Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hello there!

Hi all

Back to work back to reality hehe!

Did manage to go to work and remain coherent - until about 3 p.m. Husband lagi "terror"- he came home at 10pm! Fighting with the powers that be, to get equipment for the University hospital. They keep getting their budget those who are not doctors or medically inclined..macamana nak make the local universities international standard when the  money is not there ? Did you know that the university will only give you RM500 for international conference? Local conference pun entah lepas ke tak..So what the doctors have done is to get the local drug /pharmaceutical companies to subsidise their conference costs ! Husband however thinks this is wrong and therefore have deprived us of the many international conferences he could have gone to. To me, if you are anyway buying their product this will be "reward" rather than "incentive" why not laaa  accept the offers of those companies kan kan kan?? heheheh

Anyway kids came home late last night..about 6pm. Nadine is now working as a teachers' assistant (many teachers!) ..getting about RM600 per month. I think she doesn't want to leave the school lah! Yesterday she went to the debate club -now that she's no more a student they are looking for "pelapis" . Daya and sara may be interested, tengokler

So nice to hear the kids laugh again- they sang "supertrooper" for us...and told us of what they got up to...(although we facetimed often so I dah tau lah) apparently they had a whale of a time with opah and atok..bawak skating lah, balik kampung lah, pi makan thai restaurant lah..amboiiiii..hihi.good that their opah and atok pun bonding bonding dengan cucunya..kalau tak susah tau nak get them to come visit for a long time! Atok, kalau datang , maghrib je dah nak balik...jauh sekali lah nak spend the night..

Ok lah time to go to work...bye!!

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