Sunday, January 06, 2013

We havent killed each other yet !

= which is probably a funny title for a post about a couple on holiday sans kids, eh. 

Hubs and I have been spending all this time together right..and I was thinking it's a good thing we like each other because 

1. He walks everywhere
2. I don't like walking and if cabs were not RM100 for 4 km overhere, I'd be cabbing it everywhere.
3. He wants to do outdoor stuff
4. Im a couch potato
5. he loves to shop
6. i don't

so going anywhere for a prolonged period of time could be difficult! But happily we have managed to compromise our (in some ways very different) personalities! 

SO far , I have trudged and plodded behind him when walking around Luzern and he has very considerately slowed down his pace.I have begrudgingly given up my dressy shoes for clunky sneakers and two layers of (his) socks and he has patiently put them on for me every single time [because i said i can't bend down on account of my being fat..hehehe actually saja je mengada tahap gaban (although I am fat)].

  I have posed for countless photos with every single bush tree and river and even windows at his command (although I did moan aloud that I wished he would just leave the camera the heck alone and  just simply look at the sights only) . He had patiently entertained my endless request for coffee stops and toilet breaks (Mc donald here is soo upmarket but to go use their toilet you must have a code which can be found on your receipt) . I have blabbered on and on about plans we have today and he has listened noncommittally ,(I think after 19 years he has learnt to tune out the stuff he doesn't want to hear). I have also learnt that despite him listening noncommittally, and apparently not caring about any of the brochures and websites I showed him, he actually has a plan in his head (and he has learnt that if he wants to shut me up he should share that plan with me) and he will follow the plan and if it conflicts with mine ONLY THEN will he tell me about his plan (Like me wanting to eat thai and he pulled me out of the restaurant because he actually wanted to eat lebanese next door, when he never said and I thought he had no preference). I have also learnt that I am lazy and prefer to go with his plans and would have not looked up the websites had I only known that he was actually planning(in silence, in his head) he he..MEN!! 

I think being able to compromise and know when to give in and when to insist, is absolutely vital ! And both of us being so lepak and non confrontational helps I guess. Usually I would just go with the flow...but sometimes marah gak lah..We do get mad at each other. Like when he insisted on me trying on jeans at yet another shop  - (why do I have to tryyyyy?? I don't want to buy pants honey!! I want to buy stuff for the kids noww) and when he said I cannot buy more fabric because the ones at home pun tak terjahit (not sewn yet) - I was sulking because hey, suka hati lah I nak beli kan...this one will be unsewn and from lucerne..haaa spesel apa...but in the end I guess he was right..and I walked on..(huwaaa) .. And he wasn't too happy when I insisted to go back to hotel first and come out later rather than walk on and on and on... waaa he can be soo bossy! and I can be soo whiny! he he

Oh well..never mind! those are the spices of marriage I guess! think big picture..I used to tell people the most important thing is do you know how to come out of an argument ? (a hug and an apology, sincere or not, ends ours usually. That plus my very bad memory and his forgiving nature) = At the end of the day we both love to travel and love the hustle and bustle of the city and love each other! And we like each other too! And tomorrow will be our 19th year being married to each other (plus 3 of dating!) . Here's hoping we will continue to like each other and have a ball. (and forvast reserves of patience with each other as we grow older and become increasingly cranky and grumpy !)

Byeee! Thanks for listening ! 


ummisara said...

kak shila,

happy anniversary ya....wahh dah 19 thn kan...semoga terus berkekalan amin... :)

i suka ayat u pasal spices of marriage tuh hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

@ummisara- thank you! sorry belated comment..

yahh rempahratus....

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