Thursday, February 28, 2013


This morning MrsN shared a very beautiful video 

Mothers around the world got their kids up for school, made breakfast, sent them to school, watched their games, and in the end we find out that the kids are actually Olympian champions..and the moms at the end are crying with joy at their children's success..

They should also address moms who work...and outsource to other women to look after their maids, babysitters or such luxury like sending the child  to school (maybe got lah) or watching the child perform in sports etc (very rarely..maybe on weekend can lah, otherwise need to take leave)

I was talking about this to a teacher the other day..and the teacher said that children suffer when moms disengage themselves from doing mom's work..expecting the maid to feed them, or teachers to check their work. 

But what about the fathers?? I indignantly cried..both kena lah kan

yeah, but moms are important too...

What kind of mom have I been? I don't sit with them to do their homework..all I do is nag them to actually DO it but I don't sit next to them to help them. 

I don't cook for them (anymore)..the maid does a fantastic job of that. I don't clean for them ...

Wargh no wonder my kids aren't Olympic champions! :)

I asked the kids the other day- do you REALLY want mommy to cook?? Given mommy's limited skills? (or rather, dislike of kitchen?)

They looked at each other and  giggled. 

AH! I must say..I'm the type of mom who makes her kids laugh a lot. I don't think I have made them cry a lot. Maybe they do when I scold them particularly harshly but I think that's a rare occassion. 

I'm the type of mom whose jelly belly they love to play with. Seriously. From the 17 to the 11 year old fact the 11 year old has come up with a song about jelly belly..but nothing to do with me, he swears. It goes "looking at my jelly belly , jelly belly, jelly belly looking back at me" 

Ya think?

I'm the type of mom who will give them loads of hugs

But I will now try harder lah..maybe take them out on individual outings ke...(as recommended by the teacher) ..make them feel special. 

RUpanya I should stop making them be better kids-- and concentrate of being better mom. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One of my friends posted in her FB  ,pics of her and family going for umrah...


If you had asked me decades ago when I first knew her..she would be the LAST person I would say , who would go for umrah . She had many boyfriends, drove and smoked. By our conservative standards she was a wild child he he- tup tup dia dah pergi ...

tu lah- jangan sekali sekali judge a person. Apa mat salleh say: Never judge a book by its cover ?. For all you know, that rocker dude will be first in line.after all wasn't there a prostitute who went to heaven all because she gave a parched dog a drink in the desert? 

But I must say..if THIS Friend has gone- then what am I waiting for?? ????Jom pergi!

Talking of going places..Nadine is over the moon that the dad finally said yes. I said yes too, to her going to Yemen. Had a long meeting wih the organiser who assured me that Yemen is safe and hundreds of families from Malaysia have actually returned TO yemen recently..and that the Malaysian embassy knows the centre - in God for her safety. After all the lady who organised this has her children there too. But we are only sending her for 2 months first. 

Ok ok am gonna have to get ready for work! Bye!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Being called to the Bar

Last Friday my first ever chambering student, got "called to the Bar". Wanna hear about it?

Basically it means that she is finally qualified to practise as a lawyer..god help the world. She finished her 9 months training last year and had actually started working somewhere else so it was a surprise to find out from the Boss that he heard that she wanted me to go to her "long call" to "put on her robe". Apparently masters have to do that after the "mover" introduces the student. It's been so long ago, I have forgotten what happened at my own long call!  

First I got mad because she didn't even call me personally to tell me. It was going to be a Friday and I would have to cancel my bni meeting and it would have been nice if i had received more notice . 

She eventually called, and I said yes of course I'd go..and then left it at that..until a day before I was chatting to a lawyer in my office and the subject of clothes came up and she said you have to be robed and bibbed- what the hey?? Robed? What type of robe- bathrobe? 

Panic panic.. Boss said can borrow his robe. It's actually the black robe that a lawyer must wear to be in court . It's quite horrifying if you are not robed. There is even a long article at the Bar Council website about how this lawyer appeared before (of all people) Sri Ram (who was of the old school and strict)  without being robed and he said  "I can't hear you" and she kept on talking and in the end ANOTHER lawyer had to take over ...punyalah!! Embarrasing to her firm and her master pun kena marah...kenapa tak ajar..- SO IT'S A BIG DEAL . 

But to orang yang sangat jarang pi court - in fact kalau boleh tak langsung..what the heck is robe and bib right? The boss said he doesnt have the official lacy for girls bib but baby Muhammad's bib adalah..Har har har..manyaaakkk kelakar ..veryy the funny.

 I was freaking out and called my student up and said find the bib for me, or else the mover (ie introducer) can put your robe on. Memang boleh tapi macam tak best lah sebab the trainer lah yang put on the robe selalunya

Ok finally all sorted..she found the bib..and that night I rummaged through my wardrobe and unearthed a long black skirt, long sleeve white shirt , black blazer - and no open toed shoes ok - haiyaaa, very cerewet lah (fussy) being a litigator.

So off we went to Shah Alam..I said we because I managed to persuade the DARLING SUPERHUSBAND OF THE YEAR to send me to Shah Alam ..on the pretext that (a) I was sleepy because I was bz looking for the skirt etc the night before and therefore slept late and (b) I would get lost in a matchbox-- my sense of direction is THAT poor and I might end  up in Klang ..So he pun hantar laaa....

Sekali student tak sampai lagi! She arrived abt 15 mins later (Master lagi kiasu he he). Wah ramai trainee lawyer nak kena call to the bar...about 14 orang..

I met the lawyer who was introducing her , she works in the same firm, but she does litigation.I found her to have certain "air" ---.tapi I have long found lawyers who go to court, slightly more "action" or "aloof" than other types of lawyers...hehehe  macam berlagak..yelah. I think it's because they wear robes and meet they feel important ..My type of lawyer who do agreements - bathrobe pun ok need formal robe..As for judges-we see judges too..Maybe American Idol, or Masterchef..hihihihi...

Most of them are actually v nice once you get to know them but usually they would have this air around them (barristers) ...jangan marah.....

ANYWAY back to the story of the call...we entered the room ...the judge wasn't there but loads of lawyers in robes and also loads of family member. Met another lawyer who primarily does banking and conveyancing and as BLUR as me so we both were going "do we sit here?" and " what do we do now?" he he.. (except I'd like to think I do BLUR more elegantly he he) 

To fast forward-- everything went smoothly..although I did almost have a heart attack when one girl asked me if I can act as her "mover" as her mover did not come ! She was no 1! And the mover was also the mover for no 2!  Aiyoo she was near tears.I SOO wanted to say yes but--.I had to say no! cause you have to address the court and read from her script and know what to say sorry. Thank goodness someone else stepped in. But next time I can, since I have seen how they do it now!

Noted- everyone's script was the same! sigh...everyone cut and pasted from each other...the introduction part, the appreciation of families and masters etc...all were similar to each other that clearly they were copied he he

Takpalah..finally my turn came and I got to put on the robe on my chambering student..surprisingly it was a touching , Now you are a grown up lawyer...I told her- don't embarrass me and the firm you trained in OK!! 

The end of the story....byeee!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being shadowed today!

Today ada orang nak "Shadow" I

ie nak datang ikut I pi kerja


It's Nadine's friend actually, wanting to see what a real lawyer does. Ahaks! 

am i a real lawyer??

i am, but I don't go to court (which is what everyone thinks a lawyer does) and I spend time at the computer a lot (which must be  boring to watch). 

AND- being shadowed means I have to go into the office lah today heheheh

semangat nak masuk office sangat lah tiada...banyak kerja lagi langsai kalau kat real distraction and can ber santai-- free hair ke, dalam kaftan ke, tak mandi ke hehehehhe..but on the other hand, I need to go in to the office actually... otherwise things don't move and I always have to check. My staff is good but of course lah..kena check. We have about 5 girls helping us..well, one full time  clerk  helping me, a young girl who helps me a lot but a bit slacking on the" updating your boss once you have done the work" part = the others I feel I pinjam from the boss because they help him mainly, and I always tell them if Boss wants you to do something then do that first nanti dia kata I hog his staff. hehehehe. 

Hmm maybe Nadine's friend can be useful today-- maybe she can learn to, say... make me  a cup of coffee? Something all my kids have learnt to do heheheh- sorry guys! 

I bully my kids you say?? no laaa ..just teaching them how to be useful around the house.  The maid is still doing 95 per cent of the work around the house, although I have turned blue trying to get them to at least clean their own room. I am telling them to wash their own undergarments but they say it's easier to chuck them all in the wash-- yeah but in the end everything gets mixed up and I have no idea what belongs to whom. MY stuff I wash (which means the bathroom looks like a mini laundry on days) . I tell them at boarding school you have to do this, to which the answer was We're not in boarding school mummy. Harrumph but you can still be sent hokay! 

What was I rambling about hah? Oh yeah, being shadowed. Hope the girl won't get TOO bored. She's probably going to see me talk on the phone a lot. 

This girl shadowing me is Nadine's school friend and is going to Yemen with her. Oh yeah Nadine wants to go to Yemen. to learn Arabic. Before she goes to take her Sijil TInggi Agama Islam next year (which is in full arabic). Which she needs to take before she goes to University Al Azhar. Which is where she wants to go. 

Why laa Yemen, nadine?? Kat KL ni melambak good Arabic language schools. Plus you already went once..and now nak pergi lagi?? I must tell you hati I sangat berat to let her go. But she keeps asking and asking. She says it's better learning there because you are forced to speak it so you will learn it faster. SO? I want to learn Japanese , do I have to go live in Japan? (Maybe I should)'s mucho mucho money of course. And the lady who recommends it tells me it's very safe. Ya ya if anything happens to my daughter sapa nak jawab. 

Ok i better go get ready shadow is coming in an hour..nanti dia kata lawyer semua pakai kain batik duduk buat blog. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everyone is Down

Yesterday my partner at work didn't come because he was unwell.

Then my other half said he is not feeling 100 %

today i came back from work and the entire household is unwell. Johan has glands as big as golfballs ..sophia is hot also.

Nampak macam mummy je yang well.

the funny thing is- time tengok computer and tv and etc ..macam ok pulak!

Hope you guys are taking care of yourself ok!

Short story

Do you want to hear a story? 

This particular person, X, divorced his wife about 4 years ago. He was married to his wife for 20 years, and they have 4 children. This woman asked for divorce after years of him cheating and beating her up. Now she is now suing him for more alimony. He feels she is being demanding and unreasonable because he is already paying RM800. But she is asking for more because that RM800 is for 2 kids, and not 4. the other 2 were supposed to stay with him but now have moved in with her.  Now that she is taking care of 4 , she wants more money. They all live in KL .Sounds reasonable to me. He is upset because he has no money. On paper he makes a pittance. His business deals etc are not on paper. What he makes outside is not recorded. On paper he is a pauper. He is actually a bankrupt even. And he is now heaping so much hate on his former wife for being so unreasonable. He has married again by the way. 

He really thinks the wife is unreasonable, that's the amazing thing! 

I have so many things I can say in comment to this story. But it aint good so I will shut up. What I want to share is that there is a situation like this. And many more men out there thinking like him. And thinking that they are right ! I so wish I can deck him. But I can't. 

The end....

(no its not anyone you know he he)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh family

Heard sister in law from HK is back home for a short break!


Heard from other sister in law who smsed me yesterday to say that the HK sister in law is singgahing her place (in Sepang). 

I told the hubs- call your sis lah and check where she is- maybe she wants to drop by? 

Just in case I had prepared her room for her and baby and family (In case)

you know what hubs said??

she can call ME.

Tu dia...abang long dah marah adek bongsu balik tak call call pun...haa haa lak leng tak tauuu

takpa lah yang..maybe she is je lah call dia! It's only a call what....whats the big deal...

or maybe dia tak biasa call call ni,..not a big deal kot...

and maybe you dah terbiasa dengan ke"clinginess" me and my family (my dad merajuk if I tak call more than 2 days) 

I 100% agree lah tapi. :) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting fussy in the old age [edited]

We went visiting husband's brother and his family in Sepang yesterday ..we ate lovely lovely food at auntie aini's garden cafe and husband had many many helpings of the lauk and rice- right up his street with the masak lemak cili padi, daging salai, masak asam etc. At home food fare is mostly child friendly - ayam goreng, masak kicap daging..boring and safe food lah. Mainly also cause I tak makan pedas-- so yesterday I ate and also drank 2 glasses of water sebab it was toooo spicy! Just to be safe I ordered sup ekor..tak pedas! Anyway it was a good night, catching up with them and talking about business!  My bro in law ada venture called Virtual Haj-as a  virtual reality expert he has designed a programme teaching us how to do haj/umrah: 

Check this out:

Hopefully our dreams for him to market this around the world berjaya insyallah.sekarang ni masih bunga-bunga cinta baru. (ie  baby in the market)

Anyway we were chatting, his wife and I , and reminiscing about the ol'days. My brother in law had married my best friend since I was 13, Z -,and Z had been in the UK with me. In fact Z also met hubs when we first got together. So banyak lah pengalaman I dengan Z ni. Kesian gak hubby Z ni semalam, cause he was left out of some parts of the reminiscing...

We got to talking about makan "katok" - makan non-halal ! Boy I really regret it now but Z and I both at one time, really really rindu KFC and we bedal je..! that was the only time as far as I can remember..otherwise we were good girls..tapi takda lah se"good"as to check out the emulsifiers-- some were porcine based I was told. 

I now regret that but what to do- taubat je lar and hope for the best..I now am more careful. In Switzerland we didn't take the apple crumble takut made from lard...(or suet) -

Of courselah, it can create social far do you take Switzerland's case- it was easy.. just avoid and no one would be my husband's chinese doctor friend's case- camana? we all went to the house for CNY and they served satay, (which was bought so I took) and then they served burgers (ayam kot) which they cooked themselves (which I didn't take but just about everyone in my family took!) I spoke to my husband later and asked him - halal ke? and he said - sure lah halal, they know they are having guests kan..who can be muslim and indian etc..yaa but I mean, the plates and the frying pans and the cooking utensils..have probably cooked non halal meat so is it ok for us to eat the burger cooked in the same pan? 

I know, I know the more liberal me of old - and even the more liberal of my friends- would say I'm getting fussy and unreasonable. It was eat, or risk offending my hosts! Not so easy when you are in the situation itself. 

I gave in to social pleasantries - and took one (that and the fact that we were very hungry!) and bismillah- I'm sure it was ok. but I think maybe next time I will decline lah, since dah was-was right?? I just have to find a way to do it that won't offend anyone- since it is also my duty not to be harsh to others ! If offered wine, takpalah decline- i don't drink- if offered say, fried chicken, yang tak haram (ie not pork- non muslims usually only know one meaning of the word Halal)  I nak kata camana- sorry I can't  eat at your house because your plates etc tak halal. ?erks??

This is me je kot..tengok orang lain okay je visit mengvisit and makan memakan--- ek ? ek? 

Maybe I will go vegetarian. Senang..hehehehe

Edit!: Have read Tina's suggested website, think it's good to put here: 

Q: I am living in a non muslim country where we have to share the kitchen with Non Muslims. After using the plates the non muslims colleaugues wash them but when we want to use these plates can we use them as such or do we have to wash them 3 times so as get their TAHARA ?.

A: Praise be to Allaah.
The basic principle concerning plates is that they are pure, whether they are used by a Muslim, one of the People of the Book (a Jew or a Christian) or anyone else, unless it is certain that they are naajis (impure). Hence the majority of fuqaha’ are of the view that it is permissible to use the vessels of the kaafirs. They quote a number of things as evidence for that, including the following:  
1 – Allaah has permitted us to eat the food of the people of the Book, i.e., meat slaughtered by them. It is known that it will sometimes come to us cooked in their vessels, which indicates that it is permissible to use their vessels. 
2 – The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was invited to eat some barley bread and other food by a Jewish boy.  Narrated by Ahmad, classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Irwa’ al-Ghaleel, 1/71. 
3 – The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his companions did wudoo’ from the leather water skin of a mushrik woman. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 337; Muslim, 682.  
This evidence indicates that it is permissible to use the vessels of the kuffaar. 
But if we know that they cook pork or dead meat in their vessels, or they drink wine from them, then it is better to avoid using them unless it is necessary and we can find no alternative. Then we may wash them and eat from them. If they wash them, then we do not have to wash them again, and it is not necessary to wash them three times, rather they should be washed until there are no traces of their food and drink left on them. 
The evidence for that is the report narrated by al-Bukhaari (5478) and Muslim (3567) from Abu Tha’labah al-Khushani who said: I said, “O Prophet of Allaah, I live in a land where there are some of the People of the Book; can we eat from their vessels?” He said: “As for what you said about the People of the Book, if you can find anything else, do not eat from their vessels, but if you cannot find anything else then wash them and eat from them.” 
This may be understood as referring to those among them who use their vessels for haraam things, because of the report from Abu Dawood (3839): “We live next to some of the People of the Book who cook pork in their vessels and drink wine in their vessels.” The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you can find anything else, eat from them and drink from them, but if you cannot find anything else, then wash them with water and eat and drink.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. 
Al-Khattaabi said: 
The basic principle in this matter is that if it is known that the mushrikeen cook pork in their pots and drink wine from their vessels, then it is not permissible to use them until after they have been washed and cleaned.” 
End quote from ‘Awn al-Ma’bood. 
The phrase “If you can find anything else, eat from them and drink from them” means eat and drink from those other vessels. This command means that it is mustahabb, according to the majority of fuqaha’, i.e., it is mustahabb to avoid these vessels, and it is makrooh to use them even if they are washed, unless there are no others available in which case it is no longer makrooh. 
Al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Sharh Muslim (13/80): 
The reason why it is better not to eat from them even after washing is because they are regularly used for naajis things.” End quote. 
Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in al-Sharh al-Mumti’, 1/68: 
The hadeeth of Abu Tha’labah al-Khushani according to which the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not eat from them unless you cannot find anything else, in which case wash them and eat from them” indicates that it is better not to use them, but many of the scholars interpreted this hadeeth as referring to people who are known to handle naajis things, such as eating pork and so on. They said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade eating from their vessels unless we cannot find anything else, in which case we should wash them and eat from them. This is a good interpretation, and is implied by the basic principles of sharee’ah. End quote. 
To sum up: 
If these people do not use those vessels for drinking wine or eating pork or dead meat, then it is permissible to use them. If they do use them for haraam or naajis kinds of food and drink, then it is better not to use them if you can find something else. If you cannot find something else then you can use them after they have been washed, whether it is you or they who wash them. 
And Allaah knows best.
Islam Q&A

Saturday, February 16, 2013

WinterSonata revisited[edited after watching]

Thank you lah kan Sara.

My 2nd daughter who has just discovered K drama

Honestly, k drama is exhausting. You have to watch them. Once you watch one episode you end up watching all. You can't help it!

She's watched several before. But this time I caught her watching Winter Sonata

Alaaa jangan aku yang terwatch ..


so much I love about Winter Sonata.and now aku reminded again why...

1. The woman just loves her first love so blinking MUCH! the pain on her face whenever she talks about it..or when she looks at the hero..just gets you right THERE

2. The man is so easy on the eye! I thought he was SOO handsome , Bae Yong Joon..of course lah, now he is allready 40 but daymn if he wasn't cute in WS

3. The OST- (soundtrack) was so jiwang sentimental! Until today I cannot hear it without having to pause to take a breath.

4> The powerful chemistry! - that X factor! The way he looks at her, the way she looks at him.. sama macam Darcy looks at Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth edition- is there any other ??) anyway yeah the chemistry is soo palpable they don't need to talk- all they do is mope around and stare dolefully and longingly at each other ..bam there's some powderful love going on right there- and soo innocent..hugs, pecks and that's about it. Now why can't the west emulate this ...hehehe

Of course using my brain, I also appreciated that the drama was excellent on so many different levels - the topic of Love was explored so thoroughly ...many types of love:

1. First love- giddy, exciting
2. Love for some one who you have lost- total lockdown in grief
3. comfortable, best friend love who I might as well marry since I can't forget my lost love and there's no one else
4. uncomfortable love with that new guy who dang it- looks so much like my lost love but he is refusing to let me worship him as the dead love but forcing me to open my heart to him properly (I cringe as I write this)
5. Mother's love for her son forcing her to give him a new identity and allowing everyone to think he had died (damn you woman!)

6. the girlfriend who would not take no for an answer- that's stalkerish love I guess and kinda creepy.

7. that best friend who has waited for 10 years in love with the girl and thought he got her in the end when jeng jeng jeng!! the old lost love came back!

Don't know what I'm talking about?????

Watch Winter Sonata..(if you have about oh I donno- 6 hours to spare??)

Edited: watched it ..boy i forgot how depressing it was...I felt like shaking the heroine for being so wishy washy...fickle..kejap A pas tu B...what do you want girl?? I got mad at the hero= can you go fight for the girl? I got mad at the stalkerish boyfriend- stop clinging the girl allready told you she loves another man! And mostly I got mad for the writers for making them run around so much at airports , missing each other and never thinking of using the phone ..ishhhhhhh

But a few tinkle of the opening tracks...all is forgiven...

Friday, February 15, 2013

meradang kat redang

Tengah check out Redang for March


ok granted we have 7 of us here. and they give you 3 meals a day

Tapi kira per head tak achi lah kan...satu bilik RM600 ok lah satu orang RM600 apa hal...makan apa tu 

kira punya kira dekat RM6000  okay!!! 


Ok duk rumah je lah eh jang

Dulu pergi tak bayar apa apa pun sebab Berjaya Vacation resort ada  resort. We signed up ages ago where we get about 7 days at their "home" hotels.. They have one in London, one in Singapore as well. Their best hotels were Redang , Tioman and Langkawi.  I dapat lah cuba all three was cool because members were also allowed to use their KLPlaza pool and we were there almost every other week. 

AND THEN !!! They went and sold off that was a bummer..and we stopped going and gradually stopped going on holiday with them as well. 

UNTIL I found out how much the hotels are in Redang!! So off to Berjaya website I went...and guess what...

They do have one hotel in's called Redang Island Resort. 

But the reviews everywhere totally SUCK! No one liked it and apparently it is c*ap..

Tripadvisor recommends this hotel called TARAAS as the best hotel there. I pun check lah berapa...ribu raban okay..and wanna hear one menyakitkan hati fact?? It used to be FREE! THAT was one of the Berjaya Redang hotels! Which I stayed in! For free! So now I have a choice..either go free with the Redang totally suck review Island resort, or pay loadsamahneeee for the tip top meletop place which was originally free anyway. 

(Yeah I also read how angry the members were because Berjaya is such a crook - promising all these resorts but then selling off their resorts one by one) 

Yes yes I know..baruuuu balik cuti right..but this is Nadine's request. Saya menjalankan je..hehehehe

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have now come to the realisation that no weight loss will occur without you really really wanting to.

If you secretly think you are actually Not That Fat- you won't lose weight.

If you secretly think that you actually Look Quite Cute Chubby- the weight is staying on

Basically- if you think that you dont need to lose weight- you won't.

No amount of slimming packages, gym packages, health drinks, food supplements...will help you!

I've enrolled in my friend's Concept 1010 (as you probably know) and I go there once a week to be tortured. Outside of this ..I don't exercise. I don't watch my diet either. I mean, I have a consciousness of what I eat and how it will affect me, but I  ate that Mars Bars anyway.

So how to lose weight?? I must actually think I don't need to lose weight!

And yet when I see the old pictures ..rasa macam rindu pulak nak slender(er) macam tu...and of course it is good for the health. I won't go mad over calories or fat count or what but I want to just lose a couple of pounds

And at my age, missing a couple of meals and doing exercise once a week- ain't gonna cut it- I need consistency and aggressiveness

OR! I can go for shortcut-- bariatric surgery (or weightloss). The husband does this on a (he hopes) daily basis at both the gomen and the bayar is basically a procedure where he modifies the stomach organ so that you don't eat so much..or you can't eat so much- One of weight surgery available is gastric bypass:

I had trouble with him doing this type of operation cause it's like- unnecessary and caters for the vain.- I mean- pergi la exercise dulu kan!! .but actually it's for those who are obese or cannot exercise anymore due to health reasons(knee rosak, high bp etc)...or arthritis ==== and this actually works!! Patients have lost 30 percent of their body weight in one year on average..and I have been hearing of so and so patient losing a heck of alot of weight and never thinking that they would ever lose it...

I am sooo tempted to just say CUT ME , go ahead! He is refusing point blank. He said I am not fat enough (I keep asking him for it just so I can hear this excuse he he he)  and further he knows it's gonna come out of his pocket..ha ha!

But for those who dah FEDUP exercise and NOTHING works...maybe can consider the meantime I am going to consider HYPNOTHERAPY to motivate me into wanting to get rid of this wobbly jelly!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday All!

I hope you guys can see this video! It's ZOOM by Fat larry

It's such a romantic song..and the beat makes me happy! very uplifting!

I put on fb then I deleted- cause I wanted to say something that may be controversial considering the many types of friends I have on FB! (Dasar pengecut!) heheheh

I wanted to say how nice it was to hear R&B and how the African American singers used to just come out with these- remember Kool and the Gang? their song Cherish remains one of my favourite..or James Ingram and his "On the Wings of Love" or another favourite , Billy Ocean and "there'll be sad songs"?

Now, they are still very good singers- tapi lagu hentah apa apa= a lot of the songs now have "pauses" in between- either that or they are mangled due to the censorship "heroine" or "sex" please! Sure kena potong!

You may say we have strict rules but in the first we HAVE to have sexually oriented words or songs to make a good song? What ever happened to romance??

Kadang-kadang dengar lagu now, My KIDS tell each other not to listen to the lyrics!! Memalukann...hehehehhe

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The snake!

Tengah dengar dentam dentum outside

boy it's really really loud!

I am all for one malaysia and all...but seriously 1 am....please laaa cannot stop by 12 or what? Dragon also sleep at night kan

Talking of CNY - very interesting tidbit today at the Stories of the Prophet Part 3 today - did you know why Nabi Musa (a.s)'s stick turned into a snake? [interesting cause this is the year of the snake] Why did the cane turn into a snake? Why a snake? A snake because at that time, snake was the symbol of Egypt. And Musa was running away from the cruel Firaun who was ruler of Egypt. So Allah turned staff to snake to symbolise....what? overcoming Firaun or Allah is all powerful even over Firaun who was telling people he was god. Eh=eh perasan tol si Firaun ni.

Interesting how Musa tried to save the Bani Israel (his people)  from the cruelty of Pharaoh and brought them out finally and in the end some still did not believe his message...dah show many miracles (he parted the sea, man! what more you want??) still ada yang berbelah bagi..ishhhhhh..Ada yang mintak some more miracles...tak cukup ka kayu jadi ular beb...

Not to be xenophobic  or what..but the Bani Israel sound absolutely frustrating as a people! Reallly degil! God sent one prophet after another to them !  Our prophets from Ya'kub onwards were people of Israel (Ishak married from one of them) , Shuaib, Ayub etc etc and then followed Moses (who later married Shuaib's daughter)...and they were sent to the same people ..and the prophets a.s kept being killed, tortured etc etc. How many more signs  do they  want before you believe in Allah ? is what the prophet of the era must have thought. eh? Degil betul!

And apparently when Prophet Musa a.s took them all away from Egypt running away from the Firaun (who was evilllllll and cruellllll, so much so that when he repented as he was drowning, God said NO. too little too late, mate! you killed you plundered you tortured and at end of it all NOW you repent?? sorry nocure!) = anyway apparently when Musa a.s ran with the Bani Israel- they took with them all the barang barang - even doors of their homes! Punyelah materialistic......!

Btw- are Bani Israel Jews? yes? no?

Ok ok  yes I will change the subject ...

er..nothing to report cause brain is dead. talk to you later ok?


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Exciting Quran- stories of the prophet part 2!

Wah semangat berkobar kobar lah after the seminar (Part 2) - bukan tak tau cerita prophet..just they never came so alive...

The Syaikh continued his talk about Ibraheem, Ismail, Ishak , Lut (who was Ibraheem's nephew) and Israel/Yaacob , aaand the Robert Pattinson (or Kim Hyun Joong-you choose) of the Prophets- Prophet Yusuf A.S! 

The Syaikh  called members of the audience to act out various scenes=the scene of when the wife of the Chief Trustee of Egypt trying to seduce the young dengan lenggang lengguk nye hehehe  ...and also he called  6 burly guys to pretend to throw this 10 year old boy (sapalaa bawak anak tu- he was soo cute) into a well - (acting out scene of Yusuf's 11 brothers throwing him into a well) 

By the way did you know the quran mentioned "al jub" for "well" which actually carried the meaning of something deeper and darker than your plain ol well! ie the brothers of Yusuf threw this 12 year old boy into a deeeeeep well where he couldn't call anyone or survived at all --and all because he was the daddy's favorite ..and even have the nerve to tell each other-- after we get rid of him, we repent ok ? not very nice people are they!

And Yusuf A.S was eventually rescued and sold as  a slave..he who came from noble lineage of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail etc ..a slave! .and he was the slave of that Chief Trustee...whose young wife eventually took a liking to him..

The story is so riveting!  later when Yusuf A.S was seduced by the lady of the house..and she locked the door, and she said to him "Come" (check the surah!) and he ran to the door, and she ran to the door, and then she pulled his shirt from the back and tore it off when all of a sudden - jeng jeng jeng!! The husband came in! And asked hey what's happening here??? And the wife said Oh Honey looked what he did to me, are you going to just sit there? Put him in jail! or kill him (she said jail first cause she still liked the guy and wanted to see him)

And the husband said - huh..i the judge..who then said - well if the shirt is torn from the front then he is the one assaulting her but if from the back then she is the one..and tengok it's from the he's innocent mate! And the husband only looked at the wife blur blur and said - repent lah ...ish ish takda perasaan tol..

Syaikh Riad said the Chief Trustee guy is to be blamed also...he had 
obviously neglected his beautiful wife..and she must have been so lonely....and there was this gorgeous butler hanging not to fall in lurve....he said this is a lesson for the guys there was take good care of your woman no matter how busy you are! 

The Syaikh made the stories so real(all spoken by God  that's the awesome thing ) = and we really should learn arabic baru get all the nuances.  

Talking of which , the husband had to go by himself last Arabic class. The ustaz marwan taught him colours last Sunday while I was at the seminar and he has been calling me all sort of colours to practice. he heh..he had tried speaking arabic to his arab patients and so far they were impressed and no one has actually rolled about laughing yet. I wonder what he was like alone in the class..when I am there we take turn asking each other the questions..and he always had to ask me difficult ones or making new examples in that lorat way of his. 

Back to the seminar = Semua orang terkekeh kekeh dengan Syaikh Riad. There is a serious message in all the stories-- put your faith in Allah, worship only  Allah and another thing- hoi, tak serik serik ke, (paraphrasing the Quran) we have punished so many other people before you because depa degil , taknak dengar dengar lagi ke...

Amazing- that Ibraheem A.S (cheh macam kenal je) can he go through what he went through and still believe wholeheartedly..and that Lut! Living in an era where people were gay (the Syaikh changed it to "eating  haram" and later "xx and xy"  when he noticed that 10 year old boy in the audience!) and the way he described the people of Lut macam jakun gila tengok the 3 handsome men (angels in disguise)- ahah! you MUST get this story from Surah Lut! 

Of course lah kan, bila talk about this surah, then he shared how back in the USA where he lived , and Canada where he now lives, being gay is an accepted way of life..there is even a gay and lesbian mosque..we all want to say it's okay but hey God says no and what do you say to Surah Lut?? The people of Lut were lifted to such a height (so high that the dogs' barks could be heard from heaven) and then flipped and flung back to earth and THEN stones from the depths of hell itself rained on them (now dead) ...I would take the hint, guys 

But as Syaikh Riad said..the guys who are gay are nice and are your friends and my friends and even sometimes, our family members...we love them...but what to do..we don't and we cannot - love what they do...

Ok ok enough preaching from Ustazahtakjadi ni yang tengah tunggu Magrib partner made fun of my sembahyang lambat...ok ok nak berubah lah niiiiii


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Stories of the Prophet

Nadine and I went to the nationbuilders Stories of the Prophet double weekend seminar  Started today at 10. Of course lah, at 10 baru lah jumpa the place. I got really lost. The embarrassing thing was, I was there  the very day before...and I have no excuse not to know where it it was held at the Faculty of Medicine UPM! he he he

Anyway arriving at 10 when it started at 10 am is usually no big deal right?? Sebab Malaysians always late pun kan...hah this time ..dia kunci pintu kau! Duduklah kau kat luar tu..Loads of people were loitering outside. Nadine and I had the brilliant idea (ok it was mine) to sit and evesdrop! We heard what the syaikh was saying and he was a loud person so it wasn't that hard! We were soon joined by about 7 other young girls and was listening and concentrating when suddenly-----

The syaikh came out ! And came to our side! And using his mike, told us off in a nice way! Saying that come we were all outside...and he opened the doors and we all stumbled in and of course i sat at the back - cepat!

Anyway that set the tone for all the breaks- it was prompt- 10mins meant 10 mins and dontcha be late if you know whats good for you!- and the guy walked the talk!

He's one colourful character! He was boisterous, he simply- made the prophets come alive to me. I was just lamenting to Nadine that I am looking, yearning, to feel the love and I want to appreciate , and continue to appreciate , the religion, the Quran, as being from God, - ya ya ya we all know it is, but we take it so much for granted kan? I do anyway..and I have soo much to do to improve please don't think I am preaching! I normally malas nak gi courses but for visual learners like  me I just had to go see this! 

So far, he had spoken about Adam as all the way to Ibraheem a.s the most fantastically tested man so far...he showed how in Noah's time, there was no way that Noah, who lived in the desert, could know HOW to build an ark, but build it he did under His guidance...and how can you ever doubt the quran when you remember that the words about waves, sailing etc..all revealed during a time not 100 years ago, but a thousand plus years ago - to a man who lived in a desert-- about an event thousands of years before ! Wow...I will try to keep that "wow (subhanallah)" feeling inside,so I will feel close to religion and God..

And he spoke about family- and how these prophets were plain men, fathers, brothers, Noah a.s was stricken when his own son refused to get on the ship and later drowned...because he disbelieved...and also how Ibraheem pleaded his idol maker dad , to stop and follow the right path...the words he used were very very gentle and well placed...oh my father, oh my father-- 4 family and respect for father and mother were very important..mana datang idea yang Islam ni violent taktaulah ha ha ha

He discussed each prophet one by one, reciting the quran in english in the same way he'd recite it in arabic (ie in tarannum!)- He caught one guy sleeping and he made us all get up and do a little aerobic routine! And he often asked us to hug each other! (girls and girls lah)

Anyyywayyy we got back home by Maghrib! And tomorrow going again..

In the meantime...Johan is having his friends over...celebrate his 11th birthday early..I can't join lah ...until petang ok jojo! 

Friday, February 01, 2013


Ho hum

esok cuti wilayah.

haritu cuti maulid- kerja

cuti taipusam- kerja

cuti wilayah- suami kerja and bebudak sekolah

I pun kena kerja gak pagi

ewah ewah ewah..mentang ler kita dah pergi cuti ..sekarang ni terpaksa kerja ke????? oh tidakkkkkkk

tapi nak buat macamana...bila berniaga ni...ahem...(practice law macam bizness lah tu)...kena lah buat apa saja utk menghabis kan kerja dan mencapai objektif


(mood- boring! hehehehehe)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...