So last Sunday, I went to the S****** Sanctuary for my facial...after a break of almost four months. Ye lah, husband kata "indulgence" kan....however sad to say, at my age, if tak buat ...you can start seing the effect. Especially since I ni sangat MALAS to do anything to my face..basic clean tone and moisturise pun tak buat...and then wonder why face look so bad..

not that I don't buy products..I do..but it ends up in my daughters' room. Daya uses my Nus*in toner  and my N*skin moisturiser got legs and walked to my other daughter's room..hehehehe. It's not that I don't clean my face, I just use soap to do it. Masa muda boleh lah get away with it...dah tua ni, skin becomes dry . Soaps are ok but not for old ageing skin.

so I pun pergi lah facial....I used to think orang pi facial ni buang duit tol.. (Memang pun) but it's really nice to be pampered, actually . They start by cleaning your face, and then they massage your face, and neck and shoulders...and then put various creams and then wipe them off again..They're forever coming out with new skin care (each one better than the last) and the one I tried last Sunday was the CellforceAdvance yang konon konon merepair kan my cells lah (i have stopped telling my husband this because he always shoots down the science , the doctor in him insist that all other treatments are cons) .. This treatment ada "machine" ie they use this apparatus to massage my face. Boy it was cold ! and another machine to massage my face again (that one was warm). And end up with a mask- which I hate. 

I hate masks. I always tell them to NOT cover my eyes,and never my mouth. (I bet they're soooo tempted to cover my mouth anyway he he)..and come to think of it, I hate the waiting process...it takes 1 and a half hour of my life for the whole facial process.....and even though it's in Pavi I don't go and browse the shops ..I just go, get massaged, and then go back !

SO that's that- another 3 weeks of ignoring my face..before I have to go again...

My mom told me - haaa macam ni lah tak kusam! Kalau tak , berserabai!

So i guess facials are not an indulgence anymore! 


Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

I hate facials and the waiting time too. I usually do facial only twice a year.

But it's good to just use toner and moisturizer even once a day. Perhaps you can try this and start to see some progress with your skin.

kan? malas betol nak kena tunggu..I usually check my emails and fb !

Yes okayyyyyy i will tryyyyyyyy
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
Salam Shila

akak tak pernah pernah gi facial ni..reason no 1..sebab tak da duit dulu...sekarang ni nak pergi tapi tak da masa..ingat kan bila anak dah besar boleh bawak mak dia sana sini tapi diaorng pun ada hal sendiri time cuti..PA pulak boleh hantar tapi kesian lak kat dia dok menunggu berejam kat kedai mamak!
so tonyoh je muka ni dengan Syahirah ni..heheh
Akak dah sweet tak paaa.....hehehe

sekali sekala best gak ada orang belai belai ni ...hmm mungkin suruh PA masuk sekali (join facial!) ha ha dia nak tak??
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
Ishhh mana boleh!..di belai belai dek pompuan muda!..tak ku rela,biar lah berjambang beruban...
Oh betol betol tu...mana boleh kan!! ish!!

Akak lah buat kan facial, baru manja sikit..hihi
nizamohamed said…
I dah berzaman and berzaman and berzaman tak buat facial....kalau terajin and teringat, pakaila mask, if not, hmmmm...macam tu je le...lol! Arwah my mom always pesan kena rajin buat facial, she would force me to go and sometimes dia yang buatkan for me..
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tiara324542 said…
i dont use any toner, mummy.. :/

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