Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Swiss adventure..continued

Day 2 :

We left Zurich after melantakking at the breakfast buffet. As usual , I ate little and husband ate a LOT . (I get hungry faster though). We met a couple of Indonesian families who were there on a group tour , in transit between Paris lah, Rome lah etc. I said hi, of course, and then realised that not everyone appreciates being accosted by total strangers, so then I shut up. he he. However later towards the end of the breakfast (when husband looked bloated and happy he he) suddenly the lady asked us where we were going. There after we started chatting in malay/indon language . The man , the pakcik , told us that he was scared of eating even though it says no pork or halal or muslim meals because halal does not mean just that...he is of course right..actually, you should think whether the fried potatoes you just ate was fried in vegetable oil or lard- and whether the pots for your vegetarian meals were also used for their smoked gammon meal ! So far so good for us, since we only ate bread and eggs.

We took the tram to the city to catch a train to our next stop, Murren. Murren is a small ski resort ,up in the alps. 3 hours from Zurich. We could drive. which I voted for, but all the reviews said no, go with the train since Switzerland has one of the most fantastic train system ever lah according to the reviews. I malaslah nak turun naik train, worried about being late etc but hey! let's be adventurous. Anyway we got on the tram depan Novotel, thinking we were going to have to pay on board, rupanye we should have paid before we got on, ie we cheated the Swiss of 13CHF (RM50) hehehe...

This old Swiss man saw us looking totally lost and helped us with directions to the station..orang tua sini baik baik and he is coming to Malaysia in February this year. No I didn't talk too long to him..dia yang tegur kita, I swear. he he

Sampai je the Zurich HB trainstation, we bought a SWISS HALFFARE CARD. Ok swiss rail and the many types of cards and passes they offer is mind boggling ok. There is Swiss pass, which is all you want to travel basically in amonth (4, 6, 8 days) and Swiss half fare card, which then lets you travel 1 month for half price, swiss transfer card, swiss flexipass, entah hapa hapa lagi lah. The thing is , the cards themseves are not cheap, so you have to do careful research (preferably without letting your boss know) as to whether you really need one, or is buying when you need to actually get on the train, better.  Tapi, I let the other half decide, and he bought a swiss half fare card, having been lectured by the stern lady at the station, that this was the best choice.

Anyway...(am I boring you ?-We just finished breakfast and waiting to finish this post before going out..Im just letting the other half tidor off his heavy breakfast I tell you the man can really EAT! usually kat rumah, minum kopi je ,on holiday he really lets rip hehehe) .

Train went so fast so quietly..did not realise we had moved! There is first class train and 2nd class carriage..luar ada tulis besar besar No 1 or No 2. I don't really know the difference.

First stop was Bern...we changed train , to go to Interlaken . We had to sit with another couple, then people got off and we changed seats so  we can sit together (bukan apa, nak jaga bag senang)..we had 2 small  bags and 1 big bag with us. Then this couple came on from Bern - old lady - looks really elegant, kept looking at me..maybe cause I look so odd, with my hijab. She should try it on, it keeps the ears warm! Anyway I said hi , eventually, and we soon got to chatting quite animatedly , in her halting english and my german accented english (mana datang tu?? Kan nadine??Nadine thinks I adopt the accents of others..I do it unconsciously and perhaps its to put the other party at ease..I can be australian, or english or even Indian or Irish! ) . This couple nak spend New year eve at Interlaken, sort of a resort town, used as a base for those  heading to the mountains. They stopped at Interlaken and we said bye bye, having exchanged addresses and promised to visit Malaysia. Seriously Ng Yen Yen the Tourism Minister should pay me.

We weren't stopping at Interlaken but going up to the mountains direct. The route was to Lauterbrunnen- tukar lagi train...and then take the smaller train (cog wheel) up to Winteregg and then change to another train..aissshhhh...and then finally to Murren...!

Murren macam....macam...macam winter wonderland.It was sunny, but cold everything is in white, It is perched on a ledge on the alps and it is considered one of the smaller resorts but the prettiest. I had read reviews of various hotels where they argue about which ones had the better view of the mountains, and I'm so lucky in our case...Murren was kissing distance from the mountains themselves. The 3 famous ones are the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau..They were basically in our faces literally outside the window of our room We stayed at a small , family run hotel, picked because it was cheaper than the others (RM1600 for 3 days with breakfast ..believe me, this is cheap if you want a hotel stay lar) . We checked in, husband almost sliding off the snow , in his work shoes (!!) and were greeted warmly by Magdalena, the staff (Heidi and Franz were the owner). The whole scenery was so idyllic actually, that I find it surreal..

The whole village is pretty..and geared towards skiing and winter sports. It's car free and you see families walking around with their kids. It's a base for Schilthorn, where George Lazanby as James Bond filmed part of On Her Majesty Secret Service..Murren is 1,650 metres above sea level...and Piz gloria, on Schilthorn  is at 10,000 feet. No other way of going up, except on this cable car..SERONOK GILER, Langkawi has equivalent cable car .

We rushed to go up to Piz gloria, up in Schiltorn... not cause we wanted to see James Bond (movie pun I tak tengok ) but because it was the thing to do! The other thing to do was to visit Jungfraujoch ie go up to the top of the mountain of Jungfrau , 12,000 feet. It's the highest trainstation in Europe , but to do that we had to go to another town to take the train. Actually now I don't think we are going to do that, because (a) it's very expensive (190 CHF or about RM700 per person nak naik!) and (b) Piz Gloria was glorious and high up as well. We went, the sun was setting, and it was VERY COLD. and the sky was blue...and we posed our butt off..hehehehe...I did of course disturb a couple of guys (husband thinks they are partners) to take our pictures and they kindly obliged (remind me, I have to send their picture to their email add as well) .. Piz Gloria has this rotating restaurant where we spent the kids' next month's allowance on hot chocolate and , of all things, ice cream (dah , semua benda I tak trust camana)...People we talked to said the weather was exceptionally warm and sunny ...it must be our KL weather coming along with us!

Coming back it was already dusk. the walk back was quiet, serene, surreal, and beautiful. Murren is 1 km in length (kecik je) and it has a co-op, a chinese restaurant, a couple of ski shops, a sports centre, and 2 massage parlours (I checked- 50CHF per half hour) .

God is indeed great and we are lucky to have been given this chance (ok this promotion ticket I mean)to come and witness his Greatness ourselves. Sapa sapa yang ingat nak datang...just do it. Nike says so too.

We missed dinner again, and to think it was New Year's Eve. Although perhaps it was a good thing, since people most probably got very happy and tipsy last night..

Leaving you with some pictures ....

(kids we miss you loads and spent last night talking about you and looking at your pictures!)

Lake Thun, view from train 
Arriving in Murren 

we had to walk to our hotel - 3 mins away from the station

Yay!! arrived at Alpenblick..

our room- small but cosy and warm! 

The Jungfrau from our balcony..boleh aku picit picit je 

Some one is happy...and I told him NO PHONE CALLS FROM THE HOSPITAL!

Saja nak tangkap gambar skiers..so trendy the mendy

On the way to Schiltorn trainstation,finally a pic together! 

10,000 feet above sea level..sejuk no joke

next year boleh datang lagi tak hehehehe

Im on top of the world he says 

can you see Lake Thun from here? 

Macam icing sugar kan- the mountains around us ..shall I sing The hills are aliveeeeeee

Gorgeous icecream 

That little village down there is Murren as seen from the cable car going down from Schilthorn

Walking back to the hotel- passing that old mountain apa ke nama dia..jungfrau hehehehe

lights on the short high street

The supermarket..baru excited nak beli barang..then read that it was closed and again on new year ! 

today..overcast..but at least not snowing (someone at the hotel said ler) so gonna try skiing ok. tata...


tiara324542 said...

Now (after reading) I'm starting to cry a lot...:'(
miss u loads <3

SaraB said...

Abbas says you're really lucky on the temperatures. At this time of year it is usually 10 degrees colder; ie between -5 and -15 degrees depending on what altitude you are at. Great photos!

SaraB said...

Oh Oh! Spoke too soon! Just looked at Murren's temperatures for this week. Tomorrow night(Wednesday) it's plunging to -21!!!!!! You ought to step outside briefly, just to experience it! Ha Ha! Our ski apartment is up at 1400 metres and today, midday, our balcony thermometer said +5 degrees which is REALLY warm for January 1st!

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI daya...im coming home very soon..think of the presents okay...and what did i say..remember how it feels when we hugged ok??

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI sara-- faisal got 4 hours skiing done today- so he's happy...and I m extra glad that yesterday was sunny !

nizamohamed said...

Sejuk sejuk pun makan ice cream.. Must be really good ice cream..:))

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sedap Niza..choc ada choc bits and the other was coffee..dont know why i ordered it..kena share baru habis..hihi

Anonymous said...

oh no!! U went to Murren! I was there for 5 nites in summer 2011.. I miss Murren so much! Schilthorn is awesome isnt it. I cant wait to go there again this summer.. wanna get lost among the wildflowers in the meadows again.. yeahhh! :)))

ummisara said...

kak shila...

u suke your pic yang makan ice cream tuh...nampak cun!

sejukkkk nya...besttttt

MrsNordin said...

So nice!!! Thanks for sharing, Shila! This must be the best anniversary present ever!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...