...and then take the smaller train (cog wheel) up to Winteregg and then change to another train..aissshhhh...and then finally to Murren...!

Murren macam....macam...macam winter wonderland.It was sunny, but cold everything is in white, It is perched on a ledge on the alps and it is considered one of the smaller resorts but the prettiest. I had read reviews of various hotels where they argue about which ones had the better view of the mountains, and I'm so lucky in our case...Murren was kissing distance from the mountains themselves. The 3 famous ones are the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau..They were basically in our faces literally outside the window of our room We stayed at a small , family run hotel, picked because it was cheaper than the others (RM1600 for 3 days with breakfast ..believe me, this is cheap if you want a hotel stay lar) . We checked in, husband almost sliding off the snow , in his work shoes (!!) and were greeted warmly by Magdalena, the staff (Heidi and Franz were the owner). The whole scenery was so idyllic actually, that I find it surreal..

The whole village is pretty..and geared towards skiing and winter sports. It's car free and you see families walking around with their kids. It's a base for Schilthorn, where George Lazanby as James Bond filmed part of On Her Majesty Secret Service..Murren is 1,650 metres above sea level...and Piz gloria, on Schilthorn  is at 10,000 feet. No other way of going up, except on this cable car..SERONOK GILER, Langkawi has equivalent cable car .

We rushed to go up to Piz gloria, up in Schiltorn... not cause we wanted to see James Bond (movie pun I tak tengok ) but because it was the thing to do! The other thing to do was to visit Jungfraujoch ie go up to the top of the mountain of Jungfrau , 12,000 feet. It's the highest trainstation in Europe , but to do that we had to go to another town to take the train. Actually now I don't think we are going to do that, because (a) it's very expensive (190 CHF or about RM700 per person nak naik!) and (b) Piz Gloria was glorious and high up as well. We went, the sun was setting, and it was VERY COLD. and the sky was blue...and we posed our butt off..hehehehe...I did of course disturb a couple of guys (husband thinks they are partners) to take our pictures and they kindly obliged (remind me, I have to send their picture to their email add as well) .. Piz Gloria has this rotating restaurant where we spent the kids' next month's allowance on hot chocolate and , of all things, ice cream (dah , semua benda I tak trust camana)...People we talked to said the weather was exceptionally warm and sunny must be our KL weather coming along with us!

Coming back it was already dusk. the walk back was quiet, serene, surreal, and beautiful. Murren is 1 km in length (kecik je) and it has a co-op, a chinese restaurant, a couple of ski shops, a sports centre, and 2 massage parlours (I checked- 50CHF per half hour) .

God is indeed great and we are lucky to have been given this chance (ok this promotion ticket I mean)to come and witness his Greatness ourselves. Sapa sapa yang ingat nak datang...just do it. Nike says so too.

We missed dinner again, and to think it was New Year's Eve. Although perhaps it was a good thing, since people most probably got very happy and tipsy last night..

Leaving you with some pictures ....

(kids we miss you loads and spent last night talking about you and looking at your pictures!)

Lake Thun, view from train 
Arriving in Murren 

we had to walk to our hotel - 3 mins away from the station

Yay!! arrived at Alpenblick..

our room- small but cosy and warm! 

The Jungfrau from our balcony..boleh aku picit picit je 

Some one is happy...and I told him NO PHONE CALLS FROM THE HOSPITAL!

Saja nak tangkap gambar trendy the mendy

On the way to Schiltorn trainstation,finally a pic together! 

10,000 feet above sea level..sejuk no joke

next year boleh datang lagi tak hehehehe

Im on top of the world he says 

can you see Lake Thun from here? 

Macam icing sugar kan- the mountains around us ..shall I sing The hills are aliveeeeeee

Gorgeous icecream 

That little village down there is Murren as seen from the cable car going down from Schilthorn

Walking back to the hotel- passing that old mountain apa ke nama dia..jungfrau hehehehe

lights on the short high street

The supermarket..baru excited nak beli barang..then read that it was closed and again on new year ! 

today..overcast..but at least not snowing (someone at the hotel said ler) so gonna try skiing ok. tata...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...