I love to read gossip and trash.

There you go. confession. And then I wonder why my brain is turning to mush. What happened to my firm resolve to better myself and do lots of solat sunat etc etc. HAH??

Instead I can tell you from my ahem- research:

1. Liyana Jasmays photog has distributed her pre wedding pictures and is defending it and her mom is upset about it.

Comment: Er, maybe not a good idea to have prewedding pictures looking like after wedding pictures he he. Also, who is Liyana Jasmay. And, I didn't know the artists' weddings get sponsored to that extent sampai gambar pun nak free???

2. Awie opening nightclub and defending it, saying that that is all he knows and do not judge him and do not question the hukum hakam (ie laws on religion).

Comment: Well he's a father now and I'm sure he knows what is right and what is wrong and what he wants his children to learn from him. I dont think anyone is  questioning the right and wrong of a nightclub with alcohol and scantily clad ladies for someone who professes to be a muslim  and a huge champagne bottle to celebrate the launch (imma guessing) because there is nothing to question- it's plain wrong.

3. Rozita che wan is officially the girlfriend of Mr Middleton Oh My English....

Comment: Biarlah and I hope she finds happiness. NOwadays you grab what you can get man. Happiness I mean! Not young men! Grabbing! Young men! No-no! Ok??

I buy paper sampah thats how I know....Baca, baca jugak..but I rasa marah gak dengan Mingguan*Malaysi(a sebab macam selalu mengumpat artists yang berseksi seksa and yet at the same time, go and put those kinds of girls on their cover..sapa yang suruh the girls pose with dada terbelahak like that right? (strutting their thang, as they say) ..must be the paper's cameramen gak lah...then cannot lah have double standard...as in this artist is unislamic lah this lah that lah..(She says while faithfully buying the gossip)..eh suami ku my other half tu boleh pergi petrol station jauh tau , carikkan I paper trashy ni..sigh....bilaaaaaalah I ni nak berubah

Obersea pun I keep up gaklah...Im heartbroken that Taylor has broken up with Harry (sobs they were so cute together ...) and that they will never ever get back together - like ever. He he he..She's 24 and he's 19 or something

Ok ok I will now read my book "Fadhilat membaca Surah Yasin" ..to redeem myself!



Ezza Muffinbiru said…
akak baca beautiful nara..hehehe...

tak lama lagi mesti taylor swift tu buat lagu pasal ex bf dia..hahaha...
Anonymous said…
Hee hee! You are hilarious!

nizamohamed said…
Thank you for the updates..kalau tak i ketinggalan keretapi..:)) interesting read Shila..so hilarious!!!
akak beautiful nara tu memang good source tapi lately banyak lak advert kan ? kengkadang saya check ohbulan..research lah namanya hahahahah
mira- he he thanks!
Niza- haa penting ni, update mengenai er..current events kan? half the people that appears on telly nowadays I sumpah tak kenal...tapi syok gak baca!

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