Saturday, January 26, 2013

William could be your kid or mine

have been reading the news of William Yau..that little boy who was found dead today



wake up call

sapa tak pernah buat ..leave the kids in the car for a short while , while we go dash into the petrolstationkiosk/atm machine/pay the parking fee ...right? I myself have done that at petrol kiosk..takkan nak bawak semua anak beranak turun right?? Satu kerja lah pulak carting all the kids here and there- especially if very short visit.

the only thing is..I've never done it when the kids were very young. But I can understand how a parent would think that at 7 years old their child is allready quite grown up.- feel they are mature enough to handle simple instructions like WAIT IN THE CAR and LOCK THE DOOR and LOOK AFTER YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER. Right? Who'd figure on one of them not wanting to wait and walking out? And how come he didn't find the parents..did they park far?

Anyway...I hope the family is staying strong together and don't blame each other..the 7 years old brother of William sure kena interrogate dah dengan mummy and daddy- how come you didn't stop him? how come you let him out? Didn't I tell you not to go out? At the same time, the parents probably (I imagine lah) would be going- tu lah you, nak sangat beli washing machine! I told you to wait until another day! Haiyaaa!

I imagine lah ni..entah entah tak,,,what is for sure is they must be in such pain now...and blaming themselves. Blame selves OK...takpa...blame each other tu pun takpa..blame lah come to think of it...tapi hope janganlah sampai ruin the family or the marriage...EH MACAM PYSCHIATRIST PULAK!:-)

I am more paranoid than the husband- he different story- dulu once i came out of a shop and went back to the car, where he was supposed to be waiting for me, with the kids. The kids were there, but he wasn't . It's not in his nature to wait for me! I freaked out lah of course because at that time Nadine was 5  (Imagine lah how young the others were). this was in Adelaide and we had a beat up van... He thought I was overreacting

Anyway yeah 99% of the time, nothing happens when you do leave your kids like that. It's that 1 % tu...and it only needs to happen once.

And that is my mantra about the kids..and now have to balance this with their need for independence..they are freaking teenagers for heavens' sake  I hear you say (yeah, you..hehe) and what's wrong with at the very least. walking to school alone? [which they do but which I always tell them to try to walk with a friend]. takdalaaaa .sometimes orang pull you into a car and my road can be lonely...[super paranoia] or am i being super smart?

I the kids grow up I cannot use the same standards of safety I did when they were all poor William's age....must learn to let go...must trust the world NOT to do bad stuff .

sigh you never the end of the do your best and now ,you try not to put your kids in situations where they will be left alone for too long! (not unless they are not "kids")

Oh by the way- to New Straits time-- can you not say William found DEAD? William's parents read papers too.


Anonymous said...

You are so right SW, who had never done that before. I guess they are just one of those unfortunate and unlucky one.

I pernah buat juga,but usually i matikan enjin, wind down abt 2 inch for some air circulation, lock the car and go. but it's usually for a quick dash to get sth really impt like bread, buy topup or anything that takes less than 15 mins.

This is a wake up call to all parents to take safety issues seriously. in the past with nurin, and recently nayati....

it's just a small kid, i could not understand why someone wanted to murder him. unless he could have just met with an accident or fall down and died.

my heart goes out to the family.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha, tu lah..we take things for granted..and then a freak thing like this happens. Sedehkan...hes so cute...

I rasa he fell somewhere wondering why no one spotted a kid walking alone

Amilita Zaini said...

That 1% yang kita tak nampak tu kan.
Tapi like you, I pun pernah pegi atm kat petrol station & anak2 dalam kereta. But never for going to check out stuff, that would be too long. Always when I can see the car from the atm machine. Always when the older boys are there.
Tapi I akan cuba elakkan dari buat selalu sangat. And yes we mommies are more paranoid than the daddies. I tahu my hubby pun ingat I over reacting sometimes :P


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Yes, thats what i wonder too, why no one noticed a kid walking by himself. most probably the kid was confident and not crying so people would have thought his family is just somewhere around him. When I see his photo, I can only say he is a smart and confident kid.


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