Wednesday, January 02, 2013

When the malays go skiing

When you have snow, and overcast skies. and no shops to go shopping, and nothing to do in this small town but eat and sleep and winter sports, what DOES one do- learn to ski, of course. Over here you are surrounded by kids, toddlers, babies who whizz by you in skis (ok not the babies maybe hihi)! Takkan tak try kot..? One just has to try.

I didn't have an overwhelming desire to learn to ski, but other half had taken it up 2 decades ago when he went away on holiday with his posh mat salleh friends and swore blind that  skiiing was fun and easy.  Although he had not done it after that time 2 decades ago! 

So i said okay lah let's go learn how to ski. A little internet research revealed that there was a ski school just 10 mins walk away from the hotel and also , conveniently, ski hire shop. Only 39 chf for adult beginner package- gets you skis, poles and shoes. Although the husband had learnt, he generously agreed to accompany me on the learning slopes. We set off about 12 pm..

We got kitted out at the ski shop..first time ever wearing ski shoes-- they are hard and go up almost to your knees, and they really are stiff, gripping your legs. Then they handed me these 2 long poles and also skis (which were measured to dwarf size to fit me) . The lady  at the shop, Marta, was tut- tut ing about how my jeans were not suitable but for today was ok..and she fussed with my socks etc....and then off we go! Hubs wanted to buy gloves for me, punyer lah excited but I said heyyyy lets just rent them for like a tenth of the price ok. I realllllyy don't know about this skiing malarky. Nervous , apprehensive.wondering what the heck I was getting myself into.

The school was supposed to be 1 minute away from the shop== took me about 10 m ins I think. The shoes were clunky and hard and I felt like I was walking on the moon, I almost fell once. The lady and little girl passing me laughed when I said I was only walking and I'm already falling, oy vey. Husband was annoyingly chirpy and excited to be able to ski again. Warmed the cockles of my heart, it did , to see him that happy and carefree. He was starting to be a pain at home! 

Amazingly I reached the school before the sun set he he...We got this young guy Pascal who patiently taught us the basics like trying to walk, trying to put your feet (and humongous clunky shoes) into the skis, etc . Husband soon went off and practised on his own. 

Tak payah lah cerita the rest! the rest was about 2 hours of me practising various moves..learning to walk, then learning to walk sideways , learning what to do when you walk but are sliding backwards learning to stop, then he took me to the actual slope, then you get to haul yourselves higher with a moving rope , and stop half way up the slopes, and then you have to turn very quickly to the side otherwise you would be sliding backwards (slope was uphill)..then he taught me how to go down the slopes..iiiiiiii it was fast (to me larh, probably was snail pace to him) ...After 2 hours my arms were hurting, , my legs were aching, I was pespiring, sweating buckets under the jacket, the gloves were also wet and cold. Skiing is not for the unfit ok! I fell 3 times ,right after Pascal congratulated me for not falling - isn't this typical. 

I gave up after 2 hours and settled down at the cafe..dah lah..I did it, I tried it, and I need to lose about 20 kg before I try it again..cause it really is hard work! Husband on the other hand, after joining me for the coffee, went off on his own ..I went home and got under the duvet , My jeans were wet ! Apparently hubs went to a proper slope- supposed to be for beginners but was winding and edge of a ravine (beginner???) .. He had fun he said, though he fell a few times. Apparently it was different this time bravado wise-- because he knew he couldn't afford to be so blase about broken limbs!I told him he is now owned by 5 little people- he cannot be so cavalier!

Ok some pics now---! 

it's cold!!

On the way to the school

The ice rink of Murren

"The idea is you cant move your feet" was what I am sure she meant to say
Okay ready to be unleashed on to the world

What am I doing here, really. 

Husband took this while waiting for me - there I am with Pascal

Pascal sifu 
Walking with one ski first

Learn to walk and feeling comfortable with skis
Slopes for babies (and me)

Sure I wont fall? 
Fell here. 3 times. 

I have had enough!

Aaahhhh I deserve this....


Anonymous said...

haha.. same experience as mine.. gave up after falling few times. this yr hubby suruh try lagi skiing.. maybe I should coz I wanna go skiing in Murren! lets make it my new year's resolution :)

nizamohamed said...

Terer you belajar skiing..we went to a skiing place once but i tak sanggup nak belajar hahaha..coz i knew the shoes were going to be so heavy..hubby je belajar (for the first time in his life) and boy he paid the price the next day..sore all over!!( malam ni sapu minyak panas ok?). So while he was learning( well struggling was more like it hahaha) to ski, the kids and me were happily tubing, but then yang tu esok sakit badan jugak..anyway, bravo to you for trying...:))

Anonymous said...

ala jatuh pun takpe sbb tak sakit pun atas snow...hehe...alang alang jatuh patut buat snow angel terus


Superwomanwannabe said...

anonymous 1-go go go! you can do it..i pun if i try sure can do it (chewah) but seriously , penat. segan gak budak budak terror around you. And murren in winter is simply beautiful. I read the reviews apparently amongst the resorts here Murren has better snow and less touristy. (apalah I ni tourist tapi tak suka banyak tourist heh)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Niza- rasa macam wimp lak if i dont try, after all this trip is probably once in a lifetime kot..heh.. tapi memang right now the other half tengah mengadu badan lenguh heh (dia kata eh takdalah- hehe macho) .. tubing eh..sounds like fun too! Esok saya ada book SPA ok hehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ectopy! Hi, yeah i jatuh langsung tak sakit...tapi yang terseganan sikit was the fact that he could not pull me up! he had to take off my skis baru can pull me up..heheh sebab berat sangat kot..

SaraB said...

Bravo Shila,
You're a braver soul than me! The very thought of falling over put me off ever trying. Plus I think the boots would be agony on me.Plus I hate being in the snow. Love looking at it; just don't like being cold & wet in it.
So well done, for trying!

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI Sara! I feel the same way!! It's very nice to look at ..but awfully cold!!

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