Friday, January 04, 2013

[sorry ye,,masih lagi sama topik]Swiss Adventure continued- Off to Wengen!

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

That's us up in Mannlichen..a stop for those who love to ski. Tengok lah betapa tembamnye masing masing...I am wearing 4 layers of clothes and 2 pairs of pants..actually wearing a pair of track bottom under the jeans..dah lah sedia kala sah macam Macaron berjalan....

Talking about macaron, Kitchenguardian ada pesan PierreHermes or Ladureee...I pun google lah...ada kat Zurich -Bahnhoffstrasse the most expensive shopping road ever..but I also note with interest that there is a swiss made macaron called luzemburgerli-- (check it out: will try to bring the obscenely expensive things back at all costs he he.(just hope tak pecah during the flight)

We are now in another kampung. - we left the small quiet village of Murren with sadness ..sebab it was very private and remote..and we're now in Wengen..a more touristy place..has more shops. has a hairdresser. has a cinema. (in winter, over here, that's the definition of happening ok he he). We're here because husband, having gone ski-ing once , wanted to ski again, preferably on a slope that wouldn't kill him. (tulahhh i told him that time in Murren dont overdo it, he didn't listen..he went to the topppppp of the hill and joined experts on the way down..tau takut keh keh) ..yeah Wengen is kinder sikit lah..still full of babies and trendy teens with brightly coloured ski clothes..Someone wanted to get a pair of water proof ski pants and balked at the price (700CHF -times three and a half!!) So takyah lah..jeans will have to jeans can now stand on their's not been washed in 4 days..eeeyuckkkkk I hope to wash it in Lucerne the next stop- i am not used to not having my clothes washed on a daily basis (wah diva lah I nih)

View of the Monch ("Monk") after snow storm
Annnnyyyyway....did not tell you earlier about the snowstorm in Murren 2 days ago. Ok ok it was probably a trickle or a drizzle to the locals, but to us, so lah jakun to see the snow pelting down while we were having breakfast (or rather, while we were gorging our faces ) and we went out to pose in the snow.

View from our room- fresh snow!
We then stayed in the room , to wait it out (also gave us a chance to pray zuhur and asar together). !

Snow laden trees!(minah jakun, sorry) 
on the way to train station murren-- could not resist it!
mehlah main snow fight....!
Finally left the place at about 1 ish to go to Wengen.Trip down was equally scenic..
Touched down from Murren to Lauterbrunnen (the valley between  Murren and Wengen) 
Lauterbrunnen station
This is Lauterbrunnen from the cable car down from Murren
Lauterbrunnen is famous for its giant falls (can you see at the back?)
Wengen the Village- sun was juuustt coming out (I tell you its the KL factor)
 Stayed there until about 8pm - I was freezing cold mannnnn!t had to go up again to Murren because we didnt check out..(dalam sejuk it becomes such a hassle because had to take the train down from Wengen, to Lauterbrunnen, up to Murren) The next day (semalam) we checked out of Alpenblick and went again to Wengen...we decided to stay over night here. Husband terus pergi ski-ing while I stayed in the room (betol!waste time ke?) and just enjoyed the solitude..And thanks to facetime I talked to the kids face to face and can nag them to have a bath and have dinner etc etc.
Bye bye Alpenblick Murren...

Makan so far - potatoes cheese, potatoes cheese, eggs, tomatoes...maaaaakk give me chicken please..! Halal is not available here or kosher for that matter! So the first dinner we had in Wengen were cheese omelette and potato soup (very very salty) and last night..pesto pasta, and cheese and olive and anchovies pizza - (that was nice, in a very crowded and authentic Italian restaurant). There was only one thing that marred my dining was finding meaty bits in my vegetable soup!! Called the owner who swore that it was vegetable. REAAALLLLYY...?? a new brand of chewable meaty flavoured veg perhaps? Eeee very upset about it and did not eat it . Just praying that it was beef, at least. Pizza was gorgeous though because it was ugly, flat, crisp, not even, they just tossed olives and anchovies etc on the pizza..last time we ate that type of Pizza was in Rome! (wah pratt nye I)


Wengen- more touristy 

alahai they ski like they walk 

wanted to buy a bun- shop was empty when I went in. 

Suka tengok kids play in the snow kan. My kids would love this 

Went up to Mannlichen- view was spectacular. 
can see another village from Mannlichen- this is Grindelwald (Didnt get to go) 

On the way down from Murren  again (after checking out) note the sun was out yay!!

The hills above Wengen 

In cable car down to Lauterbrunnen again (ish leceh lak )

View of the 3 peaks from Grütschalp

Having to walk up to Hotel Jungfraublick ("view of Jungfrau") very steep woi

One of the rooms in hotel (not ours- ours had no view!) 

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick View 2

Wengen from Hotel Jungfraublick View 3 - are you fed up yet

Husband menunaikan hajat ..


Anonymous said...

Bestnya Shila!!


nizamohamed said...

Love the pics!! So scenic ....macaroons tu kena junjung bwk balik, baru tak pecah kut.. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

ahh Wengen.. masa summer ada byk lembu2 kat sini.. so cute dgn bunyi loceng kat leher dorg yg kelentang kelentung.. so very swiss. masa I kat Männlichen 2 summers ago, kitaorg trekking dari Männlichen ke Kleine Schedegg, the view mmg la awesome giler2.. all the 3 big mountains depan mata je all d time.. tambah cantik lagi dgn wildflowers merata2.. asik brenti posing2 je kitaorg. meriah masa summer, ramai org trekking. dari kleine schedegg (KS) bleh trekking turun ke wengen, tapi kalo dah penat bleh je naik train. ataupun dari KS bleh naik train spesel ke Jungfrau (top of europe). experience train masuk dlm gunung tu yg best!

Anonymous said...

nampak Staubbach Falls tu.. beku jugak masa winter ek.. dah 2 kali gi sini both masa summer.. lepas tgk ur pics ni dah pasang angan2 nak gi masa winter pulak la.. winter wonderland di Murren.. my next goal :)

I suggest U gi masa summer lak.. bawak anak2.. sure diaorg tak nak balik!! heheh

Anonymous said...

di luzern nnt bleh naik Mt. Rigi lak. wonder lake luzern tu beku ke masa winter? chapel bridge for sure is a must tapi all the bunga2 kat keliling bridge tu takde la masa winter.. masa summer sgt cantik, bunga2 very d kalerful

Anonymous said...

Nice holiday picture. Swiss is indeed such a beautiful country.

Perhaps next time u can consider bringing some maggi cup noodles on ur trip, canned tuna, canned ayam kari, least boleh makan dgn roti kosong.

from what i know, in some restaurants, u can just order any dish u prefer, but ask them to omit the meat and just tell them u are vegetarian. so they wont put any meat substance into it.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah- sangat best macam mimpi tol. dah nak balik dah ...

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI Niza

i rasa macam tak sempaaat je ni..didnt figure on sunday tak bukak!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anonymous!

Wengen must be soo lawa during the summer kan?? I must try to come back here with the kiddoes..they would really love it..I teringin gak nak tengok cows wiht bells and wildflowers! Satu eidelweiss tak ada he he...

winter is spectacular ..share your trip experience ok!

Eee actually tak puas kan? kalau lah dekat hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha- yeah! kicking myself for leaving those essentials! satu serunding tak bawak! I think we were so bz making sure the kids were sorted before we went that I totally forgot about us! nasib baik laa the other half ingat nak pack socks etc cause I forgot that too!

Superwomanwannabe said...

OH yeah- that sina restaurant i told them specifically i was vegetarian..i guess they have a different definition of vegetable! he he

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