Friday, January 25, 2013

Short update

The other day did I tell you I took away the laptops at home? We have 3 (!). I was doing homework with Johan and found out he is not that fast with division . I got a shock that he needs to brush up on basic stuff so I 

1. call teacher Jaslyn to give tution to johan as well- to brush up 
 2. took away all the laptops and hid them in the drawers.

the husband called me and said to me -eh what did you do ah... sophia dah baik..(sophia is well) ..(she had been unwell the day before with no voice). I said how you know? He said: she called me to ask WHERE's THE COMPUTER? haaa keluarpun suara...


kids are at home now...and they are lounging about at the last cuti for them to replace the taipusam this monday...makes sense because can have longer holiday. However both mom and dad (me lah) bz bz...hehehe ..I called home and Nadine said: Mom johan belum mandi..and it's 12.30..macam mana ni ahhhh

Sigh..I wish I have better more interesting news for the moment takda idea..kerghing....maybe I should go and sign up for Jeya's memory and mind workshop...he said he can teach me how to speedread, and remember facts and make decisions faster....brain feel so old....


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