Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kau cubit anak aku????

Semalam a dear friend told me that her son had been pinched in school by the teacher. 

I dunno..what do you think 

Somehow whenever I hear of kids receiving some physical punishment, I cringe . I tak suka. Remember Sara was once punished for not bringing a book-with 100 ketuk ketampi (squats).Appropriate or not? I was so mad because she had just recovered from being ill (the type of illness that made us take her to the hospital , thinking it was birdflu) and she also complained of sore legs (I bet!) . My first thought - nak pi school- I was going to go and confront the teacher. It was a very inappropriate action of a teacher who was supposed to know better, and trained to think creatively where kids are concerned. And the teacher had only 20 plus kids under her care so cannot use excuse that she was overworked! I decided against confronting her in the end, (me big coward)  but I did go OVER that teacher's head, and went straight to the principal. I sent emails to all the heads expressing my deep disappointment that this type of punishment, which has physical impact, and does nothing to teach the child in terms of value, was still practiced-  I told them they should have asked Sara to clean the toilet or help the teachers or some sort of  chore (goodness knows my kids think chores are punishment) but NOT ketuk ketampi!

I didn't get any reply of course. But one of the heads told me that they regretted that and had spoken to the teachers (that teacher AND other teachers) about how punishment should have some sort of educational value. Yelah bukan nak lepaskan emosi anda je on that child! Itu setan namanya! Anyway soon after that the school announced a total revamp of how they teach, ie teachers are mudarib and supposed to mould the children . And whoever is not interested in being that type of teacher can go out. This they did at the cost of the parents of course...fees were increased 30% . 

I'm not saying what I did led to the revamp but the point here is that teachers must be leaders. They must be icons for the kids. They must be what parents cannot be, They cannot be a child themselves! They definitely cannot just act their feelings out , like a child! What then is the difference between you , the teacher, and that 7 year old boy who is still berhingus?? Why do you the teacher, feel it is totally OKAY to pinch another person's child to get the point across?? A simple rap on his table to shock him out of his naughtiness (or whatever horrendous offence he was committing) should do- or order him to stand on the chair for 1 minute- should be ok! Kan? 

Over emo pulak I ni..hihi..My friend ok je. I yang rasa nak nangis. Sebab I very rarely pinch my kids (they say otherwise though, ha ha). I asked the other half about what he thinks about this- he said biar je lah. HAA? ye ke ..I guess he thought he was pinched before when he was in school too, and he turned out ok. (his argument for everything). Well that doesn't make it right. I'm not against punishment. I'm against that type of punishment. 

I asked my friend to go to the head of the school - perhaps this teacher can be reminded gently that 7 years ago her students were not born yet. And that they are just kids . And pinching sampai leave a bruise, will lead parents to punch you in the face if they are not calm rational parents. And totally overreacting and wrong. Cariklah cara lain. 

But I think my friend takut repercussion! Yelah, dont want her son to be known as that child with the over protective mom. Alah who cares, at least they tau that your son has a mom who is watching over him, and not going to take everything lying down.  (Within reason lah kan, you dont go attack teachers for no reason kan) - And who knows that teacher will probably change for the better...and choose other more creative methods to teach children behaviour . Ni kalau you tak cakap, she will continue with that type of perangai..and what contoh is that to her students...that if you are mad at someone, pinch them?? 

Hope you do go talk to the teacher's boss ok!! 

Sekian terimakasih daripada ibu yang terover . :) 


Anonymous said...

This kind of things is happening all over malaysia, not just in schools, but even in baby care centre, nursery and kindergarden.

there is a teacher called Ms Malini at the Smart Readers Mutiara Rini branch in johor bahru. guess what, it's just dealing with kids under 7 yrs of age. sometimes when kids didnt write an alphabet correctly, she takes the waste paper basket and hit on their head. sometimes she ask the kid to stand on the chair for the entire duration of the class. other teachers there are aware of this situation, but they are not lodging any complaint because the centre is owned by this teacher Malini.

teachers like this shd be taken disciplinary action and asked to go on no pay leave for one month as punishment. when they do not receive their pay and have difficulty paying their bills, they will buck up.


jana said...

Sekolah swasta tu rasanya kan,kalau sekolah kerajaan sure dah kena komplen habis,bila sekolah swasta kita hantar email komplen pun tak jawab,memang sangatlah tak patut langsung

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha- report polis je baru tau Malini ni...kes dera budak budak ni!! Kesiannnn sangat.. parents lah kena buat..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jana- kan? buat donno pulak. Tapi sebab everytime ada perhimpunan lah apa lah jadi memang orang yang di email tu I akan jumpa personally lah..haa mana nak larii hehehe

MrsNordin said...

Not going. I'll wait if there's another bruise. Then I'll confront the whole school!

Btw, he told me on Friday, he showed the teacher the bruise on his arm, bekas cubit tu. The teacher said, "Oh sorry.. My bad." (those were his words.. don't know how true tho'...).

Superwomanwannabe said...

ok bj...geramnyaaaaa but i think the teacher sure takut now

green fingers said...

hah..SW, I think you are over-reacting maybe just a tiny bit :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Definitely overreacting GreenFingers! :)

Nadine said...

Oho! I knew it was you! I had a sneaking suspicion...
Suddenly we werent allowed to do ketuk ketampi, because "the parents will complain and its bad" so simple punishments for coming late to krs and things like that got all complicated. It is So hard to manage students writing lines, you have to make sure they actually do it and pass up, and if they dont there has to be some sort of punishment for that and so on. Really complicated and leceh and your OTHER daughter had to be in charge of it! Ironically Sara too.Then it gets really overwhelming and people just spill through the cracks.

I dont think its because of spite, you have to have a punishment to prevent them from whatever it is they're not supposed to do, otherwise why not? Community service needs supervision and no one has the time to spare, and there was never much for them to do plus theyd be missing classes. Squats were short, simple and effective, no one wanted to do them of course but as a punishment students think its fine. Of course a hundred is quite alot, but otherwise 10 or 20 is easy and it's over within minutes. Even now, the teachers or prefects dont really know what to do.

The last time I was there, we did sit ups instead (for routine offences like coming late to school or the musolla). Definitely has a benefit, exercise. The boys generally have no system at all, they get away scott free or get a reprimanding from teachers nobody takes seriously.

What do you think mommy? Any alternatives?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Very thought provoking noble ideas defeated for lack of manpower! Hmm 10 squats ok lah kot but 100?? too excessive by any definition. Really cannot ah, the community thing- after school maybe? weekend? 100 squats pun waste time what.

Teachers and prefects MUST sit and discuss and come up with SOMETHING. Let's trawl the internet and find out how other people dole out punishment!

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